1. Still no emails, don’t know if maby I am doing something wrong.

  2. Clementine hates when I leave her. I think it’s because she’s older now (around 14), plus near the end of of her life due to being in stage 4 kidney disease. She’s like my shadow most of the day and sleeps snuggled up to me all night.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Brenda. I hope you had a good day.

  3. Hi, some how I am not getting emails from your site anymore, tried resigning again, but says the site is down. I do love your stories.

  4. Our dog Kaia was always with us. When she couldn’t go with us we would tell her that she couldn’t go. She would walk halfway down the hallway, stop, turn around and look at us and walk into our bedroom. It just breaks your heart but they can’t always go with you. I am glad you had a visit with your daughters and a stop at the nursery. The other day I got an asparagus fern, a two toned (no yellow) snake plant and a Moses in a basket. Enjoy your evening.

  5. Our cat Bowser was always cool with our leaving….until Covid. I guess he got so used to our being home, that now he looks longingly at us if we leave. He’s 10 now. Don’t know if this behavior is because of his age, or us being not going too many places for so long. But…he’s always glad to see us when we return, and if we are gone too long, he reads us the riot act upon our return!! Always enjoy Ivy’s activities! 😉

  6. Now that our cat, Molly, is 14, she does have some anxiety when I leave. I always tell her that I’ll be back later. She also thinks she has to be in the same room as I am, too. Ivy has a perfectly marked face—so pretty!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to one and all! I’m glad that your daughters visited today – or soon will. A visit to the little nursery sounds just right! Love the photo of the bee balm – do you have it or are you planning to buy one? Now I want one – lol!
    Just put a hummingbird feeder up the other day on my balcony – wish me luck!
    The photo of Miss Ivy is beautiful! She is a very regal kitty. I have no idea why she looks troubled when you leave – perhaps it is because she heard or saw something outside once when you were gone that troubled or scared her?
    Sweet Ivy.
    Have a happy day, pets to Ivy.

  8. Happy mom day to all! I enjoy everyone’s comments and I’m grateful for this beautiful space that Brenda has created for us. Enjoy the day everyone.

  9. My dog does the same thing, but it’s not anxiety in her case. I know it’s just her using her cute face to make it look pathetic and even cuter—to try to convince me to stay home.
    I’ve always said they *know* how to use their cute faces!

  10. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Brenda and all your lovely readers! I hope everyone enjoys their day!
    I don’t know what could be bothering Ivy – it’s a bit strange. Cooper, my dear sweet dog is almost 15 and we’re together ALL the time so he does get anxious when I pick up my purse to go out. I try to run my errands and get back as soon as possible. They creatures of habit so that may have something to do with Ivy.
    Have a lovely day, Brenda!

  11. Dear Brenda,
    Ivy has such a sweet face. I think while you have been on your lengthy recovery, Ivy has adapted to this new normal. Does she stay in the room with you during physical therapy? I have wondered if she is social with your visitors.
    I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    1. Yes, she’s usually in the living room. And Greg if he’s here. She will go in the bedroom some and sleep on one of her cat towers. But lately she’s been sleeping behind my chair.

  12. Happy Mother’s Day Brenda and to all the Moms. I love this time of the year when the pollen is lower and I can keep the windows open to catch a warm breeze. The weather is nice here today and I did visit some friends across the street and swapped some plants. Enjoy your day everyone!

    1. Well, that sounds like a good and productive day! And you got new plants to boot.

  13. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.
    Oh, I LOVED Shetland and I’m also dissapointed that DI Jimmy Perez/Douglas Henshall isn’t coming back. IMO, the complexity of his character made the show more instersting. I still feel he’s a bit of an enigma. The show was about so much more than “just” the crimes they investigated.

    1. I know. You never really know Jimmy Perez. He keeps things inside. I’ll surely miss him!

  14. That is a beautiful photo of Ivy. My impression from the photo was of “someone” regal and bored, like a Queen sitting on a throne watching an endless procession of Court people bow or curtsy before her. I used to be a fan of some television series but that was years ago, long before the internet and home computers. I did enjoy watching Season 4 of “Rock the Block” that is on HGTV, I watched it on Discovery+. I’ve been re-watching the old series “Desperate Landscapes” and “Curb Appeal: The Block” – I never get tired of those shows and it never fails, I always see ideas for possible changes to my yard/gardens, even after watching both series umpteen times.

    1. That’s me and magazines. I’ll usually miss something on the first run but find it one of the next times I pick it up.

  15. Ivy is sweet. My sweet Chloe gives me the stink eye when she sees me picking up my purse. I think during Covid she was so used to me being in, I rescued her in 2019, that now I’m getting out, she’s not thrilled. Sulks under the bed….not anxiety, just annoyance……i do give her a treat before I leave…..Happy Mothers Day

    1. I hope you have a wonderful day. Kendra and her kids came and brought lunch. Kasi had something important to do with her son and will be coming to take me to the little nursery in an hour or so.

      1. That sounds like a perfect Mother’s day, Brenda! I’m glad you’re getting to spend some time with your family. I love that picture of Ivy. It looks like a portrait. I don’t know why she would be acting anxious all of a sudden. Maybe give her a little treat before you leave and when you come home, and lots of pets, if she’ll let you. What kind of plant did you end up picking out? That book sounds interesting. I feel like you left us on a season finale cliff hanger, lol! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother’s Day today! 💐

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