I’ve gotten much of my bedroom decorated. So I’ll show you what it looks like so far.

When I woke up this morning I thought of something else I might want to do there.

My little fireplace is across from the bed with my small TV on it. I’ll show that wall and the patio door wall later.

I wanted this to be a calm and serene space, conducive to rest and sleep. The paintings I chose for this room reflect that.

A house plant in my galvanized beverage container in my bedroom

The Chosen Theme In My Bedroom:

The paintings are nature-themed. Most of them have a pathway or road in them.

I chose that theme because we’re always moving forward. We’re always taking new paths.

Maybe we’re afraid; maybe we’re reluctant. But time pushes us forward. And unless you follow that path, you’ll never know what’s at the end of it.

Sort of like my moving here. It was a big leap because of my ankle injury flare-up. I feared I could not pull it off.

And I probably couldn’t have without movers, daughters, and wonderful friend Teri, who continues to help me sort things out. Simply because she is kind and generous and good.

In my bedroom so far, here is the side of my bed where I read my Kindle or iPad.

Rooms With Meaning:

When decorating a space in our home, we might just want to hang pretty paintings on the wall. We might not give it all that much thought.

But with this home, I’m putting more thought into what I want the rooms to mean and how they define me.

Once, a long time ago, I wrote a post called “I Am More Than Pretty Pictures.” Most of you won’t recall that.

It was when I was trying to “find” myself in blogging. Where I wanted to be. What genre I wanted to slide myself into.

And I found I didn’t quite fit anywhere really. So I stopped trying to fit my square self into a round box and wrote what I felt about everyday life.

A rare photo of Gracie on my bed

Eight Years Ago:

That was back in 2014. Many things have changed in my life and in blogging since then.

But my core value has been to write with intention. To help when I can; ask you questions when I don’t have the answers myself.

I had come out of a dreadful relationship three years prior to that post, and the grip that had on me still had me spinning and trying to find my way.

My confidence was low when I left Texas, and I was seeking a place to huddle down and rest. I wanted to find out who I was and look toward who I wanted to be.

Because really, it’s never too late to do that.

Never think it’s too late to take one path and leave another. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how many mistakes you’ve made thus far.

There’s always room for improvement. To move forth with a new frame of mind.

In my bedroom so far, Gracie is on my bed staring straight into the camera for once.

Gracie Mae:

And back to my bedroom, here’s a rare photo of Gracie looking into the camera and not trying to run away. This is what she looks like at around 8 months of age.

She is precious. And here in this new home, she and Ivy have stopped fighting. Or rather, Ivy has stopped fighting her.

There might have been a hiss or two in the beginning here. But they are settling in and getting along now.

Little Gracie Mae in a close up photo at around 8 months of age.

Meeting The Neighbors:

I seem to be meeting new people every day. I met the man whose patio is across the sidewalk from mine yesterday.

He had come over to the yard during my first week here when Teri was outside and I was resting my ankle, so we hadn’t officially met.

He’s very nice. He has a dog named Boomer. And when Boomer goes out his gate, he first runs across the sidewalk to Ron and Pat’s house.

Ron keeps dog treats for Boomer, and when Boomer jumps up on the patio door to announce his arrival, Ron comes outside and sits in his rocking chair and gives Boomer a treat.

Ron & Pat:

When they moved here they too had a small dog, they told me, and it is now deceased. So they’ve kind of adopted Boomer.

Ron and Pat are in their late eighties. But they love to garden and are full of fun. Ron designs wooden ships. The theme of his patio is nautical.

People have been so friendly in welcoming me here to their little community, and I am so grateful for their kindness as I’ve begun to travel my new path.


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  1. You’ve succeeded in making your bedroom a peaceful retreat. I especially love the picture over the flea market sign. I could see how gazing at it would bring a sense of calm. Gracie looks so sweet and right at home. It’s good that the kitties are settled in. The message you relayed is such a positive one, and I hope that you’ve encouraged at least just one of your readers to “move forward.” My guess is that this move you’ve made is going to be more than just a nicer, larger living space. It sounds like there are friendships to be made, or, at the very least, pleasant acquaintances to chat with. This new path you’re on is likely to take you to some unexpected, wonderful places!

  2. Brenda, I love your new bedroom! It looks beautiful! So many treasures and the art is so symbolic and a wonderful reminder as you wake each day to move forward and take the path that brings you happiness.
    Your new neighbors sound delightful! I am so excited for you to be around kind people.

  3. Brenda,
    Your bedroom is definitely calming and cozy! I love the nature art work. My bedroom theme includes several pictures of the ocean. I could spend hours sitting near the ocean or any body of water, it has a calming effect on me.
    Gracie is a cutie! I am so happy for you in your new home and wish you many wonderful years there.

  4. Very lovely post Brenda!
    I really enjoyed the updates, and your reasoning for many things.
    Really interesting.
    How did it come about after moving from Texas, your daughters followed?
    I sure am glad you are all together, living in the same state. You have each other even though everyone has their own place. A perfect situation.
    You seem to be more relaxed and very comfortable. So nice to see.
    It can easily reflect on Ivy & Gracie. They are so beautiful.
    Photo of little Gracie Mae is super cute!!! ❤
    One day, let us know how your meals are coming along. If there has been an opportunity to use your stove yet.
    Looking forward seeing more apartment updates.
    Take your time Brenda.
    No rush.
    Everything 😊 sure looks cozy!!

  5. Brenda, I am so happy that you were able to move into this awesome place. I know your journey at your old place and the problems you had there. Your new place is so beautiful, the yard and patio is going to be your happy place and so glad you are enjoying great neighbors. I know you will be safe and comfortable there. Again, so happy for you and enjoy this next stage of life.

  6. Your bedroom looks like a beautiful retreat in my eyes. I’ve always loved green in a bedroom because I find it calming, and your chest with those outdoor pictures reminds me that I want to quiet down part of my own bedroom. I am loving every aspect of your new apartment and your design. It’s also so nice to learn about your new neighbors. They can be a real treasure.

  7. Everything is coming together so nicely. I love those serene paintings in your bedroom. Would you mind sharing where you got them? I’m redoing my bedroom, or giving it a “refresh” and I want a serene painting over my bed. I now have a quilt hanging there but for some reason, now it seems too busy for me and I want something more indicative of my future path. I lost my husband five months ago, and I know I am on a new path/adventure and don’t know yet what it is! Marilyn

  8. Love everything you’ve done so far . Your bedroom is calming and peaceful. I especially love the wall decor. And a wonderful pictures of Gracie . Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Your bedroom is lovely and indeed peaceful looking. The colors in your quilt go beautifully with your green nightstand/dresser. Gracie looks right at home and comfortable. The kitties are probably feeling happier because you are, too. It’s amazing how they pick up on our emotions.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your room!

    1. PS – it’s wonderful and refreshing to hear how nice your neighbors are. You really lucked out with this place. I wonder if you could convince your former neighbor (the one you used to help out) to move into your complex?

  10. I am so glad you have moved to a place where you have friendly neighbors. I jus5 know you are going to love it there and be safe!

  11. Encouraging word, Brenda. Thanks. Bedroom is very pretty and restful looking. Glad the cats are getting along…new territory for both no doubt helped. Hope your ankle will get fixed now too…and such nice neighbors…that is lovely.

  12. Your blog is a favorite part of my day. I work from home and it feels like I have a friend to check in on. Please know that I admire you for being YOU!!!! Thank you.

  13. Your bedroom looks great so far. Excited to see the rest! Your apartment community sounds so friendly and nice! So happy for you to have something so nice!

  14. You have achieved a serene bedroom and love the kitty perch with quilts for them to be on, I assume. Your posts are full of new excitement discovering how to arrange your new home as well as meeting friendly neighbors. Nice that people are content there or they would be coming to you with complaints or negative talk so I am glad you have met good folks.

  15. I’m so happy for u Brenda that u have a wonderful community to live in. I’m sure that they will become fast friends just like your bff Teri bc who wouldn’t want a friendly and kind person around them!

  16. Oh I love your bedroom! It looks so calm, relaxing and peaceful. It also looks spacious too. I love the pictures you choose. The bedspread ties it all together. It looks so pretty! And Gracie… she’s so pretty and looks so much at home there. You’ve made a very comfortable home for your family.

  17. Love the bedroom, so serene. The pictures and your thoughts regarding are spot on. Have you considered blowing up some of your photos and interspersing them with your other pictures. You are such a talented photographer and you have some beautiful landscape and nature photos you have shared in the two years since I discovered your blog. They would be a beautiful addition to you home. Love all you have done!

    1. If you look over to the left of my bed under the sign, those are my photos I took and framed. It is an old abandoned house and a cow in a pasture.

  18. I’m happy you finally were able to capture Gracie in a picture. I love your thoughts about pictures, and I’m glad you’re settling in so well, with good neighbors.

  19. Gracie is certainly showing off here! She’s a beauty. I love the nature inspiration all around you in this intimate space. I purchased this bedding in the twin size and love that it is cotton – perfect for my Texas weather. I love it! Now I just need a furry companion to make it complete 😉

  20. Beautiful! Everything!….the decor, the comfort of two sweet cats, and the joy of a senior neighborhood where everyone exists in peace! I’m so happy for you!

  21. You’ve certainly achieved calm and serene. Your bedroom is beautiful. Those are great photos of Gracie, I think the best ones she’s let you take. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the bedroom. Happy you’re meeting more neighbors and that it’s such a welcoming community.

  22. Your neighborhood seems like a throw back in time – where neighbors were friendly and the neighborhood felt safe. In a lot of neighborhoods now people just keep to themselves. Perhaps they’re all just on their electronics! Love the green chest with the picture above. I find green very soothing. I saw some pictures in kind of cream and green at Hobby Lobby the other day. Made me think of you. Like the pics of Gracie. She’s kind of looking at you though like she’s not sure what you’re up to with that camera. Cute kitty.

  23. Your bedroom looks wonderful – peaceful and cozy. Anxious to see more.
    I love your blog so much. I appreciate that you’re real and sincere. Thank you for sharing “you” with us.

  24. What a pretty and relaxing bedroom. I love the paintings you chose to hang in there. I think the best decorative item that goes so well in there is Gracie, with her perfect coloring and her sweet little face!
    I am so glad everything has worked out well and you are happy with your new home.

  25. Brenda I must say I love your blog and following you. I am loving how you have set up your new little place. I love your quilt on your bed would you mind sharing were you got it as I am in need of one and love that one so much. My husband and I are also in a change of seasons. We are not moving as of yet but we are purging and minimizing to our liking. I love simple and cottage core if that makes sense. Thanks for sharing and by the way your kitties are so adorable.

  26. Love your bedroom and those pictures are so serene! I’m a nature person myself and put mostly nature-natural pictures in my home. But my home needs serious updating! LOL. Just beautiful. I’ve been following you since you moved to the little blue house with your dogs and had to leave your cat! Long time!!!

  27. Oh my gosh your bedroom took my breath away. That green hutch with the picture above it is just perfect. I can remember when you divorced and left for Oklahoma and what a sad time it was for you. I started following you then because of your decorating style and it’s only gotten better. It sounds like a great place. Can you imagine how many people you will meet when the weather warms up!

  28. Hi Brenda,
    What a wonderful adventure you’re on! It’s so encouraging to hear “it’s never too late.” You’re the perfect example of that… new home, new neighbors, new friends. I’m so happy for you, and I think your bedroom is my favorite room so far. Very serene, very cozy, very you. Wishing you and the kitties many happy days.

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