Blanket Ladder With Quilts

My new blanket ladder with quilts is now leaning against the wall and is a bright spot of color. I’ve always loved decorating with quilts.

My physical therapist, Greg, was here yesterday for a session, and he secured the top of the ladder to the wall for me. This was in case Ivy tried to pull it down.

I put quilts everywhere in my home. On the back of the couch. Hanging on the wall. And now on my new blanket ladder.

My dining space with the ladder near my living room.

The ladder is 6 feet tall and I wasn’t getting on a step stool with a walking boot on.

So I waited until my physical therapist was supposed to be here and asked him if he’d bring his drill along.

He offered to put the new dining room chairs together, but I just couldn’t wait and went ahead and assembled them myself.

Yeah, that was a mistake! My hands are still sore.

Three of the quiIts you see I made years ago, and the red and beige one is from a consignment shop in Texas.

Where I Put The Blanket Ladder I Ordered:

As you can see, I opted to put it between the dining space and the living room.

Greg did a good job of securing the ladder to the wall with nails and D-ring picture hangers I ordered from Amazon.

Most everywhere I looked online for blanket ladders, they came unassembled.

After putting the dining room chairs together, I knew I didn’t want to assemble a blanket ladder.

My new blanket ladder with quilts layered over the rungs.

Some people put blankets on their blanket ladder and some layer it with quilts. It would also be fun to layer embroidered vintage linens on it.

Do you remember when I layered vintage linens across a curtain rod at the old apartment?

I’ve seen some blanket ladders online that are used in a bathroom for towels. You could use your blanket ladder for most anything you want to display that would fold over the rungs.

There’s a riot of color where I chose to lean it because it’s next to the yellow-gold quilt on the wall. I love sitting in my chair and looking at it.

In Blanket Ladder With Quilts, this is another view of mine layered with quilts.

Product Specifications:

My blanket ladder is 72 x 18 x 2.5 inches and I ordered it in Weathered Gray. There is a variety of sizes and colors.

I ordered my blanket ladder from an Etsy shop owned by Barnyard USA Home Decor. It is located in Oklahoma City, which is about 90 miles away from Tulsa. This is their website.

Some of the smaller ladders were only 12 inches wide. But the larger ones, like mine, are 18 inches wide.

The ladder is wellmade and is a perfect size for my quilts.

I ordered it a week ago last Friday. They shipped it out on the following Monday. And it was delivered on Tuesday. That’s fast shipping and delivery!

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  1. Oh Brenda, I love it…it adds even more to an already beautiful place!! And what a great therapist who would help you this way!! I have been so impressed with the therapists we had for my Hubby…by far the best of the medicals, esp. in WA state that we had seen!!

  2. Brenda, your quilts look beautiful on this ladder. How nice that your PT Greg is not only helping you learn to walk and build muscles but is also willing to help with little things.
    Hope pt is going well and that your foot/leg/body and hands are feeling better.
    Take care,

  3. I love this ladder and your quilts on it. You found the perfect spot for it, too. It adds such pretty color and texture to the room.

  4. I do remember the vintage linens on the curtain rod, I thought it was so creative and pretty. Now that I am reminded of it I may have to try to put one together over my kitchen sink. The quilt ladder imperfect with the wall quilt alongside. Your PT Greg is very nice to secure it.

  5. Oh wow, Brenda… thank you for doing this post! Your quilts are so beautiful! Displaying them on a ladder was such a good idea. I love all the beautiful colors and designs. It’s like eye candy! I love the idea of rotating them periodically, like someone else mentioned, for the holidays, or even the seasons. Did your grandmother teach you how to quilt, or were you self taught? What was the inspiration for the ones you made? I wish I had learned to make them when I was younger. I mostly concentrated on making different cross stitches, or making things from plastic canvas with yarn. I never took up any kind of sewing. In hind sight, I wish I’d had. I’m glad you did, because now we get to enjoy yours. Thank you for sharing them with us! And thanks to Greg for helping keep you and Ivy safe!

    1. A friend showed me what the actual stitch looked like with the needle. And I went from there. The quilts I made were all patchwork that you use odd pieces with. Mostly squares because they were so easy.

  6. Love the quilt ladder and the beautiful quilts! And so good of Greg to secure it for you and your Ivy. Your photos of your room are wonderful.

  7. No Brenda…I do not have a blog…I just wanted to make sure you read my post telling about my new baby…it took alot of consideration to get her after your loss of Gracie…but I followed through…and love her so much…๐Ÿ’œ

    1. When you say post, I think you mean blog post. So I don’t know what you’re referring to unless it’s the comments.

  8. Oh the ladder is perfect for your quilts and great placement in the room. How nice of Greg to help you out. He sounds too good to be true. Has Ivy noticed it yet?

  9. Your blanket ladder is perfect for your cozy home. The colors and textures add so much and to think of the love you used to make them. That includes the one you bought, too You had to love it to choose it. I wish I had used some of my time years ago to make quilts. You are a busy person. I know how the boot slows you. Take care. Fall is coming soon.

  10. The quilts on the ladder look absolutely beautiful. It was very nice of Greg to attach it to the wall for you! You are very fortunate to have kind and helpful people in your life!

    1. Yes. ๐Ÿ˜Š
      Very wonderful of Gregg to help you Brenda!
      I’m surprised really.
      Unsure if I would ever ask anyone. Probably not.
      Your quilts are so pretty!
      The ladder ๐Ÿชœ gives off a great decor look ,,,,, just perfect!!
      I have many old purchased quilts.
      My favorites โค๏ธ are the wedding ring & sunbonnet quilts.
      There are so many beautiful quilts to buy, & certainly yo make.
      These days, mine are seldom used any longer.
      Once in awhile during holidays
      All are folded up in our basement.
      It’s been many years since I’ve bought a quilt.
      The ladder (space saver!) in brushed white & even the Robin’s Egg Blue, are so pretty.
      Nice for a baby or child’s room!
      An enjoyable ๐Ÿ˜‰ decorating splurge!!!

  11. Oh, Brenda your quilt ladder looks gorgeous! I love all the color – brings a huge smile to my face, as well.
    It was very kind and generous of Greg to attach it to the wall for you but especially for Ivy. LOL
    Have a wonderful day, Brenda.

  12. Iโ€™m so glad that Greg secured your ladder down so Ivy wouldnโ€™t make it go tumbling down.
    Now u can display your pretty quilts on it that u made yourself Brenda!
    When life isnโ€™t so busy I want to start to make quilts again! Thereโ€™s sooo many beautiful designs to sew!

  13. Love…love…this look…and your quilts look ๐Ÿ˜ daughter in law has 2 ladders in their home…from an old barn and they look so good…my new kitty has been a joy..hardest part is getting our little dogs used to her…my daughter says I do not have a URL…that’s ok…I just wanted to share my news with you and others…๐Ÿ’•

  14. Love it! Looks great! Good idea to anchor it to the wall in case Ivy gets curious ๐Ÿ™€

  15. Happy Sunday Brenda!
    I am catching up on your blogs today before we head out. I think your post yesterday on soups was fabulous! It’s a keeper; lots of great recipes. I’m going to make several this week. Thank you for all the work compiling those recipes!
    I love your quilt ladder; it looks attractive and strong. Your quilt on the wall; is very pretty! It makes your room feel sunny and HAPPY. Did you make it? Do you know what the pattern is? I also love the one on the back of your couch!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Where are you headed? I did not make the quilts on the wall. I ordered them online. I made the one on the couch. Have no idea what pattern it is. I typically just cut pieces of cardboard out to make a pattern and laid it over the fabric and cut it.

  16. Oh, Brenda! The quilt ladder is beautiful. You home is filled with so many items that give me such a comfy cozy vibe. I remember the vintage linens looking s cute in the kitchen window. It is so fun to putter around the house. I am chomping at the bit but will wait a few weeks for the pumpkins but I have been adding sunflowers around the house. I love Fall.

  17. Your ladder is beautiful!! So are your quilts. I have 2 of these in my quilt studio in our basement. Love them. I pit fall quilts, then Christmas quilts, etc rotate them often. Enjoy!!!

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