It’s nice and sunny outside right now. Cold but sunny.

The sun’s rays are shining through the slats of my blinds. Which keeps Ivy interested in watching that wall behind the couch for shadows.

I’ve never seen an animal so delighted by shadows.

She’s back to her old self. She didn’t throw up anymore after I wrote my post yesterday. She slept most of the day.

She hates it when I catch her and put her eye drops in that the vet gave me. So I try to catch her when she’s still and curious about something.

Charlie has had his daily egg and morning medications. As long as the pills are in one of those pill pockets he will take them.

Ivy outweighs him by about 3 pounds. But she’s more afraid of him than he’s afraid of her. He’s just grumpy around her when she wants to play.

Poor Ivy. So she plays alone. Sometimes I will toss her swirly plastic toys she so loves for her to run after. After all, she needs to lose 2 pounds.

She never seems to get bored playing with those swirly toys. She bats them and chases them all over the apartment. Until she bats one into a spot she can’t get under, then I’ve got to get the ruler to get it for her.

I didn’t go out at all over the weekend. Just stayed in and watched Netflix and read.

Have you ever tried these cookies from Trader Joe’s? They’re so good!

I picked some up the other day. I hadn’t tried them before, but had read something about them on I believe the Apartment Therapy website.

If you ever shop at Trader Joe’s you might want to try them.

Oh, it’s so cozy in here with the fireplace and the Christmas lights on and my plants all around me.

Still I stare out the French doors thinking about how pretty the patio is in the spring and summer. I kind of start planning in my head what I want to plant. After Christmas my thoughts about my patio garden will get into full swing.

Ivy is on the table next to me begging to be petted. So I stop every little bit to rub her head, which she loves. I’m still amazed that she hasn’t shown interest in the Christmas trees.

She’s so big sometimes she falls off this table next to me where I store my laptop. I don’t think she realizes how big she is.

Right now I’m watching “Pine Gap” on Netflix. It is just one season so there won’t be but a handful of episodes.

Pine Gap is the very first joint production between Netflix and ABC TV (Australia).

Lately I’ve been coming up short on good shows to watch. I forget what shows you tell me are good and which posts you commented on. So feel free to tell me again. This time I’ll write them down.

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  1. Delicious is in the foodie category of Acorn but it is a very nice drama with recognizable English actors.
    Vera by author Ann Cleeves is Terrific. The books are first rate as well. The Miss Fisher series is great….love the Australian settings and the period wardrobes. The books they are based upon are fun mystery reading. I love a spunky heroine. There are only three seasons but many episodes. There’s a movie coming but boy is it taking forever. A Place To Call Home is a dynasty type Australian series I really liked. Actors are not cookie cutter types but show greater personality for the realistic variety of faces and figures.

    Scandinavian and French mysteries are superior in many ways to US productions. Another cheaper but excellent streaming channel is MHz. Shows from many countries often based upon award winning authors books.

    Murdock Mysteries from Canada is a gentle mystery series, a long running favorite in Canada and for me. Intelligent, funny sometimes, features historical figures in scripts at times and likable characters that grow and evolve. I return to them often as with Midsomer Murders from the UK or Morse. The Indian Doctor series and The Good Karma Hospital which is set in Sri Lanka are favorites.

  2. You have to watch Vera, wonderful detective drama. I think you will also enjoy Martin and my favorite, Last Tango in Halifax.

  3. Lovely picture of Ivy with the pink showing in her ear. If you can find the Australian show A Place to Call Home you should give it a try. Very much about the characters with no gruesome murders. Probably on Acorn.

  4. I”m starting to wish I had a TV and Netflix after you telling about all the good shows you’ve watched. I’ve never been a particularly avid TV fan, but I never had Netflix, either. I did used to enjoy some of the PBS offerings. Maybe after Christmas I’ll look for a TV.

    Happy to hear Ivy is more back to normal. I love the photos of each of them. It sure is odd that she’s ignoring the Christmas trees. Maybe she knows she’s not a kitten anymore and has lost interest in all those kittenish exploits!

    Glad you saw the sun today. If you lived here in Michigan the last two weeks you’d swear it had burned out! Soooo depressing all these clouds. I sit under my full-spectrum light when I remember to turn it on and I take my Vitamin D, but I still feel glum. Just looking out the window is depressing. Nothing to be done except hang in ’til Spring!

  5. I and my husband watched a TV series on Amazon Prime called Burn Notice. It is from about 10 years ago and was a series back then. It is pretty full of action, but I really enjoyed the way the main actors interacted with each other. It has an ex cia agent played by Jeffery Donovan, his assistant (possibly with benefits) Gabrielle Anwar, another actor who I can’t recall his name, and Sharon Gless, who plays the Mom of the ex Cia agent Donovan. Action packed, some violence, but not gruesome, to me.

  6. Acorn TV is very cheap but has great English and Canadian series. Check their web site. I how for days not watching regular TV programs or Netflix. I don’t like violence and so much bad language that’s often in contemporary crime shows. I like Midsomer Murders and Mrs Fisher Mysteries though. Colin Baxter’s Inspector Morse is first rate and ran mans seasons. Sherlock Holmes is a classic. Prime (amazon prime members get it) offers Holmes featuring many old as well as newer Holmes. Their made for prime have won some awards.
    Have fun exploring shows.
    It’s dark and raining here in MD…good book reading weather.

  7. I just started watching Virgin River on Netflix.. is very good.. about a woman who is a nurse who goes to work a year in a tiny town in Northern California… I’m really liking it! Also loved Longmire, Heartland (my all time fave), Last Tango in Halifax, Jerico, The Medium (if it’s still there), so many others, but these are a few. I also loved Luther and Bosch. Bosch is THE BEST for detective show and he is the heart of the show. Marilyn

  8. Call the Midwife (Love this show) and Last Tango in Halifax (Covers everything-humor, suspense relationships)

  9. Been catching up with your posts…glad Ivy is doing okay! Our Sophie’s legs always go out from her on our kitchen floor, too…think I’m going to have to get a rug in there. The piece of glass looks great on your table, seems like it would give you lots more usable space. Your home looks very cozy!

  10. So glad to hear Ivy is better. We get so worried when they get a little off. I am so far behind this year. Not sure what the lack of enthusiasm is. We did go to a great Junk Hunt on Saturday and got a few things. It did kick us into decorating mode!

  11. Love to read the tales that you tell, Brenda. It is like checking in on an old friend everyday. Trader Joe’s is a treat to visit anytime of the year and especially during the fall (pumpkin) and the Christmas holidays. Love their flowers and a very thin lemon cookie they sell. I am only lucky enough to shop there a few times a year since they are an hour away. Stay warm and have a good week.

  12. I’m glad Ivy is back to herself. There’s just something inherently “cozy” about a fireplace mantel, even when the fireplace isn’t in use. It must be the psychological association we make with “fireplace,” “mantel” and fire/warmth, comfort. I’ve had one in my homes since 2000 and can’t imagine now living even in the tiniest apartment without one somewhere in the living room or bedroom. There’s a reason for the old association between hearth and home. I don’t have a Netflix subscription, so I can’t recommend any shows. I stream a few programs on Hulu but I’m not into programming made specifically by a streaming service. I watched Hulu a lot more before I got a streaming subscription to Sling TV because they offered some shows from HGTV, etc. Since they only charge me $6.99 a month I keep the service because I do like being able to watch Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef (and Master Chef Junior) when it’s convenient for me, rather than tuning in at a specific day and time on TV. I haven’t had the TV on in years. Every now and then I check it to see if it’s still working, LOL. I primarily watch channels on Sling TV, mostly History Channel, some A&E programming, CNN, HGTV, DIY, and a few other channels; and on the weekends I’ll check around all the channels for movies to watch.

  13. Brenda, things sound good at your cozy little house…hopefully your activities have settled down for a while. Here is a list of my favorite shows on Amazon Prime: Justified, Lucifer, The Mentalist, House, Bones, Bosch…sorry but Lucifer is no longer free, but it is a great show. It appears that I like murder and mayhem, but I think you do too. I wish you a very happy holiday and best wishes for a fruitful (patio garden) new year. Best regards, Charlotte Hutcheson

  14. Oh those cookies look so good!!! The closest trader joes to me is an hour away, so sad….I always stop in when I’m near but it’s rare.

    It’s 40 degrees and raining here today….I’m hoping it melts some of the 30 inches of snow we got last week!

  15. The Crown – quite historically accurate and absolutely awesome. 1922. The Irishman. Happy Valley, Hinterland, Shetland, Broadchurch, Scott and Bailey, Jack Taylor, and pretty much any of the British or Australian police dramas. Longmire. Call the Midwife. I apologize if you have seen and commented on some of these already.

  16. this is a delightful post of your everyday life. I love the pictures of those little faces and hearing about them!
    and you’re a past master at creating vignettes that warm the heart! thank you for sharing it all with us.

  17. Good Morning Brenda. Glad Ivy’s eye is better. Hope your eye is better too. I got a gift card for Trader Joe’s and I am heading over to one to pick up some things. I will have to try those cookies.
    Have a great start to the new week.

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