1. Well said! We all need to be reminded. We are the ones who make us who we are, along with all of life’s challenges and how we meet them.
    There are no limits as to how far we can go and be if we persevere and continue to make it our way. There are as you pointed out so well, those who do not value us and who will put road blocks in front of us, but as a reader pointed out, the little girl persevered and with help from other ladies she will remember their kindness and hopefully, eventually thrived. Challenges abound but when they are achieved and exceeded, oh the joy.

  2. I needed that today. I have a decision to make but I’ve always been afraid to take chances. The man I love and who loves me lives an hour away. I love my little river place ….a glorified mobile home….but I’m afraid to move where he lives. Taking a chance, you know. And he does want me near him. When I read that the stars will shine brighter the farther you go touched by heart.

  3. Years ago my husband and I lived in a U.S. territory in the Pacific. A little girl started showing up on our doorstep asking if I had any chores that she could do. I would pay her to do simple household chores. After she was finished she would stay and play with my little boy. I found out that she was from one of the outer islands where sons are valued very highly over girls. She and her 3 year old brother lived with their grandparents who gave what little resources they had to her brother. She had to fend for herself. An upstairs neighbor and I would feed her and pay her to do simple jobs. After we left to come back to the U.S. my friend continued to help her. She would frequently drive her to school because her grandparents didn’t take responsibility for making sure that she got there. My friend talked to the principal about the little girl’s situation and it turned out that they were fully aware of it. The principal told her to stop driving the child to school because of legal concerns. I don’t know if she complied with that or not. My friend eventually came back to the U.S. so I don’t know what became of the child. Her situation made me very aware of how blessed I was to have been raised by parents who valued me and took very good care of me. Too many children don’t have that.

  4. AMEN my friend. IT is a shame that women are treated so shabbily. All women are amazing until the world convinces them they are not! Then as you age you realize that all of the people that tried to convince you to be something you were not or that you were not good enough, were wrong and that you were perfect just the way you are all along.

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