Things are moving right along here.

Yesterday Teri packed 12 big boxes of stuff just from my kitchen! Who could have imagined I had that much in that little kitchen?

I didn’t have anything in the drawers. Everything else was displayed in the open cabinets. Along with some packaged food on the wall shelves I used as a pantry.

And of course there were things on my countertop like the coffeemaker, breadbox, can opener, and cooking utensils, etc.

Things I’m Leaving Behind:

There are things I’m leaving for the maintenance man to take if he wants them. Crock pot, rice cooker, smoothie maker, microwave, etc.

Apparently there is a built-in microwave where I’m moving. Which is good because the one I have here is so rusted inside you can’t clean it. He can toss that when he cleans the place out for me because it’s too heavy to carry to the corner dumpster.

My convection oven does most everything so I don’t need additional small appliances.

I’m not taking the kitchen cart. The only thing of any size I’m taking in the kitchen is my convection toaster oven. And I’ll leave the packing of that to the movers.

I got all my office stuff packed, as well as small paintings. Mostly ones framed with glass. The canvas ones are easier to move, but I put the smaller canvas paintings in boxes.

There is a path to walk through my living and dining space and that’s about it. Stacked boxes are everywhere.

I’ve got the bathroom pretty much packed except for things I will need between now and then.

Bedroom & Two Closets:

Next is the bedroom and closets. The closets have already had a once-over. But there is still a bit of the small stuff like decor. And I’ve already got most of that packed up and stacked along one wall in the closet.

I’ll clean the refrigerator out Sunday or Monday probably.

Pink delphiniums in a container in front of a weather blue board.

Whoever moves here will have directions for the refrigerator, washer, etc. I’m leaving a big jumbo office envelope with all the directions and when they were purchased inside.

Cold Gets In Your Bones:

I’m sitting in front of the fireplace with a full-size ice pack in my chair getting the stiffness out. Boy, that ice pack is cold! But it helps the tightness in my back and I use it multiple times a day.

Last night I slept with the heating pad. I’ve never done that before, but it goes off after a time by itself.

That cold gets into your bones, doesn’t it?

I’m taking my elderly neighbor to get her booster vaccine at 1 p.m. And I have a chiropractic appointment Monday morning.

There’s nothing else on the schedule. Just seeing that things in my apartment are ready to go come moving day Wednesday.

I meet with the complex assistant manager at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning to sign papers and write checks to them.

Then I get the keys and the transition begins.

I haven’t seen the actual apartment yet and I’m anxious to get inside and look around.


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  1. I don’t think there’s any doubt that everyone who’s been commenting on your new apartment posts are sincerely excited about your move! And I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that if any of us lived close by, we’d be there helping you to pack up the old place and get yourself settled in the new place! This is exciting, Brenda! The big day is almost here!

  2. I want to start by saying I am SO HAPPY for you, and Ivy, and Gracie for this new chapter you’re starting! I can’t wait to see the new place 😁 Although maybe I’m just feeling melancholy due to other things in my life, but am I the only one who would LIKE to see pictures of the progress of the move out so we can also “say goodbye” to this place? You post about “real life” so I say “bring on the pictures of boxes piled everywhere, walls bare, and only enough room to get to the bathroom” 😂 A lot of your readers have gone through it recently, others might be getting ready to (myself included), so bring on pictures of the actual packing and progress! I was “there” when you moved into this place, I think your loyal readers would want to see the actual “move out” too! 😁
    Please note: I’m not judging, just encouraging you to not feel like you have to post “pretty pictures”. The readers who have been with you all this time will stay with you if they really care. And I do for one. I might not post much, but that’s only because of work where sometimes I might not read until I’m weeks or months behind ☹️ Thankfully other readers post regularly so you know you have people that care. We like seeing what’s “really” going on I think!

  3. Sounds like things are moving right along, Brenda. In fact, it sounds all very organized to me! Thank heaven for Teri. I’m so glad she’s helping you. How are the kitties taking the chaos? Do they seem discombobulated at all? They may be for a while, but they are going to love the new place, I’m sure.

  4. Good luck for moving day, I hope it all goes smoothly. Like the others I am looking forward to seeing your new place all come together. And add my appreciation to Teri for all her help, what a gem!

  5. I know packing and moving is exhausting and stressful, but this is also getting exciting now that that move-in date is right around the corner! I think we’re all excited with you!

  6. Maybe the maintenance man can put items in his car or something in case he doesn’t get the apt. That would help him no matter where he goes.
    Luckily your girl’s weren’t scheduled to help and that you had Teri. I hope that they are feeling better. Covid is bad here in Wisconsin.
    I hope you have a great moving day and settle in fast. But take it easy. I know that that is easier said then done though.

    1. Kendra will be helping me load stuff and take over there Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. Since Kasi has been sick, I told her I’d probably need her more after the move to cart boxes away, etc.

  7. I’m so excited for you Brenda, a new home and all fresh paint and carpet! Like the rest of your readers, I can’t wait to see it, I hope you post photos after your visit….I’m sure you will! You’ll miss your patio but not much else from that space….and I have no doubt you’ll do wonderful things with the outdoor space you have at your new place. Meanwhile, it’s going to -6 here tonight with wind chills of -25 and I am bundled up and the fire is roaring. Happy Friday!

  8. The cart you are leaving might be used in your office area to put plants on. Are you taking all your tub from patio?

    1. No, can’t take all the heavy tubs. Movers don’t do that, they said. There just is no place for the cart. In fact after going over there yesterday there may not be room for a few other things. But I’ll take them anyway and see.

  9. So very happy for you Brenda , and I am sure the kitties will love it once you are all settled.
    So looking forward to see what you will do with the new place.

  10. This is exciting time for you and your birthday is soon, too! It was always fun to see everything boxed. It makes the area seem so much bigger. You have waited so long. The next two weeks will be uplifting.

    1. Yes, I think so. And tiring! Kendra is coming to help Tuesday morning. She had to isolate when Kasi exposed her to COVID, and she is busy meeting with contractors and such for her new home now. As she’s already sold her home, she’s gotta hustle. But she’ll help out when she can. I told Kasi I could use her after the move doing away with boxes, etc.

  11. I’m happy for the progress you’ve made with the move. This is not about the move, though, it is about your back pain. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. During the Vietnam War, my husband was a Warrant Officer (flew helicopters and did medical rescues). His helicopter crashed and his back was broken, with vertebrae crushed together. He was lucky, because by sheer determination he walked again, and you would not know of the injury if you met him. Nevertheless, his back always gave him fits, feeling like glass shards EVERY time he sat in a chair. About a year ago I MADE him check out a chair from Herman Miller. He put up a big fuss because it was so expensive, but I persisted until he finally agreed to go to a local store and just sit in it. The one I wanted for him was another model than what he actually bought, but he happened to tell the salesperson that he had back problems and she immediately brought out their “gaming chair”. Now, before we went in I made it perfectly clear to him that we were “just looking” and we were NOT buying anything until we compared products. He sat down in the chair, and IMMEDIATELY said to her, “Can I take this one home?” To say I was shocked is an understatement! In all the almost 50 years we had been together, he had never said or done anything like that. The chair has 30 adjustments and was developed by doctors. The reviews on it are outstanding. The model is called the EMBODY CHAIR. In all honesty I have never felt the way about it that he has, but then I’ve never fooled with the adjustments (it is his chair, after all, and I don’t want him telling me that I messed it up.) He chose the rollers that work on both wood/tile floors and carpets. It is not a “pretty” chair, and we bought it for his desk, but he has put it at our table and sits in it whenever his back begins to act up. It is expensive—the Herman Miller site lists it at about $1700, but I found the local distributor was definitely less (about $1,000.) Also, the store where I bought it was an office supply store, not your regular furniture store. If you consider this, I recommend that you check it out first. Google Herman Miller and your town to see if they have a local distributor. Sit in it. See if you notice any difference. It is definitely too expensive to make a mistake with, but if it works it is a godsend. Good luck with the move—from what you’ve written today you’ve got this under control!

  12. So wonderful that you have Teri to help you and that things are moving along really well. Can’t wait to see your new apartment and what you will be doing with it.

  13. I am excited about this new stage in your life. It’s weird, but if I were moving I think that I would be anxious and stressed out. However, I feel very enthusiastic about your move.

  14. Wow, things are moving right along, aren’t they? With so many things all packed up, reality can really set in. It’s happening, and it’s happening soon!! We are all so excited for you! That’s great that you and Terri will get to see the apartment today. That should be a big help to you. Are you taking your fireplace? It could go in your bedroom, if there’s room, since the living room already has one. Terri is really the best! I know you appreciate her. We all do. And you are so kind to help out your neighbor. Who knows, maybe another apartment will become available, and she can move there too. You should post some pictures of your rooms all packed up, lol. How are the kitties doing? Are they hiding or “helping” you pack, lol?

    1. Ivy is stressed and cries plaintively at night. Gracie doesn’t seem to notice. I keep telling Ivy that it will all be over soon and the boxes will disappear and mama will always take care of her.

      1. Poor Ivy! She’s probably smelling new odors as you move things around, packing containers and things out of place isn’t her usual peaceful comfy life. Lucy was worried for weeks as we packed and traveled between our rental in another state and our new home and she lived through two moves in four years…she worried any time our suitcases came out, not wanting to be left behind! Moving is hard on everyone. But I imagine the joy they and you will feel once you’ve settled them into their new place and they adjust to new space, sights and sounds. She’ll probably meow and be unsettled for a time after the move as well.

  15. Brenda, I so relate to the moving. We are in the same boat that you are right now, packing up to move in a few weeks. I’m trying to balance that with college classes and all the packing. It’s a chore!

    I wanted to make a suggestion to you in case you have not tried it for sleeping at night. My husband has chronic back and leg pain from his disability and I have back issues as well. I purchased an electric blanket and placed that over our mattress and then put our sheets on top of it. It has dual controls so we can each turn it on or off as we need it throughout the night.

    It has helped him so much with his chronic pain and being able to get a good night’s rest. The heat on low is very relaxing to the body and it really helps me to sleep better most nights.

    If you can withstand the heat and aren’t bothered by it throughout the night maybe this is an option that could help you sleep better and help with the pain.

    Best of luck on the move. Please do not overdo it!

    1. I have an electric mattress pad. I turn it on before I go to bed and the mattress and sheets are nice and warm when I’m ready for bed. It has various heat settings and also a preset temperature. It’s so nice to climb into a warm bed!

  16. Good luck on your move, it will go well with Teri there to help. You will spend many happy days decorating it. I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves along the way. Enjoy the process.

  17. Brenda,
    I’m so thrilled for you. Teri is a great friend to you!! Please relax & take it easy on yourself moving. Remember you have every day to do a little. At least you won’t need to paint the walls & be up & down a ladder at your new home!! Keep us posted!!

  18. Sounds like things are pretty organized and going as planned. So nice of you to take care of your neighbor. You must be so excited. It is good to purge, we are often surprised to see what extras we can do without. Take care and I hope Teri knows your blog friends are grateful that she’s helping you so much.

  19. I’m so excited for your move. Can’t wait to see before and after pictures. You deserve this, Brenda! To be in a place where you feel safe and where everything around you, inside and out, is beautiful.

  20. When you wrote about getting the key and seeing the apartment for the first time, I got excited!! We will so enjoy all your new experiences, I’m looking forward to the decorating!

  21. I was surprised to hear you are leaving so much behind but then remembered you had a washer/dryer in there. You won’t have to deal with that sink hook up any more and your clothes will get dry. I am so excited for you I can’t even explain how much. I hope you get to post an extra comment on Tuesday to let us know how the apt is. You are brave going in sight unseen. But from the looks of the grounds I think it will be fantastic.

    1. I just called and they’re going to let me and Teri go in and look around this afternoon so we’ll kind of know what will fit and what will have to be left behind! Yea! She said they’ve already put down new carpet and painted, but the cleaning hasn’t been done yet. I’ll let you know more tomorrow.

      1. Oh! That is so exciting for you and Terri to be able to see the apartment today! I bet you can’t wait! New carpet and paint, that is exciting too! We’re all looking forward to seeing your new place!

  22. A fireplace is a girl’s best friend. And soft but heavy knit afghan throws. It seems a shame you’re leaving so many of your things, including appliances that you bought, behind, but you know best what you can take with you and what you can live without.

    1. Well, I won’t need my refrigerator I bought. If the maintenance man ends up moving in, I’m happy for him to have it. I enjoyed it for 2 years but I’ll have one waiting for me. The microwave is toast at this point. I don’t need a washer that hooks up to the sink because I’ll have one there. The smaller appliances I don’t need because of everything my convection oven does. There is absolutely no room for that kitchen cart and I only bought it for my microwave and convection oven. I’m just in no shape to deal with more to do at this point. Happy to have someone else enjoy it. I didn’t want to sell things due to how bad COVID is here right now.

  23. I know it is a lot of work. But starting with a blank slate will be fun for you to decorate. Just take it one day at a time. Listen to your body.

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