Sites For Cheap Or Free Ebooks

I’m having a ball with my new backlit Kindle Paperwhite. I can lie in bed at night and read to my heart’s content without turning on a lamp.

First of all, it’s fun to find sites where you can sign up to be emailed ebooks every single day that are cheap. Or free!

I prefer the free ones. 

I’m reading about 3-4 books per week now for some reason I haven’t figured out yet. Versus one every week or so. 

(Hey look, no glare!)

Here are 5 of my favorite sites to sign up for ebooks so far: 


2. Kindle Buffet

3. Book Gorilla

4. Free Kindle Books & Tips

5. Pixel Of Ink

6. Freebooksy (I just found this one and I think it might be my favorite.)

Simply click on the link, leave your email, and every day you will be sent free or vastly reduced deals on books.

So far I haven’t found a site where I could sign up for new best sellers or anything. But for heavens sake, the zillions of books out there will keep me pretty busy!

And another great thing is that once I’ve read it, I can just delete it if I want to. No pushing the books around in the book shelves trying to squeeze just one more book into the row.

I will always love decorating and gardening books. And I want the real deal. But fiction? Once I’m done with it, I probably won’t want to keep it around. Now I don’t have to. 

So tell me, are you an ebook reader?



  1. I enjoy my Kindle but still read paper books. The Kindle is so great when traveling or carrying on errands. Thank you for the sites, I was only aware of Bookbub.

  2. Brenda,
    OMG!! I am so glad that I saw that you posted this!! I just got a Kindle Paper White too. I have yet to get it out of the box but I cannot wait!! If I have any questions, I now know who to ask…. that is if you do not mind. I am also turning the "Guest Room" into my new "sitting Romm" as we realized that in 38 years of marriage, we have never had a guest stay over so I bought a nice new recliner and that is goling to be my room to read in!! I got my Kindle for Free! I cashed in points accumulated in a Rewards Program for using my Debit card!! Can't beat that!!


  3. Thanks for mentioning Kindle Buffet, which is my baby. Someone briefly mentioned the public library as a possible source of bestsellers. Absolutely true, a lot of libraries nowadays let you borrow bestsellers in Kindle Format. There's an app called Overdrive ( which is compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets, phones, etc. You plug in your library card number into Overdrive and start borrowing Kindle books. For popular books, you might have to wait in a virtual line for an available copy (the libraries have to license each Kindle copy separately), and they're available first-come, first serve — but you can place a "hold" on a book, just like physical library books. Digital audiobooks also are available for borrowing also.

  4. I love my kindle too, and I didn't know about all these sites, so thank you! I too find that I am reading more books each week. Have a happy day. Carolyn in Fl.

  5. Thanks for the info… I have an ipad and then bought the kindle for the outdoor glare. I'm off from school for the summer after next week so I will be ready for some good mindless reading. Thanks for the info!

  6. Great sources, although I'm still a hardback/softback book reader, for the most part. I don't have a Kindle, but have a Kindle app on my phone. I may one day catch up with the rest of the world. I was thrilled when one of my books (Home Improvement) was made available as an eBook not long ago.

  7. I'm glad you are loving your new Kindle, Brenda! I have so many books loaded into my iPad, it's so nice to not have to find room for them on shelves, for sure. Like you, I need decorating and gardening books in my hand – it's not the same looking at them on my iPad at all. Thanks for all the freebie book sites – I'll be checking them out!

  8. Brenda, I am so happy you are enjoying your Kindle. I am finding that I read more using it also. It's lightweight and easy to carry and I always have some books downloaded on it. Thanks for the links, a few I haven't used before but will try. I also use the library and download books there and like someone else said there is a waiting list for the newer best sellers but it's free and that works for me.

  9. The life I always dreamed of living is now a reality… To just read all day (and night). Thanks for the links. There are three here I didn't know about!

  10. I get my new best sellers from the library
    You can borrow and have books downloaded to your kindle without leaving your house. Sometimes there's a waiting list, but, hey it's free. Reading The Widow right now and it's GOOD.

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