Winter Storm, More Robins & What I’m Reading & Listening To

More robins have been in the front bushes this morning. We’re getting a big winter storm on top of what’s already out there. Everything is already icy.

I hear the robins chirping. And Ivy is up on the cupboard at the front window thwapping her tail to show her excitement.

There are snow flurries dancing in the air. I attempted to do a Shipt order yesterday but everyone is booked up because of the weather.

It won’t be above freezing for about 10 days. And in the teens otherwise.

Kendra just called and said she was at Walmart and what did I need. Then she’s going by the vet’s office and picking up Charlie meds and prescription food that I paid for over the phone.

I didn’t ask her to do all this. She’s just thoughtful that way.

I hope her car, a Tahoe, manages to get her around safely on this ice.

I can’t get Charlie’s Vetmedin again. It’s on Autoship with Chewys, but they can’t get it. My vet can’t get it.

This happens every year about this time. I should have ordered double or triple, but it’s expensive.

One of you so kindly sent me your Vetmedin that you didn’t need anymore and that’s what he’s taking now. I’ll have to start rationing the pills and giving him less.


I’m reading “Saving Megan” by D.J. Palmer.

Megan is 15 and in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. No one seems to be able to diagnose what’s wrong with her.

Long ago her parents lost a baby boy to SIDS.

Becky, Megan’s mother, grew up in a home where her mother used her to con the system into giving her disability benefits. Becky knew what to tell doctors and social workers when her mother needed her to.

So is that kind of upbringing influencing Becky’s actions now?

They are called to bring Megan in for tests at the hospital and Megan is rushed away by the doctor. After three hours they’re told that Megan is now a ward of the state and they’re keeping her on the psychiatric wing to figure out if Megan is having psychosomatic symptoms.

Or is it Becky they’re actually protecting Megan from?

Listening To:

I am listening to Jim Brickman’s rendition of the Carpenters’ songs. Do you remember them?

His version, embellished in his own unique way, is heavenly. I can listen to it over and over again. And I often do.

“Pure Carpenters” is relaxing and so very beautiful.

The hit-making songwriter is the best-selling solo pianist of our time earning 21 Number One albums and 32 Top 20 Radio Singles in the industry bible, “Billboard Magazine.”

He’s garnered two Grammy nominations, gospel music’s Dove Award, two SESAC Songwriter of the Year Awards, and the Canadian Country Music Award.

He also has a music scholarship named for him by his alma mater, the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music.

info from Jim’s Website

You can go here to listen to some of his beautiful piano music. I can’t get enough of his soothing CD’s.


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  1. Glad your daughter could come to your rescue and pick up your needs… :0) Yall stay safe..the Winter roads as we all have seen by the horror in TX yesterday are nothing to minimize. :0(. I was driving on the Interstate in rain yesterday and was off as soon as I could and got on the slower roads. The Robin photos are beautiful..especially with the tub. :0) .. You defintiely have an eye & gift with that photography know how. 🙂

  2. My vet was having trouble with getting vetmedin also.
    I now get it through a company that compounds the medicine and mails it to me. It is done through my vet, who sends the script to the company. Maybe your vet can do that too?

  3. Love the Carpenters and Jim Brinkman. Just went to Apple and downloaded it. Looking forward to listening. Will check out all of his albums.

  4. Lovely music!! I LOVED Karen’s voice and we grieved the loss of that awesome voice to our world. So glad we have recordings yet…but some of her music is bittersweet to us too…we listened a lot while Hubby was in the Navy (thanks to Viet Nam Conflict)…and Close to You was our main song I guess. But in spite of the Navy and so many other hard places life threw at us…here we still are, though aging rapidly, these 48+ yrs later anyway. Jim Brickman plays as I enjoy playing…kind of improvising as I go along…really need to get out my keyboard again (no piano or organ anymore…too hard moving them)…was going over to play on daughter’s piano…but we have to stay close to home now mostly. And today?? Even though we don’t get snow every year, it is pouring down today and supposed to be at least 2 more days of that…oh well…isn’t it nice to be older and able to stay home? Glad Kendra is helping you, Brenda…our daughter here does too…but with 2 small children I try not to bother her. But if we needed anything, like today if we had not gone to grocery yesterday (was SO FULL of folks, it took me almost 2 hours to get what I needed…even then I gave up before getting every thing…but we are ok).

  5. Glad Kendra is helping you so you don’t have to go out. The picture of the Robins on the fence and the Robin on the washtub is beautiful! JoyceD

  6. I have had good luck finding Vetmedin from WalMartPet RX (877-753-4126). I usually order 3 or 4 of the 50 dose at a time. Back in Nov when it was on back-order everywhere I tried I was able to order 2 of the 50 count (they had a limit of 2 per customer) from California Pet Pharmacy (877-554-4797). Their price was a little bit more than Wal-Mart’s and they do charge for shipping but that’s ok, I would have ordered more from them if it had been allowed. I feel for you as I tend to panic when my on hand supply is lower than 2 but thank goodness I have never totally run out.

    Good luck finding some.

  7. I am starting to panic too with pet supplies because Clementine’s dry food is on backorder everywhere. Last month at our vet’s office, they were even out of the specific sized needles they needed for Clem’s IV infusions. They had to use a different sized needle and it took hours for her infusion instead of 10 min. This pandemic has put the world in a tizzy in all sorts of ways. Glad you’re enjoying Jim Brickman. I’ve always liked his music.

  8. I see the midwest is having crazy weather. Glad Kendra is helping you out so you don’t have to go anywhere for a few days. Just stay warm with your fur babies. Love the birds. Our yard is full today. Megan scattered fresh seed for them yesterday so they are happy birdies. And the squirrels come in too.

  9. Brenda I just checked and you can get Vetmedin from Allivet. That is where I’ve been ordering mine for several years.

  10. We’ve Only Just Begun was our wedding song, always loved that.
    That book almost sounds like that Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother that was a couple of years back…

  11. Thanks for the info on Jim Brickman’s “Pure Carpenters”. Found it on Spotify and the music is lovely. I enjoy his music and I’m also a Carpenters fan.

  12. I’m so glad that Kendra is picking up some things on your list. Very thoughtful, indeed.
    You stay put in your cozy and warm home with your fur babies!

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