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  1. Sorry about the ankle. I have one that gives me fits off and on, too. I have been on an anti-inflammatory for years. It took several tries to find one that works…and it works most of the time.
    Enjoy your blooms. Hydrangeas do best in cool, moist shady spots. If they are in the bright sun they will need LOTS of water. They are one of my favorites. Diana

  2. Brenda, I have been thinking about you all day after reading about the terrible weather and tornados. I am sorry to hear about your carpet.
    Your flowers look beautiful! I love the hydrangea!
    Take care of your ankle! And Miss Ivy.

  3. Plants + patio = joy. That’s exactly what I got out of your post today. As I was reading I found myself smiling because you “sounded” so happy and content.
    I’ve learned that it’s very important to me to do keep my hands busy doing the things I thoroughly enjoy. For example I’ve been doing lots of handwork with my needle and thread. I have not sat at my sewing machine in over six months and right now I’m not missing it It actually causes me so much angst. In fact, the past six months have been seriously filled with angst and stress. Ugh! Thank goodness things are starting to get better! Whew!
    Keep doing exactly what fills your heart with joy, Brenda. Watching a favorite TV series, reading a good book, looking out your patio door at your flowers, birds, etc. If something is not bringing joy, then don’t do it. I could go on and on. LOL

  4. I’ve been reading about the horrific damage caused by tornadoes in Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma including in a new subdivision in Tulsa, worried about you. Is there is safe space to go in the event of a tornado threat in your complex and – would you be able to get to it? I understand most places in Oklahoma don’t have basements or storm cellars because of the make-up of the ground. That sounds so scary to me. I’m not up to speed on different ways to have face to face time these days with people over a smart phone or computer, but I know there are ways to do it. Maybe you could “get together” with Lisa using one of those “tools” without having to risk your ankles going out of your apartments.

  5. My favorite plantings, in my Lily of the Valley garden area, are three hydrangea plants, that I put on the edge of the garden. I planted them several years ago, but I have had bad luck with getting flowers. Last year I did have blossoms, but only three or four. They truly are beautiful, and wish I knew the secret of how to get more flowers.
    I will be watching how your plant does, and maybe I can learn from you. Good Luck with them. They already look lovely!

  6. Ivy is a blessing in your life. Your hydrangea is beautiful. You have to find out if it grows on old wood or new wood in reference to when you prune. If it grows on old wood you can’t prune in the fall or you won’t have blooms the next year. Guess how I figured that out. I was going to plant my parsley outside just now by my pet lizard is hiding by the planter. He scared me the other day so I have an eye out for him! Enjoy everyone!

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