Another hot morning. Charlie and I just got back inside from watering. The plants are looking a bit droopy in this heat.

Now we’re settled inside, and he has scooted into his position between me and the couch arm where he naps.

Purple petunias in a container on my patio

Yesterday I had to go out and so I stopped at Ace Hardware, which is about a block from me, and bought some goggles. I looked and looked for the ones I used to have, to no avail.

I figure I can dust the furniture and hopefully not get anything into my eye with goggles on.

I’m looking forward to (well, not looking forward to; but yearning to get over with) the testing to be done on my left eye early tomorrow morning. It takes hours for the testing, and 5-10 minutes for the actual surgery.

Odd, huh? But Triad seems to be very efficient. I’ll say that about them.

I hope they can do the left eye really soon, because the disparity in my eyesight is about to drive me round the bend.

Squirrel drinking water on my patio

One of my errands yesterday, aside from going to the office to pay my rent and water bill, was to go to the closest jewelry store and have a new battery put into my watch.

I had been wearing one of my two watches, as the other one needs a battery too. But I like to wear the cheaper on, and so I had the battery put in that one.

As I’m paying for it, I have to move close to the credit card machine and squint my left eye to see what I’m signing, as the left eye is still very near sighted. Coupled with the right eye that is now 20-20, it is hard to see what I’m doing.

I explained about the eye predicament, because I knew I looked strange up close squinting at the small screen. I have never squinted so much in my life as I am having to right now I don’t think.

I’ve tried wearing my old glasses with tape over the lens of the good eye. But that doesn’t seem to work either. I am more unbalanced.

Some said I might grow accustomed to this. However I am not.

They say it’s fine to drive as long as one eye is 20-20, but after driving around for two weeks now, I’d say that’s a little misleading.

One eye being 20-20 is fine, but coupled with the other eye being heaven knows what, you’re kind of like a table with three legs.

I’m sure you all will be relieved when I have the left eye done so I’ll stop grousing about it!

Squirrel drinking water on my patio

My shoulder and right hand are giving me fits as well, so I’m just a grumbling granny today. You know you’re getting old when you have to use ice packs and heating pads every day.

Moving on, smoothies seem to be the perfect lunch when it’s this hot outside.

I typically use three ice cubes, almond milk, a banana and maybe frozen blueberries and strawberries. Then I add the protein powder to the smoothie maker and I’ve got a nice cool and filling meal.

Charlie has gotten into the habit of begging for hard boiled eggs. Around 4 p.m. every day Charlie begins to aggravate me to get up and start making his egg.

He eats prescription food, and there is little else he can have to spice up his diet. But I’ve found that a bit of plain baked potato or a boiled egg doesn’t upset his tummy.

At first I just gave him the white of the egg, but once he tolerated that okay for awhile, I began to give him the yolk as well.

So as I’m making his egg, I often add another egg to the egg maker and then make myself an egg salad sandwich for supper. Sometimes I use plain bread. Sometimes I toast the bread in my Breville oven.

Baked beans and a few chips complete my meal. Sometimes I have a salad rather than the baked beans.

I sit at my little table and from there I can watch the news on the TV in the living room. You could set your clock by the timing of my every day habits.

What are you eating during these hot summer days? Do you cook, grill outside, make a cold meal or resort to take out food?

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  1. I would complain too. Sounds horrible to have vision like this.
    I use to scramble eggs for my spaniel who wouldn’t eat. She loved rice too!
    Believe it or not, I made potato soup the other day as my daughter was craving it. Guess it is fine eating it in the a/c but going outside in this heat makes me wonder…soup???
    Have a great day with sweet Charlie!

  2. Brenda, I have to laugh at you calling yourself a “grumbling granny”! It’s heartening to know that someone else grouses about annoyances, etc. once in a while. Sometimes I think I am the worst about that. Of course it’s usually only me that hears me grumble, but sometimes I just want to stand at the back door and shout “This is driving me crazy!” or I’m sick of_________(you fill in the blank) or “Help, my grandchildren are incorrigible!” Or even worse I sometimes cuss at things that don’t work. Only to myself, of course. Anyway, nice to see someone else admit similar foibles!

    How interesting that little Charlie teases for hard-boiled eggs. How do you know that is what he wants? I hope he is over whatever his digestive (?) trouble was. He’s such a sweetie.

    Still hot here. Even though we had quite a rainstorm last night. I didn’t go out at all today. Too wet to do much anyway. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a little more weeding done. As for cooking I don’t do any more than I have to even when the weather is cool! Now that the twins are back in school and are here for dinner we have to do some cooking for them, but it’s usually very simple fare. We make a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, though! They like baked cod fish–odd, right?–so we fixed that and broccoli with warmed up steamed potatoes for tonight. Eli ate all his fish and wanted more plus all his broccoli and potatoes. He’s usually the more finicky one. Orion ate the fish and broccoli but didn’t like the potatoes. He ate about four pieces of fish! They are so much easier to get along with if we can get some protein into them. I always try to have a high-protein food, one or two steamed or baked veggies and maybe some fruit both for them and for myself even if I’m alone for dinner. But sometimes it’s just canned soup, too!

    Hang in there ’til that other eye gets done. It’ll be over soon and then you can relax and SEE!

  3. Feeling very frustrated today with the people coordinating my spinal surgery in Sept. .Beginning to wonder if I made a wrong choice in my neuro surgeon group .They don’t seem to be doing their job very well .
    This troubles me all the way around maybe I need a second opinion .
    The Dr. That I have in the group of over 20 doctors is new to the group and is not board certified and has no reviews .
    I think my gut is telling me to move on to another surgical group !
    They seem to be pushing this surgery pretty fast and not giving me time to make proper arrangements for the care of my spouse that is not well ,and transportation issues with the hospital being two hours away .
    I am going to postpone til proper issues can be addressed .
    Oh my getting old is no fun !
    Sorry so negative today !
    Thanks for listening !

    1. Si sorry you’re having to deal with all this!

      I would agree that it’s time to seek a different surgeon. I had major surgery 3 weeks ago, and continue to have a different, preventable problem caused by this surgeon and/or her staff at every appt since the Initial Consult.

      Wanted to change surgeons, but needed immediate operation because of possible cancer.

      Have regretted every time I have to deal with her or her mean and incompetent staff that I didn’t switch!

  4. Yesterday I cooked frozen bone in chicken breasts. Then picked the chicken off and made bone broth. Wasn’t feeling good bc of the heat and humidity, so I just ate some chicken and zucchini sliced up and some cheese…tortilla chips. I had a greek yogurt earlier. Today I had a ham sandwich with some zukes. Tonight I made rice a roni with chicken in it… green beans. Cantaloupe and some watermelon after…ice cream b4 bed.
    In the summer I eat more fruits and vegetables, beef hot dogs with caramelized onions and garlic. Whatever is on sale for meat, fruit, veggies that wk. Try to eat fish at least once a week too. Quick breads are my go to for breakfast, easily defrosted. I also give some to my parents, so I try to have an assortment of little breads made.
    Some nights I just make scrambled eggs and some for my dog. He also loves broc and yogurt with flaxseeds, chia seeds and blueberries. Lol. I eat what I want, but in moderation and never deprive myself of anything. I also make salads too. If I want something special I will have company over or bring it to family, so I don’t eat it for days or freeze it. Lol.
    I’m long winded bc I love to cook and bake and exercise!
    I haven’t used my grill this year bc I got stung 6 times by hornets last year and 6 more were lined up coming after me! Thank God it was raining hard, so they didn’t come after me! My brother destroyed their nest, but I still have that fear of getting stung again. I quickly put coconut oil on my bites and it stopped making me feel sick! Whew! Charlie and you have a great weekend coming up!

  5. I can identify with some of your vision issues. Back in the 1980s I had corrective surgery for nearsightedness. after the first eye was operated on I had good Vision in one eye and very,very nearsighted vision in the other eye. It made things very wonkey! For the last 20+ years I have had problems with my left eye. I get tested often and have had several surgeries , including cataract surgery on it. I was misdiagnosed for quite awhile , but am in the hands of a wonderful Dr now. I travel 3 hrs one way every 6 weeks to have tests done and I receive an injection in that eye. I am legally blind in that eye, and the disparity in my vision is troublesome every single day. I have no depth perception, and I have to be so careful going up steps or even just stepping up on a curb. I know how frustrated you must be, and I know you will be thrilled once the surgery is done on your other eye. I also have glaucoma and have many drops to put in my eyes each day, I have a routine and it is just a part of my life. Please don’t feel it is a burden to talk about what is bothering you, we are here to help each other out.
    It is so very hot in Florida these days. We like burgers, pork, chicken or steak cooked on our gas grill our daughter bought for us. I also enjoy chicken salad, chefs’ s salad, and taco salad these days. And fried chicken from the deli and potaoe salad really hits the spot! I like cucumber salad made with sliced cucumbers and sour cream too! You and Charlie enjoy your evening, my Dixie got groomed today and is looking really pretty today!
    From Crystal & Dixie

  6. Brenda, I got such a kick out of your saying that people could set their watches by your everyday habits. Isn’t it funny how even in retirement we’re creatures of habit? I, too, live a blissfully “boring” life of routine, and I am so grateful for it. A dear departed friend of mine used to say, “Life is very lifey.” I’m glad when it is. Sometimes health issues and/or family drama makes it unpleasant and not so routine. However, a bit of grousing is needed every now and then. We’ve earned it! Right now I’m grousing about the never-ending triple-digit weather here in Austin. I swear my poor outdoor plants are just staring at me with woeful countenances. “Where’s the rain?” they seem to ask. Fall can’t arrive soon enough!

  7. It’s hard to get excited about food in the summer. When I was growing up, food was just something you ate so you could go out and play. Now, it seems to be a national obsession. Given enough time, you brain can adjust amazingly–my right eye is 20/60 and my left eye is 20/600. My brain has adjusted to use my right eye for driving and my left eye for close-up work. That’s been for the last 10 years. Sweet little Charlie–he is really blossoming being The Only Dog.

    1. Well I don’t know how you did it. Whenever I bring something up close, it blurs because I’m not just seeing it from my eye that is near sighted. The 20/20 eye blurs it.

  8. I like Ann’s idea of using vege cream cheese on sandwiches. I am going to get myself some next time I make a grocery run. Veges are so fresh and plentiful right now so want to take advantage of eating locally grown food so sandwiches made with vege cream cheese sound so much tastier than using mayonnaise. I had enough mayo in my tuna macaroni salad we had last week that I made way too much of and ate it for a few days.
    Last night my pizza tasted so good as I have not had one in a long time. Wintertime I tend to put a frozen one in the oven.

  9. It’s probably too late now, but I wonder if you might have had them take one lens out of your glasses so you still had the correction on the “bad” side?

  10. don’t ever apologize! sometimes just saying/writing things out loud makes it better.
    I can abide almost anything but problems with my eyes. a small eschemic stroke early this summer made me see double for a month! I thought I would go crazy. so you are understood for sure!
    I remember thinking if I had to live with this the rest of my life I would go NUTS!
    “this too shall pass” became my mantra. and thankfully it finally DID!
    maybe Charlie is needing the wonderful lutein that is in eggs. and I’ve heard it keeps their coats shiny too. I eat very much like you do. I’m vegan now though. just simple really. it’s comforting and good.

    1. When we had that respite from the heat last week it was so nice to go out. When it cools off again I’m going to have to go walk the antique mall. Haven’t done that in nearly a year.

  11. Have you tried covering your bad eye and using your new improved eye? I would think that would work.
    Glad to hear Charlie is doing better. He is such a handsome little man.

  12. Charlies loves boiled eggs! That brings back fond memories of one of my dogs who loved eggs in any form. He had diabetes toward the end of his life and was on a restricted diet. An egg every now and then was a great treat for him – he especially loved soft scrambled. We’ve been getting a lot of rain here, along with steaming humid weather. Today it’s cooler, and the rain has stopped until the weekend, but no drier outside. The air is supposed to dry out overnight and be even cooler tomorrow, for one whole day, LOL! There was flooding, some severe, in many parts of my state. Our high heat and humidity is now engulfing the east coast. I don’t eat much during the summer, just no appetite. However, I do eat a sort of “breakfast” daily. I cut a slice of bread in half, slather it with about a teaspoon of yellow mustard (I know it’s an old wive’s tale, but it really does seem to work keeping sciatica attacks at bay) add a slice of swiss cheese (2 halves) and 2 thin cut slices of honey ham), and munch on it happily while I’m checking early morning news online and drinking my one cup of coffee for the day. I’m on Warfarin so I have to watch what I eat and drink. Summer seems to throw me all off kilter. I am not much of a salad eater, nor am I much of a “greens” eater, but I have to force myself to eat them in order to try and keep my relative blood thickness/thinness in line. I go for blood draws for testing once a month and when they’re all wonky like they have been once again this summer, it might be every week. It’s a real pain in the you know what but easier to do now that I’m retired than when I was working! I don’t drive, I have to take the bus everywhere I can’t get to by walking (the clinic I go to is too far for me to walk it). This past Saturday I picked up some fresh broccoli on sale. It’s not something I normally eat but I haven’t been eating enough greens. So I made a semi home-made version of one of my favorite low fat frozen dinners – pasta alfredo with chicken and broccoli. I cooked my own chicken and fresh broccoli (some I froze uncooked for next week) and used a Knorr instant side-dish package (on sale for $1 each) of pasta alfredo for the pasta portion. It really turned out delish! Much better than the frozen version, so I’ll make up my own from now on. I’ve gotten 4 meals out of the one batch I made, will eat the last of it today for lunch. I eat egg salad sandwiches, and lots of lettuce and tomato (with tons of mayo) on toast sandwiches in the summertime. Light and refreshing while satisfying my hunger and helping me take off a few pounds, that I always put right back on during the winter when I revert to meat and potatoes mode. Sigh. Oh good, the sun is coming out!

    1. I have not heard that about the sciatica. Only way I stave it off is morning stretches on the floor on my yoga mat.

  13. My cat, charlie, knows when 4:00 comes It is snack time. One teaspoon of tuna in a little dish but do not say snack if you are not ready to get it out. Fussing begins. Very vocal. They are more than pets. They are out companions. Prayers for your surgery.

  14. We had storms here last night in Iowa which has temporarily cleared out the humidity…feels like a fall day today. But the heat and humidity will be back. Mums are appearing everywhere so I hope real fall weather settles in soon.

    I have been using “sandwich thins” bread to make veggie sandwiches with tomato, cucumber, spinach, etc for lunch and/or supper. I like some veggie cream cheese on the bread too. Pasta salads are nice too.

    Have a great day!

  15. I have been eating on a large macaroni salad I made, and even enjoying it for breakfast. Also baked beans and bologna sandwiches with lots of lettuce, etc. Not in the mood for cooking in this heat.

    I am now compiling my grocery list for fall and winter. I like to do a large stock of goods so I can go to my pantry or freezer and make whatever I want. I am getting in the mood for things like chili, stew, homemade soup, taco casserole, etc.

    I went shopping yesterday and purchased some split peas to make pea soup, also some pork fat to flavor it. My daughter in WA state was cooking it and it sounded so good.
    I think it is cute how Charlie wants his hard boiled egg.

    1. Oh and when he hears me hit the hard boiled egg up against the counter so I can peel off the shell he just about loses it because he knows it’s coming soon.

  16. Hi Brenda…ran across your blog while searching for small space decorating ideas…love it.. You are a great Writer and love the way you love your Charlie, and so sorry about your recent loss of your other little baby. I have 7 doggies…love them and thank you for sharing your blog. I am a wannabee blogger..but sometimes electronically… Cheers, from Chi Chi Mum (ps..have mostly Chihuahas and my Grandson named me Mum)..

    Your blog is full of wisdom and pleasure in so many ways. Retired in NC.

  17. I usually make salads or put something in the crock pot so I don’t heat up the house. My favorite snack is grapes and cheese. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall, as I am sure you are. On a different note, did you decide what color you will paint your little dining table?

  18. I know what you mean. I have one “good” eye and the other one is way off. I have gotten used to it but it would be nice to have two ‘perfect’ eyes.
    Who needs a watch when you have Charlie as a 4pm ‘alarm’ clock? LOL…Anything earlier is BC (before Charlie) and anything later is AC–lol
    Have a great day- xo Diana

  19. You can grumble all you want about your eyes I am sure it is a pain in the butt. For that matter you can grumble about whatever you want, that is what is nice about this space, it is yours to do as you like and allows us to comment and complain as well.

    Thank you by the way for letting me know about the problem with my blog, as it is a blogger issue I cannot fix it so I will have to wait for them to do it.

    My pups eat a raw diet but they love hard boiled eggs. I do too and I can see why Charlie pushes you to make his.

    Stay cool, although I love the sun and the cool weather I am looking forward to a little cool weather as I am tired of the air conditioner running all day long.

    Have a great day! Good luck with your tests.

  20. That’s so funny that Charlie begs for a hard boiled egg – what a little goofball! Does he like scrambled eggs also? I’m still cooking meals despite the heat, although I rarely turn on the oven if it’s hot out. Last weekend it was lovely and cool, so I was able to bake, and the weekend before as well. I missed being able to roast a whole chicken! Today will be chicken fajitas…nothing too crazy, all done stovetop in a big frying pan.

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