Yesterday morning I was getting in my car to go to my appointment with the chiropractor. As I backed out of my carport, I forgot about the back pole and scraped that side of my car and dented it. So that wasn’t a positive way to start the day.

My 2006 Pathfinder drives great and has 56,000 miles on it, but does not look so good anymore.


Then I got home and had to start the many phone calls regarding Medicare. Which for me begins today. Prescriptions, auto-pay (funny, the auto-correct wrote “autopsy”), etc.

It took all afternoon. After which my brain was like scrambled eggs. A car somewhere was honking on and on and on. (We’re mostly old folks here; this kind of thing is normal).

During the many conversations about Medicare Ivy puked in the beige chair. Then again on the new carpet.

Ivy very rarely throws up. Maybe she sensed my aggravation with all the phone calls.

Supply Chain Problem:

I didn’t get a new toilet because no one seems to be able to get them in. You know, that old supply chain problem everyone is running into these days.

Kendra went to Lowes and called to ask me to measure how many inches this was and how many inches that was.

And it boggled my brain because I don’t know what all those things at the bottom of a toilet are technically called. So she had to come to measure it herself.

It doesn’t matter at this point anyway. I told her to take that off her very long list of things to do because she’s had one nightmare of a weekend and I didn’t want to add to it.

So for now I have the plastic thing you put on the toilet. A rather small inconvenience. Maybe tall toilets will at some point be stocked in stores again.

Kendra May Lose Her Best Worker:

After two nightmarish days Kendra had this past weekend, added to the other things was that her best worker, who’s been with her through all her flips, had a motorcycle accident. And he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

He’s lucky to be alive and may never work again. He’s 70 and has no medical insurance. (Perhaps he doesn’t have Medicare for some reason?)

Then yesterday morning she emailed me and said someone had broken into her house Sunday night and stolen a bunch of things. I’m assuming it’s the house she’s working on.

So that was her weekend. Four biggies that would have set my hair on fire. Oh, right, I shave my hair.

This morning when Kendra emailed me she said that the bank screwed up her construction loan and gave her an incorrect balance. So now she doesn’t have enough money to finish remodeling her house.

The house isn’t at all livable yet.

She’s $20,000 short and looking into selling one of her rental properties. Never a dull day with that girl.

My life is pretty boring but hers never is for some reason.

Things On My Former Patio:

Kendra went to my old apartment over the weekend to see if I left anything on the patio that she might want. I took the lock off the gate before I left.

Marley, her 13-year-old daughter, fell in love with the big piece of driftwood I left behind.

So Kendra had to lug that piece of driftwood to her SUV parked in the alley, along with all the rocks Marley just had to have that I left behind. (Seems she’s very much like her grandmother and loves rocks and driftwood).

I got virtually nothing accomplished yesterday aside from putting a stack of dish towels in a drawer.

Teri accidentally broke one of my red and white transferware pieces last week. It was a sugar dish.

She was very upset but I told her I break things constantly and not to worry about it. I mean, it really was no problem.

New Red & White Transferware Piece:

However, she ordered the piece you see in the photos. I actually like it better than the sugar dish. Is it also a sugar dish?

Then this morning I’ve been on the phone once again trying to get Medicare set up. Oh my. I had no idea how complicated everything is.

The woman at Humana, which is my drug card company, told me that my Medicare does not start until later in the month, on my birthday.

I told her that’s not what I was told by a number of people. She said: “Well, they change things all the time.”

I asked her to please look again. Oops. I was right.

Changing Pharmacies Due To Medicare:

Then I’m changing pharmacies. Two of my medications, the ones for post-menopausal women, are either not covered or are very expensive. No matter what pharmacy you use.

I have to go to Genscripts to get one of them. But they don’t carry the other one.

So I will have to pay $271 for 30 days for the other one until I reach the deductible, which is less than $500. Then I will pay less than $50 for a 30 day supply after that.

My other medications are being sent via mail.

Storm Apparently Coming:

Kendra just emailed that a storm is coming and to get my prescriptions and food straightened out for the next few days. So I hope my physician gets two prescriptions called into the new pharmacy so I can pick them up.

It seems there is always something I have to deal with that puts off straightening up this place and getting things arranged and in order.

Hopefully starting today I can get more done in my apartment to show you. Fingers crossed.


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  1. When my daughter-in-law had back surgery she too needed a higher toilet seat, I think she either got a seat on a stand that she placed over the stationary toilet and or got a padded toilet seat that raised the seat maybe 5or 6 inches. You might want to look into a semipermanent solution even if it’s only temporary. ❤️😵‍💫🥶

  2. The world keeps getting crazier doesn’t it? That is so scary about Kendra and the two men she had contact with. The online guy obviously wasn’t too stable either. Yes, when it rains, it pours as far as bad luck goes. Just remember, everything will straighten out eventually. Last week I came home from a day trip to Raleigh for clothes shopping and pulled into the garage. At the last minute I realized the hubster had put the generator in there, in the way of my car. I turned the wheel quickly and before I got the car stopped, I managed to bust the passenger side mirror on the shelving. I have procrastinated in applying for medicare. Birthday is in April but I was told to apply as early as possible. I can’t make head nor tail of it. Husband had help from his retirement office when he went on medicare and then on social security. He says he still doesn’t understand it all and can’t explain it to me. Just another thing on the “to do list”. Hugs to Ivy and Gracie.
    The coffee bar looks great and the painting above goes so well with all the colors. Loving that green.

  3. Ouch! That hurts about your car. Reminds me of the time when we first moved into our house and I forgot to open the garage door before backing out. Crunch! Never did that again, lol. Poor Kendra. I hope she gets everything sorted out . I found the Medicare process to be confusing to set up, too, but after it was done it’s been very easy! Once piece of advice that I got is to really review your drug plan coverage each year, as that is one thing that seems to change often, and it may make sense to switch to another plan.

  4. My breath stopped when I read about Kendra and the serial rapist. Then to have the other man commit suicide. I am so sorry. All the “what ifs”. Between that and the other troubles, I’m just glad she’s safe. I wish the best for her injured helper. How scary it all is. And thank goodness again that she wasn’t around during the break in.
    I’m really glad you weren’t hurt in the car accident. Scrapes can be fixed or cars replaced.
    The red transferware looks like a sugar bowl to me. It is lovely. I wonder if there is a creamer to go with it.
    I wish for calm days ahead for everyone, including Ivy.

  5. So sorry you two hard-working Ladies had such a bad day. Goodness…I know yall felt like a bad Gremlin was traveling to the houses between you both. Hope kitty is better soon. I know some days are like that but as if yall have not had enough moving stress already. Hoping tomorrow is a better day for all.

  6. I got on Medicare March 1, 2019, the beginning of the pandemic. I did not go for my mammogram until July. I gave my Medicare card and supplemental card. They never said a word. Then, I had an eye appointment, I gave my two cards. Then, it hit the fan when I went for my physical in September. I was listed in the computer as DENIED MEDICARE. I have been paying for Medicare and my supplemental since March 1, 2019! I was even DENIED, my flu shot! I called Medicare 5 times in September, they said I was covered under my husband’s insurance. My husband is younger, but was not paying. So, I had to call my CONGRESSMAN’S office for them to look into it. In 2 weeks, I got the nicest letter from him saying I had had Medicare since March 1, 2019. They were mistaken and it would take the government 30 days to make the changes. Oh, ONE of my problems is ANXIETY! Lol. Anyway, I got a refund from the mammogram I had paid for, I thought it was a co-pay! I have never been on Medicare before and did not know the ins and outs of it. Now that I am finally on it, I really try to look out for myself because I am not as IMPORTANT it seems as when I had my ANTHEM crown on, lol. All of these things will be settled soon I hope. Best wishes for you always.

  7. Sounds like you and Kendra both have been dealing with a lot of stress lately! And Ivy is probably upset from moving, plus picking up on your stress.

    I’ve been stressed out lately too, between taking care of Monkey (he’s still hanging in there) and trying to find a neurologist. I’ve been on the computer and phone way too much lately, so I hear you on how your afternoon went.

  8. My goodness. Both you and Kendra must be worn out. So sorry for all the bad luck. Hope things get better for you both soon. Prayers said for her flipping helper. Poor guy.

  9. Thank goodness Kendra is okay and safe with all that could have happened to her. She needs her hugs and love from her mom and I know you will be there for her even if your day only consists of putting dish towels away. There’s always tomorrow but Kendra’s schedule is a whole lot busier and hectic than us old folks. Just eat healthy so you keep your strength up and be well to transform your wonderful cozy place into your gem of a new home. It’s a really nice place and I have enjoyed the pictures as you decide what to do here and there.

  10. So sorry for all the sadness in this crazy time. Prayers for all. Our homes are our sanctuary. Sometimes it feels that is all that we can control. So sad. Just venting here but sometimes I get so aggravated when I see commercials or ads for people getting cars or jewelry as surprise presents. I know companies have a right to sell their wares but with so many people in need it seems excessive.

  11. How is Ivy 😺 doing now?
    She is probably stressed out from the move. Often hard on pets. Ivy isn’t used to her surroundings yet. All the upheaval can contribute to a tummy ache for her.
    Red & white sugar bowl is beautiful.
    I loved collecting creamers. Stopped myself. Too much to care for.
    To this new month of February, I sure hope things go well, much better for you Brenda. 😊
    Illinois is preparing for snow.
    Weather ppl keep changing it. 🙄 In any case, we are prepared! Everything we need for the next 2 weeks is fully stocked up!
    Hope to read another post from you soon.
    So glad the moving is over and done!!

  12. So much stress, angst and plain old yuck happening right now. Hopefully, it’ll pass soon so you and Kendra can enjoy your days.
    You’re all moved into your new home now just take your time sorting and putting things where you want. Ivy may have sensed your stress and turmoil.
    Sending lots of hugs to you, Kendra and Kasi.

  13. Wow Brenda you are really being tested along with Kendra. The saying when it rains it pours is so true for you two. I feel so bad for your daughter. She works so hard and not has all these problems going on. The stress of moving for you and now your car accident, no toilet to be found and Ivy being sick too. Some days you just want to go to bed and kiss that day good bye. Hoping tomorrow will be better for both of you.

  14. I don’t know how you do it all, Brenda. I think I’d be in a corner, rambling incoherently. I am so sorry to hear about the car. That alone would be enough to make anybody cry.
    Being on the phone, with medicare, or any kind of insurance, is also enough to drive a person crazy. Good grief, when it rains it pours, which you probably are thinking right now.
    I know you have also heard the saying “This too will pass” but bet you don’t want to hear anymore today.
    I’m wishing for you, and Kendra, only good things coming now in the NEAR future,like tomorrow. Things will get better, all will settle down, and then..the fun part will begin, with decorating your home. Hang In, we are all rooting for you. BIG hugs today, from WI. (Oh, I forgot to mention, I love your new transfer sugar bowl. Love IT!)

  15. Have you looked into Good RX to see if using a “coupon” (price reduction offered by pharmacies that are part of the Good RX network) from it would help cut the cost of the post-menopause prescriptions you take? You can check it out online to see what’s covered by their discounts and what pharmacies and mail pharmacies are included in their provider list. Discounts can vary depending on the pharmacy/provider but you can check online or on the “app” to see which one(s) give(s) the best discount. Good RX ads claim that sometimes you may pay less out of pocket using Good RX rather than having the prescription run through your Medicare coverage.

      1. Ask the pharmacy technician to see if there are any other discounts or discount card you can het to help pay for the med. Occasionally a discount card like “Good RX” will be cheaper than your pharmaceutical plan. The trick is you have to ask the tech for checking fir you. It isn’t automatic.

    1. Great suggestion. There have been some new tv adverts for another one whose name I can’t remember. Google “prescription discount apps” for more info.

  16. Getting set up with Medicare and gap coverage is just one of those tedious, aggravating passages of life where you just put your head down and plod on through. But once it’s done, life gets so much better. And don’t fret getting things set up to post. Pretty much everyone knows how complicated moving is. Relax and take your time. We aren’t going anywhere. Making sure you’re tucked in before the storm comes would be higher on my list. Oh, and my sympathy to your daughter. What a state she must be in!

    1. Well, what I didn’t want to put in the actual post, but I will put here in the comments, is what happened to her. She found out that a guy she knows pretty well, an investor she’s showed houses to, has been arrested as a serial rapist. He was raping female realtors. But he didn’t rape her. Then Saturday night she was texting with a guy she met online. They somehow hooked up due to their love of dogs. He wanted to meet up with her, but she told him she’s just too busy right now, but maybe later after she gets her house finished. He texted back a snarky comment (text). The next morning she got on FB and found that he had committed suicide. She was at my house Sunday afternoon and told me and broke down. She’s very strong. But those two things hit her pretty hard.

      1. I’m so very sorry to hear all the sad, and stressful things Kendra is dealing with. What a truly hard week for her, and for you as her Mother.
        I hope things fall into place for you as well. The apartment, and photos can wait.
        Perhaps kitty throwing up was stress related. Or hair from stress grooming. 🤔However, all it creates is more stress for Mama 😖
        Sending best wishes for Kendra.

      2. Thank God she didn’t get raped bc u never know what scumbag lurks around! I almost became a realtor but I was afraid of seeing rodents or snakes in a house that was left empty or getting raped again!
        As for the guy that committed suicide she didn’t even know he was in a suicidal state of mind!
        Just keep on hugging her and let her know how much she’s loved and letting her know that she’s doing a great job raising her kids alone! She’ll get thru this with your help!
        I got my daughter away from two abuse of relationship’s and the last one was the worst! She wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t keep on fighting for her and encouraging her to leave! She’s still thankful every day and her boyfriend of two yrs knows he better not lay a hand on her bc he’ll have me to deal with!
        Stay safe Brenda and u and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

        1. Wow.
          That sure is a lot of misery J.
          Glad to know your daughter survived. That everyone did.
          Life can be so difficult when continuing to make harmful choices.

      3. I feel so sorry for Kendra! What a heavy load to carry on her mind! I’m sure the guy had mental problems, but of course Kendra would be thinking that what if she had said yes to meeting him!
        I’m also sorry to hear about your car. I always dread when I have to deal with insurance companies or the government! You mentioned about the man that had the accident. As far as him not having medical insurance, when you turn 65 and are working and have insurance through your employer you can pass on the Medicare. That could have been what he did and in the meantime stopped working and never got in touch with Medicare to enroll!

      4. Omg, Brenda, that is terrible! Poor Kendra! I’m so thankful she is ok. I know she’s upset, but thank God she is alive and safe! I hope her worker friend will be ok too. I’ll be sure to say some prayers for her and her situation.

  17. Hi Brenda,
    So glad you and kitties got moved. My sister and niece are preparing the incoming storm. Sounds like it will be interesting!
    I am happy you will be tucked into your new place and won’t have to worry about the issues at the other apt. I downsized two (2) years ago and even though everything was put away, I keep finding a better place for some items and still getting rid of things I’ve decided don’t fit, don’t mean anything, or I just don’t want.
    Take care and enjoy your new home.

  18. My husband is on Medicare. Whenever he talks to one of their representatives he asks for their name and employee number. So many times one rep will tell him that a procedure is covered and then another one will contradict the first one. He constantly has to tell them to double check and more often than not the procedure is covered.

  19. Yeah for Marley. I’m so glad she got the driftwood. That was a great piece. And things will calm down. Just takes time. It seems the older we get the more complicated things are. At least in my brain. I had to scan about 30 pgs of various pages with regard to my car accident —25 of which were from the trauma hospital—to the atty yesterday. Thankfully my daughter did it for me! I’m so sorry about the car.

    1. Oh well, maybe someday I’ll have enough money to fix it up again. It’s not as though it was the first scrape or dent on it! But probably the worst.

  20. Brenda, If it isn’t one thing it’s another. I’m so sorry you are running into so many snags. I have a tiny, but dedicated, laundry room in my manufactured home. Since I moved in 1 1/2 year ago the light fixture in there has been broken. Today I am finally getting a new one installed. After a water main break last August I’ve been waiting to get water damage repaired. I think today is the day it will all be finished. PTL I do hope your day goes better and Kendra’s also. Love the red transfer-ware sugar pot Teri got you. Sweet girl. Take care. Sandra

  21. Once the Medicare and insurance provider get straightened out, it will be easy and cheaper, or it was for us. We’re renovating a guest bathroom and are waiting on fixtures to come in, seems like everybody is waiting on something!

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