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  1. I’m so happy that you are making great progress in getting back on both feet again – literally! It’s been such a struggle but we’ve all been rooting for you all the way through all the ups and downs, every step of the way. It sure looks to me like Black-Eyed Susans and Purple (or your Pink) Cone Flowers are derived from the same species, based on the height, shape of leaves and shape of flowers. My poor Purple Cone Flowers have not done well this year, not sure what’s going on with them, I have not treated them or the entire garden area any differently than I have in prior years. I am wondering if their roots have been disrupted by Chipmunk #4 moving into that garden bed and perhaps digging tunnels underneath the ground, killing some of the roots and disturbing others. Today it is hot and sunny, and the dew point is new 70. Tomorrow we will have the same, except the temperature will hit 90 and maybe above. Makes me wish now I was born in Alaska, but climate change is affecting even them in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Tonight we have a huge fireworks display downtown at the Milwaukee Art Museum/Veterans’ Memorial right on top of Lake Michigan. It’s not unusual for a couple hundred thousand people to show up. Tomorrow, on July 4, several County and local parks in the area will put on their own (smaller but still wonderful) fireworks displays. I hope everybody enjoys celebrating this yearly memorial to our Independence Day. Hmmm, think I’ll rent the film and watch it tonight. Nothing like seeing Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum teamed together saving the planet from the alien invaders! I do love a happy ending.

  2. Great news about walking! It’s been a long journey and am so glad to hear your good news. Do be careful not to overdo and have a setback. Enjoy your new freedom.

  3. jeannette says:

    Wonderful news on your ankle! You must be thrilled.
    Mystery plant is Black Eyed Susans. I have them growing on one side of my house. Lots of them and they look spectacular when all in bloom!

  4. That is absolutely amazing news about your ankle!!

    And yes, your mystery plant is a Black-Eyed Susan. I have a lot of those in my butterfly garden.

  5. Debra Friend says:

    So, so happy about your walking progress. It’s been a long time coming. My surgeon also said my ankle wouldn’t be fully recovered for one year. I’ve got six more months to go.

  6. So happy for you…you must be so relieved …we still have a drought in Wi. and it is a struggle to keep both annuals and perrenials going…they just like rain water better…I will have to replace a few…blessings always💕

  7. Wonderful news about your ankle, so happy to hear that! It is 98 degrees here in NC and the humidity just sucks the life out of you. My poor AC can’t keep up so we are in “cave” mode here. No energy to do anything. Hope you and Ivy have a great Fourth!

  8. Mary in PA says:

    Such happy news! I like that you’re being careful, too.
    Love Ivy’s feeding and drinking station – very nice!

  9. Annette Tracy says:

    Oh walking without your cane is such good news. I am happy for you. I know you will take it easy though. It is interesting that your yard managed to not be damaged from that awful storm.

    Somehow i misplaced my drill and got so frustrated i ordered a not very expensive one from Amazon and it works great. I had planters that needs holes drilled and it does the job. A friend gifted me a trailing Mandeville and i wanted to get it planted quickly.

    1. When I’ve needed holes in plastic pots, I just take a hammer and nail and put holes in the bottom.

  10. Yay! I’m sooo glad that u can walk again without any assistance of a walker or cane Brenda! It’s raining again where I live but it’s cooler!

  11. Brenda, That’s such great news about your ankle! Try not to overdo it.

    1. Oh, I’m being very careful. I just think of that pain I had before surgery and it makes me cringe to think of going back to living like that.

  12. I liked all your news….but the last was truly the BEST!

  13. Brenda, I am so happy for your great news! I was wondering if you are still getting therapy. We live in a cave too! I haven’t ironed in a long time but when I washed and ironed the bedroom curtains I ironed a few pairs of small kitchen window curtains from 2 summer pairs to my fall curtains and hung them up in a closet. The last few years I haven’t wanted to drag out the iron to switch up curtains. Since it is such a small window they are the only ones I switch up seasonally. And you know I got all of them at yard sales or a flea market! Yes, I am very thrifty! Just going to the grocery store or even the commissary I am shocked at the prices. We are going to the store less often and really keeping even more of an eye on food spoilage. Ivy’s bowl is a great idea. We seem to have ants early in the season we spray vinegar and most of the time that works and I guess they are redirected away from the house. You know they are still there. I opened the door to bring in the clothes off the line yesterday and there was a black snake beside the porch. I hate snakes but the older I get the lizards that sneak in the house, bugs and even the snake doesn’t bother me as much. I am glad you didn’t have any storm damage and I feel for those who did. Have a good day

    1. Outside the ants are worse than I’ve ever seen them. Sometimes they come in, but I have cinnamon along all the doors.

  14. I am over the moon excited that you’re walking without a cane or walker. Wonderful news – yes YAY!
    The wrapped up blooms on the Black Eyed Susan are very interesting.
    Can’t wait to see your newly decorated kitchen. Like you, in an attempt to keep my house cooler I keep everything closed – a cave is a great description. We’re headed to 112 degrees today. Ugh!
    Have a bliss filled day, Brenda!

    1. I don’t change things up like I once did. Don’t have the energy anymore. But I gave the kitchen a little “refresh.”

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Great news about walking better, Brenda!! Indeed at our ages, things do take a lot of time and patience!!

    1. There were many, many times I thought I’d never get to this point. I’m not going crazy with it. Still being extremely careful.

  16. Congratulations, Brenda, on your walking without a cane! That is such great news! Greg must be so proud of you too. Is he still going to come do physical therapy with you? I’ve had company for the last few weeks, so I just got caught up on all your posts yesterday. I didn’t know you had such a bad storm. I’m so glad you are ok, and it’s amazing that your plants weren’t bothered at all! Such good news. The feeding station you bought Ivy is interesting. I have a 9 month old puppy, and I swear she must have a hole in her chin. She drops water all over the floor as she walks away from her bowl after drinking! (Is that normal?) I’m so afraid I’m going to slip and fall in her puddles. Well, I can’t wait to see how your kitchen looks. Have you made any crafts lately?

    1. All my dogs dripped water when they walked away from the bowl. You can imagine when you dip your head down to drink, some water is going to fall afterwards. And that’s how they have to drink. Haven’t done any crafts that I can think of. Seems I’m too busy with the garden. Yes, Greg still comes.

  17. I am ecstatic to hear about your ankle! This is cause for celebration!!!

  18. Love the cone flowers, I have a huge bunch of them in the garden and I can just see the buds forming so it will be a while before we get flowers.
    Ivy’s new feeding station looks great. She is so loved and rightly so. I wish that was so of all animals. I think I was born too soon.
    Glad to hear that you are progressing with your ankle.

    1. Greg still comes and keeps an eye on me.

  19. So so glad to hear about your ankle! What great news!

    1. I’m thrilled. I’m sure there will be some setbacks. But I’m so grateful to have gotten this far!

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