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  1. I checked the statutes in Oklahoma, it is against the law to deliberately kill a wild goose when it is not hunting season, and killing a wild goose intentionally with a vehicle is encompassed in the law. You could also check statutes on “cruelty to animals.” If I knew the identity of that person who deliberately ran over the goose, I would report her to the cops AND to your state agency that oversees hunting and wild life. Ivy in the basket is the funniest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen with a cat. As for the man upstairs, it’s too bad you can’t put sound damping tiles on your ceiling. I would say move to a different apartment in the complex if one is available, but you would have to give up the beautiful perennials you’ve already established in your small patio garden. There also may be a waiting list for new tenants as finding decently priced and well kept “senior living” complexes is difficult to find. These days the ones that are being constructed all seem to be geared toward people who evidently have lots of money and rent of several thousand bucks a month doesn’t make them blink.

  2. So many even young folk are dropping these days. Some of our friends from Alaska come to visit their daughter and family who live 3 hours from us so they have come often to visit us too. This past week their 46 yr old son-in-law died. I had never heard he was ill. Leaves wife and 2 young boys. I would expect our friends to leave Alaska to help them. I cannot remember a time when so many have died that we know or know about. So sad.
    Sorry to hear you still feel ill!! Having the pancreas checked is not a bad idea as mentioned by commentor below. The gall bladder can also make one miserable. I THOUGHT it was the bad food from a McDonald’s causing nausea for my husband some decades ago…nope, was his very bad gall bladder. He had 1000’s of stones, though of course, most were the size of a grain of sand but some the size of one’s end of thumb. The hospital thought that was the most they had ever seen or heard about. Of course the gall bladder was removed. Take care!!

  3. We live in a semi-retirement community and we have lost a few neighbors in the past two years. Part of life, I guess. Sad, but true. That is awful about that woman running over the goose.
    Please go get that constant nausea checked. Have them check your pancreas-that can cause constant nausea.
    Hope you have a great week- Diana

    ps- just so you know- when I hit the email box below-it does not fill in automatically like it did before.

  4. Have you watched Garden Answer yet? she’s so positive. Lifts your spirits, plus will block out the noise upstairs. Try Activia yogurt fir gut health.

  5. maybe a smaller apartment will open up with a better yard and better rent?

  6. I’m sorrry you’re still feeling icky, Brenda. Lots of good suggestions from readers about things to settle your stomach. I was going to suggest ginger myself. I like a probiotic drink from a company called JT’s Synergy Raw Kombucha. I like the Gingerade flavor when my tummy is upset. I get it at my grocery store. Ginger Beer is also good as another reader mentioned. Having an upset stomach is the worst, I think. Makes you feel bad all over. I’m sorry you have to live with all the TV noise from above. I remember living in a lower apartment when my husband and I were first married and the people above played this loud Mexican music ALL the time. Nearly drove us around the bend! Maybe you could have the management talk to your upstairs neighbor. He may not realize he is disturbing you. Well, here’s hoping you start to feel lots better this coming week, Brenda. I will put you on my prayer list and send healing energy, especially to your tummy.

  7. Check out “One Good Thing By Jillee” and her oils. I’ve tried and liked many, but one called TumEase is a miracle,’ Read a bout it and see what you think. I keep placing orders and my kids and grands stop by and they want it. It is worth your time to look and read and see what you think.And it smells delicious! It works with almost any gut issues you come up with. Magic! I swear.

  8. Yes, ginger is GREAT for nausea! I get Sea Band ginger gum in Amazon. I discovered it years ago at a store like Recall or the old High School Pharmacy, but no one carries it anymore. But Amazon has it and I swear by it. I used to get horrible nausea when I had vertigo! chewing that gum helped so much. pure ginger tea is helpful too. Good luck!

  9. Brenda, do you buy yogurt? I’ve heard it’s good for an upset tummy. I don’t have problems, just like yogurt, but I do give it to my dogs when their bellies are making odd noises. That Ivy Lou is just too darned adorable!!

  10. My mother in law is 96 and has covid. We are very worried about her. When I had flu B I was very nauseous and a nurse friend told me about ginger beer. It a soda type drink not a alcoholic drink. Kinda like root beer but all ginger. Everytime I felt nauseous I would drink sips of the ginger beer and instantly my stomach settled down. I drank it with my meals and didn’t get nauseous. You can purchase at Walmart or most grocery stores. Come in 4 pack of glass bottles.

  11. So much sadness in one week!
    I’m sorry the man above you doesn’t seem to care who he bothers with his loud TV, or he may not be aware how loud it is.
    I hope the nausea starts to dissipate very soon. Sending healing thoughts, Brenda.

  12. Hearing of a neighbors death, or anyone we know or don’t even have to know, is always so sad. I believe we must live every single day to the fullest. Now into my 80s, I believe that anyway. You don’t know what tomorrow will be.
    The picture of Ivy is the cutest one yet. What a sweet happy cat.
    If I ever, by accident,I ran over any animal, I think I would go bonkers. I don’t know how someone can live with themselves, doing that on purpose.
    We are all on this earth together, animals have rights too!

  13. I have a barn, but no TV in it!
    My husband can’t hear and the TV is LOUD…. Drives me crazy too

  14. Is it possible the man in the apartment above yours is hard of hearing? My mom, when she still lived in her own home, would turn on the living room tv and the kitchen tv, both on different channels and as loud as they would go. My husband turns on the tv, and then most of the time pays no attention to it. Drives me nuts. I could happily live without a tv!

  15. I think deliberately killing an animal is a crime of cruelty and I wish it had been reported by people who knew for sure who did it.
    I’m sorry you’ve still got lingering effects of Covid.
    Oh Ivy! When will you ever stop being so adorable? Never! (Answered my own question. You’re welcome! 😉)

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