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  1. That’s completely insane, Brenda! I have never ever heard of a landlord charging a tenant for IMPROVING an apartment!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous, you may need to get a lawyer to fight them!

  2. First time leaving a comment… Sounds like you are ready for the move. I am sure you probably already have plans of how you will make sure Ivy and Gracie will be secured during the move so they don’t slip out an open door. They will for sure be wondering what is going on, and they may be nervous and scared, and they are so quick. Wishing you a successful move and hoping that each day you are in your new home you will love it even more.

  3. Nowthat you’re moving, and don’t have to fear the retaliation of Management, I wonder what the Health Department would think of the conditions you were living with. The City Engineering and Sewer Department might be interested in these conditions. Good luck with the move.

  4. Chi Chi Mum says:

    Evil SlumLords. Unreal! So sorry. I hope you get thru your exit and new entry(and hope they will be nicer than where you are leaving). Lord..isn’t life stressful, alot. I hope things get all settled soon for you. You are a resolution expert..and will get through it all. Best Wishes.

  5. That list of theirs is a scumbag way of saying they’re keeping your security deposit Brenda! I would hardly leave anything behind for them! Think positive Brenda bc there’s better days coming and b4 u know it spring will be here! Yay!
    Stay safe and keep positive thoughts!

  6. Briana from Texas says:

    After an experience with a wily landlord I learned to always take photos before and after. We always leave the places that we rented better than when we moved in, but there are plenty unscrupulous landlords who will nickel and dime you so it’s good to document everything. Just shake the dust from your feet and don’t look back.

  7. Ruth-Ann/Freedom Cottage says:

    Brenda do not pay them one penny more. You can take them to court & you will be the winner. Keep fighting & you are so right, Brenda!! We have your back!! Relax & enjoy your new life. This is the first day of the rest of your life
    Brenda!! Stay strong, Blessings for you!!

  8. What audacity! They waited and waited to do repairs if they even did
    I had a tenant who let her rabbit eat the security system wires and carpet.
    I hope you can avoid those charges.
    Happy moving day.

  9. What audacity! They waited and waited to do repairs if they even did them.
    I had a tenant who let her rabbit eat the security system wires and carpet.
    I hope you can avoid those charges.
    Happy moving day.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    So sorry the slumlord posted such a note…but you know, you have certainly shared so much here that happened in that apt…seems your blog could serve you well, if indeed you had to go to court. And if you do…have the lawyer try to get extra for the “wear and tear” on your nerves, plus all the expensive repairs you did yourself!!! I hope the new place will be much better!! I guess if not perfect, then you might be allowed more choices…and yes, keep taking photos…heh, and you can show them to us…rather good witness seems to me!! Glad the yard space looks better too!! FUN for you to be so creative!! We will all be waiting to see what you do!!

  11. Please do not pay them a dime! They sound like scammers. They will not sue you because what they are doing is illegal.

  12. I think this might be a common tactic with some landlords in order to retain your deposit fee. My son got a “list” when he moved out of his rental that far exceeded the amount of his deposit. He didn’t pursue his deposit and they just left him alone. I figure you might as well just add any deposit you make before moving in to the price of rent. Good luck in your new place.

  13. Has the management company never heard of reasonable wear and tear? You have lived there for a considerable amount of time and it is to be expected there will be some wear. I suspect your apartment was not in pristine condition when you moved in, and considering the improvements you did, the management company should be paying you!

    I did a quick read of the Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Laws and you probably should have been reporting them on a regular basis for non-compliance with the regulations – particularly with respect to heating and cooling and pest control: ”Landlords in Oklahoma are required to maintain a habitable property and complete requested repairs in a timely manner (within 14 days or sooner in the case of emergency). If they are not repaired, the tenants may take alternate action by making the repairs and deducting the cost from the following month’s rent.” You could and should have reported them for any other covered deficiencies you encountered (and it seems there were many!)

    The handy list they provided for you is merely an outline of the charges you could expect should any of the items be missing. Again, something like carpet should not be your responsibility because of the amount of time you lived there. You upgraded the bathroom vanity, so they should be grateful! You haven’t broken any windows, have you? LOL! Again reasonable wear and tear versus being nickel and dimed.

    As others have already advised, take excessive photographs of both your old apartment (after it is empty). Ask the handy man to do this for you when he is done cleaning. Also take numerous photographs of your new apartment (before anything goes in). Photographic documentation can be invaluable if you ever have a dispute with landlords. If you have a pre-move in walk through, be ruthless with noting deficiencies.

    Best of luck with your move and looking forward to see your new home when it has been “Brenda-ized”.

    1. “Brenda-ized”. That’s an interesting word!

  14. VickieTori says:

    Awww – Thank you for showing pictures of the “move in progress”. I love it! I am so sorry about “The List”. How ridiculous. Well, if you happened to have any doubts about moving before, you certainly won’t now. Good riddance and here’s to you and The Girls going to a much better home!

    1. Yep! These people aren’t just slumlords. They seem to be grifters of some kind too.

  15. Kate Dudley says:

    You can get an inexpensive toilet riser for your new bathroom until you replace the toilet (or instead of replacing it). Due to your health issues, looking at other adaptive devices for seniors might provide you with ideas and help.

    As far as that stupid move out charge list, they are dreaming. Take pics of the condition after cleaning it (the maintenance guy can do that). Keep proof of your payment to him. If their move out charges exceed your deposit after 8 years of tenancy, tough. I would sell the fridge, not give it to them. Don’t leave anything nice because they won’t value it in any way. I would also consider not worrying about spending your money on cleaning it because these kinds of landlords are never satisfied! They want tenants to pay for their cost of doing business. What a joke!

    Also take a lot of pics of any work needed after you move inTo the new place so you have evidence of how it was before your changes (which I know will be amazing and add value).

    This is a new beginning. Once you are out of there, don’t let any of their negativity follow you. Just ignore any harassment or threats or bills. Your realtor daughter can help you deal with their nonsense.

    Excited to see what happens in your new garden space! You’re gonna love it all. Just get the essentials set up and rest for a few days so your creative juices can start inspiring you.

    1. Thanks for the link. I didn’t even know they made those. As much as cleaning the place, I’m paying him to haul stuff off that I’m not moving. He is the one who goes in and fixes up an apartment before it’s leased. Surely he’ll know what will work with them and what won’t. But like you say: they’ll never be satisfied no matter what.

      1. Gina Blank says:

        Brenda, I got one of those risers for the toilet seat; the same one Kate shared in the link. Had to for the time being with my hip and knee pain. So glad you’re moving out of there. And yes, they should be paying you for all the improvements you did. Good luck with your new apartment!!


  16. So sorry you have to deal with this but am not surprised that management would try to pull one last scheme. They probably have done the same to others hoping most would pay up rather than question the legality of their demands. I agree with the advice given by others here….take lots of pictures, stick to your guns , keep only the good memories of your time there and get on with your life in your new apartment.
    As for the lower toilet issue you may want to get a temporary “potty riser” until you can have a taller toilet installed. I have used them for years , they are easy to install and clean, very reasonable priced and serve the same purpose. I have bought them from a local medical supply store and also Amazon (I replace them every couple of years when they start to yellow from the bleach I use for cleaning).
    Good luck.

    1. Thanks. I’ll look into those. I think this management company just schemes away with all these lists of theirs, and who knows if they’re giving the money to the owners or making up their own rules and skimming off the top? And I thought the last management company was bad.

  17. I am certainly not up to date on rental requirements, but the State Real Estate Board could tell you what rights you have as a renter. You might go to this site and read for yourself.
    If all else fails, you have a platform with your blog and/or you could also contact a local news station and/or write a letter to the editor at the papers in the area.
    Has anything like this been in the new rental agreement when you renew? As a renter you have the right to know these things when you sign a document. You have to give people a notice before you come up with new charges. In other situations, you have to let customers, clients, etc. know 30 to 45 days before beginning it is going to have a negative impact to customers, etc.

    1. I looked through all my leases, but I couldn’t find any after 2019. Not sure where they are. And there’s been multiple owners and management companies and they all have their brand of BS.

  18. You should leave them a list. Fear of snakes coming through toilets—$300.00. Roots coming through floors—$400.00. See if they like it. They have a lot of nerve, and I am so glad you will not be giving them another dollar of rent.

    1. Oh, and fear of sewer rats coming up toilets and snakes falling from ceiling vents.

  19. Thanks for updating us about the new apartment. It sounds pretty nice – except for that refrigerator! I’m sure they’ll be having that cleaned – they sound like they’re pretty much on top of things there.

    When I read that list that your current apartment management taped to your door, I actually said out loud, “Excuse me?!” What utter BS. I have never heard of a place doing that before. Just ignore and get the heck out of that horrible place. Like others said, just make sure to take photos of everything when you move out. Likewise, take pics of everything in your new apartment when you first move in, too. That way you always have proof of how things were originally so they can’t mess with you if you ever leave.

    1. I know. I just shook my head as I read it and thought: How much lower will they go? It’s almost like they’re just throwing things at the wall to see what will stick.

  20. I think you have the right idea Brenda. Leave with the moving truck. Have someone drop off your keys and enjoy your new home. They’ve been so unresponsive with anything you’ve needed done that I doubt they will pursue anything further with you. Your deposit will cover any of their demands and as you said, you didn’t expect it back anyways. It would be nice to get back what is yours but life is to short and legal proceedings take more out of a person than what you might get out of them. But that’s me. I try to live my life with as little hassle as possible😊 looking forward to hearing about and seeing your new home take shape. I’m as excited as if I was the one moving.😀

    1. Yes, I’m SO tired of hassling with them. I think they had the maintenance man pour 5 containers of Freon into my ancient outside air conditioning unit and it all just poured right back out. Isn’t that kind of bad for the environment? Not that they would care.

  21. It looks like these slum lords are not going to allow you to escape without problems. Your blog is your best record of the improvements you have made. For crying out loud, you remodeled the bathroom!!!! Every thing you have done has added value to the property. Do document everything from this move out and move in. You never know when you will need it. I am excited for you and your new adventure.

  22. Holy cow! What a ridiculous list of repairs. Teri is right, your slumlords want you to rebuild their cruddy apartment for them. Just ignore it all Brenda and get the heck out of there. Do take copious pictures once your stuff is out in case they decide to harass you. I can’t see how they would have a leg to stand on though. Also take pictures of the new place before moving any of your stuff, especially where the problems are. I would then submit a copy of a picture of each problem with the list you turn into them.
    Even if you take the cabinet doors off in the kitchen, if for some reason you had to move and put them back up they could try to blame you and want you to replace them. One thing that has been beaten into my brain over all my life experiences is to trust no one and protect yourself. Any business is all about money and they will do their best to rip you off. Always look out for yourself first and foremost. Verbal agreements don’t hold up. Get everything documented so you can breathe easy and enjoy life!

    1. From what I’ve read of OK rental/landlord rules, people who rent don’t have a lot of recourse.

  23. Be sure to take pictures when you leave. And let them know you have pictures when you turn in your keys.

    You have documentation on the improvements you’ve made since you moved in with your blog (descriptions & pictures).

    Any charges you get post-move? Charge them for all your improvements + a charge for living in a un-maintained place.

    Good luck with your move.

    1. Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. I have photos on this blog for proof anyway.

  24. Pictures are your best friend, both of the apartment after you move out and of your new one before you move in. Time and date stamp. As well as the previous commentors great ideas and facts. Good luck and definitely would not give those crooks another red cent. A list of what you have asked to have repaired and what was and wasn’t done and how long it took them to complete the repairs from the time you initially asked. Documents another best friend.

  25. Jeannee Waseck says:

    They DO have a lot of nerve ! I actually went through this when I went to leave my previous apartment that had given me mold. I went through some scary times, thinking they were going to take me to court – but instead what they did was they simply kept my deposit: maybe they’ll do the same for you, Brenda??? Your stack of boxes screams I’M ABOUT TO MAKE MY ESCAPE! Love that!!! Keep your focus on that ~ focus on the future

    1. Trying to ding me as I make my desperate escape from here…

  26. My first thought – IS THIS LEGAL? This is outrageous!!!!! I have never heard of move out charges like this. Since when is a tenant responsible for the cost of repairs in a rental unit? I’m sorry, but I’m livid, and this sounds like BS. My experience with rentals is that you give a month’s security deposit, and if there is major damage, they can use that to cover them. But, even that is questionable – there has to be a legitimate reason to keep your security. Landlords have the responsibility to clean the apartment for the next tenant, and to fix whatever is broken. I hope someone reading this post is an attorney, or knows one, who could advise you.
    As for the problems in your new place, I am sure they will fix them for you. My son is in a rental, and it was cleaned and painted when he moved in, and he had a few days after moving in to notify them of anything that wasn’t in working order, and they fixed it. Recently they had to replace the entire heating unit and of course, as a landlord, that is their expense, not the renter’s. We’ve advised our son not to make any repairs himself, and always let the maintenance crew do it so they can’t complain when
    he moves out that something wasn’t done correctly. And, I do recall that they might charge for holes made in the wall – like $5 or $10 per hole – and even that is ridiculous, if you ask me.

    1. As I said once, they are trying to nickel and dime us all to death.

  27. Annette Tracy says:

    That list makes my blood BOIL! I’ve never been given one of those and I had to move 3 yrs in a row in Santa Monica due to condo conversions. As a RE owner these are things you encounter when people move. Speak to your daughter about this.

    When you mentioned the kitchen cupboard doors are wonky I thought maybe you would take them off again as you enjoyed open cupboards so much. It’s all little stuff that you will have tweaked in no time. And I agree, a tall toilet is wonderful. I was in a bad car accident Tuesday. Big truck him my KIA Soul and it’s totaled. Thursday I could barely get off the toilet. And was so glad I had a tall one!!!

    1. I feel for you, Annette. I was in a bad wreck in November and still not totally ok.

    2. Oh Annette! I’m so sorry! I hope you are okay.

  28. Brenda, focus on the positives, you are going to a new place away from these nuts. Do not let them get you down. I think you mentioned that you were going to pay the maintenance man $100.00? DO NOT GIVE THIS company/apartment any more money. Did you give them a security deposit? I am sure they will “nickel and dime” you and use that up. If they try to get more from you sue them in “small claims court” for everything you put into the place and all they did not do for you.

    1. I am paying the maintenance guy personally. It will be his cash and they won’t even know that I paid him to clean it up and take items he might want or give to his mother. Once I leave here with the moving truck, I do not want to come here again. I’ve never expected to get my security or pet deposits back with this bunch.

  29. You might want to take that list and answer each individual item in WRITING (for yourself at this point) just so you will remember the details. If they try to charge you then you have all the info completed to counter them. If you wait until it is just a discussion between you & the manager you might forget something important. The “heat of the moment” is never good in a situation like this could become. Considering all that you are leaving they should pay you.

    1. I tried to call the manager after I got that and she didn’t answer. I’m just as glad now that she didn’t, because I was so angry. I’ll pay the maintenance man to clean it on his own time and try to forget about the rest. On to new horizons, as they say!

  30. Hmmm… what would happen if you ignored them and didn’t pay them anything? Maybe ask a lawyer. You’ve asked them to fix many things and they haven’t. You’ve replaced things they wouldn’t, at your own expense. You’ve made many improvements to the apartment, always at your
    own expense. How can they hold you legally responsible when they’ve been so negligent themselves? Dirtbags! As for your new apartment, I’m sure they will have everything cleaned up and ready for you. Be sure to be very thorough when you do your walk through. List anything and everything you notice, even if you are ok with it as it is. Still make note of it. Take pictures. Remember, you are going to be so much happier there. You’ve talked to some neighbors who are happy there and friendly too. You are moving on to better things. ((Hugs))

    1. One more thing… you wanted to remove the cabinet doors anyway, to recreate your open shelf look, so it might not be a big deal, but if it’s not fixed, write it down on your walk through list.

    2. Yes, anything has to be better than this. Teri said, just ignore them. And that’s what I plan to do. I was never late on my rent and I took care of and improved this apartment. They are dreaming if they think they’re going to get all that money out of me. I’d call an attorney first.

      1. I agree with Teri, just ignore them! As far as your new apartment, I’m sure they will fix everything and clean the refrigerator for you. They are no way like what you are dealing with now!

  31. Mary Hall says:

    Make a list of all of the improvements you have made in your years at the apartment. Take pictures of those improvements. Contact one of your local news stations that investigates/helps people with these types of things. The way you have improved their property should be a plus for them and they should be reimbursing you!

    1. The manager has never even seen inside my apartment. We’ve been through probably over a dozen managers since I moved here 8 years ago. And 2-3 owners. She’s just giving me this list in the hope that I will do it all, I guess. The maintenance man thought it was nuts.

  32. I read the list a couple of times and I think it’s a basic list. I’d be surprised if they wanted all that money from you. There might be a walk thru when you move out and each item will be addressed as you go. Just my guess.

    As far as the new apartment. Give them a thorough list of your expectations for repairs and cleaning. I’d like to believe they will clean out the refrigerator, etc.

    Just my thoughts, Brenda. Don’t let anything ruin your joy!

    1. I’ll be leaving when the moving truck leaves. If Teri or my daughter is here when we’re leaving, I may just have one of them drop off the key to the office. And see what happens from there.

  33. First of all, pull out your lease agreement and check it thoroughly to see if YOU AGREED to pay costs normally born by the landlord. Secondly, contact your local Legal Aid Society and ask for a referral for a free consultation with an attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant law. Tulsa is a decent sized city, it SHOULD have a Legal Aid Society or a local branch of the Oklahoma State Bar Association. Third, get together all of your paperwork and copies of invoices for the ITEMS YOU REPLACED AT YOUR OWN COST and any written agreements/permissions you received in writing that you made with the owner(s) at the time you made the replacements, and go through and prepare answers to each and every one of those alleged “charges and costs” you are supposed to be responsible for on the landlord’s “list.” I knew it, I just KNEW they would try and pull something like this on tenants after all the other garbage they’ve pulled since taking over ownership of your rotting away apartment complex. It’s fraud as far as I’m concerned. This is just a ploy to try and frighten you into submission to pay those costs, and if you paid a security deposit when you moved in it’s gone-zo. This kind of thing just infuriates me no end. Also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (you can do it online) and with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office:

    I also recommend you read about your rights as a tenant here:

    1. I’m not planning on engaging with them at all. I paid my rent through January and when I leave on Wednesday I don’t plan to come back.

  34. This is disheartening, yes, but let’s focus on the good stuff: you’re outta there for good and just in time! Secondly, you will work your magic on the new place, probably with more help and a better attitude from management. And lastly? NO SNAKES!

    1. Yes, I am concentrating on the good stuff. Because I can figure out ways to make most anything look better than how I found it.

  35. Unbelievable. Get some help and don’t give them a dime. You are leaving the place tons better than it was when you moved in.

    1. This is like some kind of scam in my book. I’m going to read the fine print in my lease. However, I didn’t sign a lease last time. I went month to month.

      1. Please take photos in apartment you are leaving of every thing on the list and make notes. Also take photos of every issue you have from your walk thru (also with notes). Try to have a friend or your daughter with you when you do your walk thru. I wish you & the kitties much happiness in your new home.

  36. The list is robbery! Sounds as if they want to take advantage of anyone “escaping”
    Could you take the fridge since the one in the new place is bad and you purchased it? There are positives that are a pleasant surprise at your new home and as always some negatives as well. I wish you the best as you begin this process and hope you will settle in and make it as lovely as the old apartment. I have no doubt your decor will improve the place and make it feel cozy. I look forward to seeing the new posts. Blessings Brenda. P.S. Take it slow and be easy on yourself to not cause any more pain to struggle with.

    1. There are always going to be things you don’t like anywhere you move. But if that fridge is not clean when I go back in there Tuesday, I will be talking to them about possibly bringing my fridge.

  37. OMG… you are really lucky to be moving out of your present home. Cleaning of the new place can be done to your approval. I don’t think that they will charge you for the things that you have update. That is to their benefit! But, I am not a lawyer or contractor. Just my thoughts. Move on with your plans and keep a positive attitude. You can make your new home your own. One day (or project) at a time!

    1. Yes, it took me years to get this apartment to my liking with improvements from my own pocketbook. I can do it. You know I will work that place over a little at a time.

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