I have thought about that mirror above the sink for hours and hours. I’ve spent time standing in my kitchen staring at it as if it will suddenly throw an answer my way.

I’ve given much time to research trying to come up with a way to take it from a boring mirrored wall to something special.

So far, the ideas aren’t gaining traction.

What on earth do I do about that darned mirror?

You’ve had great suggestions. I’m just not set on a certain one yet.

I’ve spent hours on Pinterest, looking through old magazines and just lying awake at night trying to summon up ideas in my head.

I’m simply not accustomed to giving up once I have a bee in my bonnet about something.

That Darned Mirror Has Me Perplexed:

That’s one stubborn mirror. It’s confounding. And aggravating.

I learned from the maintenance man that I can’t place something in front of the off-center overhead boob light because the fixture comes all the way to the edge of the wall. Darn it.

I’ve thought of simply taking the boob light down, and then seeing if I can hide that spot somehow.

I don’t need a lot of light because I have lamps scattered everywhere. And besides, I don’t care for the overhead lights in any room.

Some yellow flowers from Trader Joe's and a little red container with vintage photos of children.

The Off-Center Light Fixture:

But the way the off-center light fixture, plus the mirror behind it reflecting everything twofold, has become a sort of obsession now. Even if I got permission, I’d hate to take down the mirror.

I’ve learned the hard way that mirrors in apartments are notoriously hard to remove because of how they’re glued.

Remember at the other apartment when I put up “temporary” wallpaper?

And when I went to remove it, it brought some of the sheetrock down with it. I had to find experts on wall surfacing to finally find a product that took it off. Then I had to fix the holes it created.

Averting My Eyes From The Darned Mirror:

Every time I go in there I try to avert my eyes from that stubborn spot.

I keep telling myself not to rush the creative process. That it will eventually come to me.

Meanwhile, I continuously see a reflection of myself walking past that mirror with the boob light placed ridiculously off to the side.

In What To Do With That darned Mirror, I show a boho basket filled with rolled up quilts

I keep waiting for my “lightbulb moment” to arrive.

Decorating In The 1970s:

I try to imagine the 1970s and whoever plopped that boob light up there (at least it could have been centered). The mirror isn’t as silly a concept. Its purpose is to reflect light.

Even so, who wants to look at themselves as they stand at the kitchen sink? Especially under a very off-center boob light.

My Domaine has an online article (10 Feng Shui Rules For Mirrors) about feng shui in the kitchen. And why the kitchen shouldn’t have any mirrors.

The placement of a mirror in the kitchen is believed to host negative energy.

Well, there you go! I knew there was some other reason that bothered me besides aesthetics.

A faux green house plant underneath a wicker bird cage

Making A Home:

Every day I work at something. Organizing, weeding out clothing I no longer wear and things I no longer use.

I hang curtains and then sit down and look around me. And I like what I see. If only it wasn’t for that contemptible light and mirror that just won’t let me go.

I keep telling myself this is a small thing and shouldn’t be all that important. That this is nothing like the things I encountered living at the other apartment.

In What To Do With That darned Mirror, I also show two vintage washboards next to my couch.

Memories Of My Fenced Patio:

I do miss my lovely patio and the perennials that will be peeking their heads out of the dirt in a few weeks’ time.

Will anyone water them? I doubt anyone will care.

It kind of feels like I abandoned them. Like a mother hen has left her baby chicks behind. But I didn’t think I could save them if I tried to dig them up after they’d settled for the winter.

I know I will think about them as the months progress. But I fully intend to look forward and not backward.

Maybe by then my “light bulb moment” will have arrived. And maybe I won’t still be seeing my reflection in that darned mirror. While cursing that off-center boob light.


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  1. I am wondering if you could get some window film and put it over the mirror. That way it would like like a piece of art. You could then trim it out to make it look there is a frame around it…just a thought.

  2. I forgot to mention that if you go with LED rope or strip lights, be sure to decide if you want “warm” or “cool” lights. 🙂

  3. I watch the show called “HOME TOWN” on HGTV. Erin [I think that is her name } had a mirror that she “ANTIQUED” using water and spray paint [very easy task], It turned out real nice and they put it in the kitchen in back of a kitchen counter on the wall instead of using tile as a backsplash. So perhaps you could investigate on how to accomplish this craft. Sandee [first time to comment on your blog]

    1. I saw that episode and was thinking the same thing! I loved how it turned out. I think the water mixture in the spray bottle also included vinegar.

  4. I put glass shelves in front of a window over my sink for plants; used molding on the cabinets to hold the glass(bought heavy duty glass) Might work for you?

  5. I just know a solution will come to you……it make take some time as you live with it for awhile, but I’ve got faith that you’ll figure it out!

    1. I’ve been trying to get that light down so I can see what is what around it. But I don’t see a place to begin to take it down. Will see if Teri knows.

  6. This might work. I would find a valance in fabric you like. Make sure it has at least a 1 1/2 inch ruffle at the top. Put it on a spring loaded rod. Move it down just enough to miss the part of the light fixture that goes to the edge. It will cover the light and you won’t notice it being off centered so much. I would also make sure the fixture has LED bulbs in it so it can’t get to hot since the fabric week most likely be touching it. Other than that you have some great ideas to cover the mirror.

  7. Finally figured out why I dislike the mirror so. It gives me bathroom vibes. Like it’s an object where it shouldn’t be. I guess whoever decided to put it there decided maybe it would reflect light. But to me it just suggests that you should be brushing your teeth there. 🤷‍♀️

  8. I haven’t had time check out all the suggestions in case mine is there. I love the hanging plants idea, Will shelves fit? Try googling “faux window film”.
    faux stained glass window film -pinterest I can’t wait to see what you settle on!!!

    1. I’ve been looking at those window films. And I’m still thinking about hanging plants. But should I put a hook in the stud (is that what they’re called? Sounds kind of racy) for the plant not to fall? I know that sounds stupid. But at times I’ve put one up and there was no stud and it didn’t fall down. Guess it depends on the weight of the plant.

  9. Wow! This mirror over the sink with boob light is sure bringing in ideas for you, Brenda! You might need to take a break from thinking about the whole issue for a few days–focus on another project or totally different issue–then come back to the mirror with fresh eyes. I might just tack something like newsprint up over the mirror to keep from seeing it for a bit until you are inspired about how to deal with it. If you get totally desperate maybe you could accidentally knock something into it and break it! Then the management might be willing to remove it for you! (I know that’s a totally outrageous idea! Just kidding!) I’ll be standing by to see what you end up doing. Whatever it is, just don’t hurt yourself doing it.

  10. I’d find some of that stuff people put on windows for privacy that comes in all kinds of colors and designs. Something like a stained glass window affect. It would still be bright and pretty, but you wouldn’t be seeing yourself in the mirror all the time. That would drive me crazy.

        1. Hi Brenda, simple light fixtures are easy to replace – I’ve done it several times by myself. You could watch a few uTube videos to get ideas/instructions. Just be sure the power is off! That boob light is also easy to take apart to see what’s underneath. Just unscrew the ‘nipple’ and the glass dome will come down (it’s held in place with the ‘nipple’ screwed onto a post close to the ceiling. I suggest replacing the boob fixture with some sort of track lighting so that it doesn’t look off centre – something that has 3 small lights that can be moved along the track to get the illusion of being centred. If you are not comfortable doing the electrical by yourself, please be aware that an electrician should only take about 1/2 hour at the most to replace it for you – I wouldn’t want you getting scammed.

  11. My goodness, u got a lot of replies on this mirror dilemma!! Why not frame it in, make it look like it has mullions in it, use double sided tape to hold the wood pieces on then hang a wreath on it😜

  12. From the first time I saw that mirror I imagined bamboo window blinds pulled down over it with one or three (odd numbers) small plants in macrame holders hanging in front.

    1. Teri and I have discussed hanging plants. I mean, that would be an obvious thing to hang and the mirror probably wouldn’t bother me so much if it was reflecting plants. But then, I’d have to figure out where I could put hooks that wouldn’t fall right down, etc.

  13. I might try some peel and stick temporary wallpaper on the mirror. You can pick a pattern that you like, there are so many! Can be taken down easily if you tire of it and want to try somethign new and can not cost much as it is such a small area!

  14. For now I’d get a command strip and attach it to the mirror and then find some artwork you like–new or that you already own–and hang it, something just slightly smaller than the mirror on all sides, to where the mirror becomes a border of sorts, and also so the picture doesn’t interfere or “bump” into the light fixture, with both its depth coming down in front of the mirror but also the fact that there is not much space between the fixture and the wall. The art would end the “mirror effect” of seeing yourself every time you pass by, and then it might also make it less annoying to have the light off center. I like some of the other ideas as well, maybe putting slates up to look like a window, but there’d still be the mirror, or putting thin shelves across to display things which might obscure the mirror more, which would quell its mirror-ness. I feel you on the boob light. We’ve replaced all of ours over the years. But we have one light switch in the kitchen that is between two doorways/door frames in a wall space, and it’s not centered. It drives me crazy. I know sometimes electricians hands are tied when they’re wiring things up, but quirks like that really can be glitchy every time we look at them. I love your new space.

  15. I think the easiest and most productive way to handle it is to remember that a few short weeks ago you were agonizing about snakes falling from your ceiling, and then just be thankful to have such a lovely apartment, friends and family who apparently will move heaven and earth to get you settled comfortably, and nice neighbors. The more you “obsess” about it, the more discontent you will be.

  16. Thinking..,,,
    Treat it like a window. A valance with a vintage looking blind and then a curtain half way down the mirror just like you would with a window. Cafe like?

  17. I bet somebody wanted the mirror put up there. I would cover it with something so u don’t see your reflection til u get that light bulb moment. That way it won’t stress u out.
    I’m sure between Terri and u brainstorming that you’ll figure out something creative!

  18. Hi Brenda.
    Your new apartment looks lovely and I can tell you’re feeling settled in place.
    My suggestion is to cover the mirror in MDF or hardboard which is lightweight and could be hung using self adhesive tabs. This could be painted in shades to match your overall theme. The ‘boob’ light could be covered in a frame built from the same material, allowing light to permeate through. Relatively easy to have everything cut in a DIY store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.

    Link to some styles attached.

  19. Denise has a great idea by putting up window film in a pretty design. THEN, have a board cut that will fit across in front of the boob light. Make it a Wide board and have it cut to fit across and in front of the light so it drops way down in front of the light. Nail it or glue it in place. If you put a shelf right below the light, it should block sight of the light when you look up. Or put plants on the shelf so you don’t see it when you look up.

  20. hang a curtain on the bottom half or so and use a tension rod. Or You can use a tension rod at the top with a curtain valance to the front and that would hide the off center light. It might be off center because there is a beam up there and they had to put the light how it would fit.

    1. That’s what I was thinking! A valance to hide the light. And just leave it off. Add a shelf with art/plants or hang a curtain on a tension rod in back. Could use putty to hang a canvas with a view covering the mirror.

  21. If it could be attached/supported, I wonder if an older corner “what-not” shelf on the side farthest away from the light, plus a shelf running the across the width of the whole mirror underneath would leave a square space under the light that would give the illusion it’s centered, or at least put there on purpose. Sort of an L-shape or backwards L, depending on which side the light is placed. Or perhaps just the bottom shelf with a tall plant on the side farthest from the light, shorter plants or whatever along the rest (but large enough to block your face in the mirror!). Your blog is the best, Brenda!

    1. I’ve thought of using a red open wood frame I have. Leaving inside the frame the mirror exposed. Then putting a fabric “frame” around the wood frame. That way not the whole mirror would be exposed. Still pondering…

  22. I had a thought about that mirror the very first time I saw it….I thought about sticking molding on it to make it look more like a window with mullions. (Google Stick On Window Mullions.) For the light fixture you could replace it with a hanging light on a chain and just put a hook centered to hang the chain on – I had to do the same with my dining room fixture. Also hanging plants would help detract from the mirror. Just a few thoughts – I know you’ll come up with something awesome! Maybe the combo of the mullions, with some curtains, and a wreath?

      1. Oh. Interesting. I realize the importance though.
        Why can’t you just get someone to remove the mirror? It doesn’t belong there. Unsure what a maintenance person would charge.
        Possibly your daughter could remove the mirror!
        I think she could do it safely.

  23. Maybe…. Just thinking. An old window frame painted white and hung sideways. Weather this. Then place some of your lovely pictures in the panes. I’m not sure how this would work. Just another idea. Best to you as you figure this out.

      1. Truthfully, nothing will really look good or even natural trying to cover up the darn mirror.
        You’ll always know it’s still there. Maybe I missed a few things in conversations re this subject.
        Is it okay to just remove the mirror according to apartment rules? As long as you hire professional help, I don’t see a problem.
        Only with the exception the darn mirror breaks.
        Oy vey no. 😬

  24. I have given this some thought and come back to look at the mirror numerous times. This is probably what I would do: Put a cute curtain or just a valance on a tension rod. Then take invisible thread and hang a small wreath on the rod so the wreath would hang in front of the curtain or if you have a valance the wreath could hand just below the valance. Eventually you may not notice the mirror anymore. Especially if your face doesn’t reflect back at you.

    1. The tension rod would have to go below the light. Because the light takes up all the room at the top. No way to put a rod there without running into that darned light.

      1. Would you take the globe off the light and remove the bulb? At least it won’t be shining in the mirror and you’ll get a better idea of what you can replace it with. The gold retaining ring might just come off easily so you have more space to hang a tension rod. For now I’d just paint the mirror with some acrylic paint that will wash/scrape off easily when I’m ready to try something else. I’m big on affirmation verses so I’d personally go that route at first – until I had a lightbulb moment lol. Most of my mirrors and windows get seasonally decorated with vinyl.

  25. I haven’t read the previous comments, so pardon me if this is repeating what anyone else already said. You could apply starched fabric over the mirror like wallpaper, but it’s totally removable. See this DIY here for instructions (there are probably others too): https://www.livingletterhome.com/diy-fabric-wallpaper/
    If you choose a decorator weight fabric, perhaps in a neutral (or whatever strikes your fancy, even a tile-like print), it would make the space look more like a feature wall.
    As far as the boob light (I don’t like those things, either), you could replace it with a flush LED light, which would blend more into the ceiling. Or perhaps hang a valance (fabric or wood beads, etc.?) from a rod across the bulkhead above it, so it would cover the boob light and soften the space.

  26. Brenda, I don’t know if anyone else has suggested this, what about using window static cling privacy film? There are many different patterns on Amazon to choose from and it’s easy to install. They range from basic film that just looks like frosted glass, stained glass, flowers and even birds. Best of all it does NOT use adhesive. You cut the film to size, spray the glass with soapy water, apply the film and squeegee out the air bubbles. The privacy film comes with a backing on it, and the trick to removing it is to put a small piece of masking tape on each side and gently pull to separate the film and protective backing.

    1. I like the idea of that more than using any adhesive. I have not had good luck with adhesives in other decorating projects when it comes time to take something off.

  27. My sister and I always get stuck on decorating dilemmas, too. Love everyone’s good ideas. How about a quilted table square hung in front from etsy or a pretty cheap art poster cut to size of mirror. You can attach by poster putty.

  28. I use a large suction cup wreath holder to hold my seasonal wreaths on the glass on my front door and I have never had them to come loose and fall. Perhaps attach one of these suction cup wreath holders onto your mirror and hang a wreath.

      1. An artsy person like yourself doesn’t need to pay that for a wreath! Try Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for a base that’s either straw or grapevine and a stem of leaves or blossoms to twist about it. Add a bow. If you go with a wreath in that place, though, it would be nice to have dried basil etc woven in. Just clip off as needed for cooking!

  29. If you replaced the light fixture with a smaller one then it would extend all the way to the wall. Then you could do just whatever you wanted to to. Its the base of the light fixture that is too big.

  30. I suggest stop worrying about the off center light fixture and focus on something pretty in your new home for now. If you can move your energy away from staring at that, it might become less of an eyesore. If that’s the only thing “off” in your new home, then you are doing really well. So what, it’s just one light that you will not even have it on all the time anyway. Yes, it isn’t attractive, but I had 7 foot ceilings in my kitchen when I moved into my place with a huge fluorescent light bank. I lived with that for years and focused on other, more easily solved, areas.

  31. Brenda, I like the idea suggested about a peel and stick mural. I know that it was a mess when you used it earlier, but on a mirror I think it would come off easily. Perhaps you could find a window or trellis like background and then add flowers or birds, both of which you love. It would bring some nature into your home. Judging by the progress you have made, I have no doubt a creative solution will appear. I wonder if you could go back to your patio and bring some of your perennials to the new apartment. If it is not rented maybe the manager would allow it. Things are looking great! Sherry B

  32. For your light fixture, what I have done, is just what Mel at 10:40, in their comment suggested. Above my window at the kitchen sink was a light very similar to what you have now. I didn’t care for it either, even if it was centered. I ordered a small chandelier, not for the light it gives, but for the look as I seldom turn it on. I also bought a ceiling medallion, so if you could do that too, you might be able to center it somewhat. Just a suggestion, I’ve gotten complements on the chandelier, from those that thought the home came with it installed already. I did have an electrician put mine up. Good Luck, where there’s a will, there is a way…

  33. Hi Brenda –
    You could use a piece of fabric that you like – maybe a red toile that will look nice with your red and white dishes. Get a piece that is a little larger than the mirror and fold over the raw edges so the size fits the mirror exactly. Press to flatten. Then use liquid starch to attach the fabric to the mirror. When it comes time for a change, simply spray water over it to dampen and remove. It works great. I did this on a piece of furniture that I didn’t want to paint. You can see the process here: https://bit.ly/3ezlMWb

    1. You read my mind. I told a friend this morning that I was thinking about red and white toile. I’ve been visualizing it in my head. I love toile fabric.

  34. I hang wreaths on the window on our front door using a large suction cup, so that’s a possibility. You can pick up wreath hanger suction cups on Amazon. Your new home is beautiful!

  35. Thoughts:
    1) get smaller fixture such as bullet that can be pointed toward end of cabinet to highlight art.
    2) take bulbs out of fixture. Thus no more brightness or heat. Hang cafe curtains in front of fixture.
    3) present light just seems too large.

  36. What about covering your mirror with pictures of your family? Just tape them up there. Overlap them slightly to make a collage. You can fill in the entire mirror. I’d make sure you had other copies of any really important pictures, just to make sure if any of them got splashed. Any pictures would be cute… family, pets, your flowers, etc. Kendra might have a suggestion about your light. As for your plants you left behind, just think of how surprised and happy the new tenants will be when they see such an unexpected treat! You’ll be making someone’s day!

  37. I had somehow missed your previous post about your kitchen and the mirror…just got caught up on that and now read this post. There are some great ideas on here from your other readers; I don’t have anything new to add. I know you’ll come up with something though – you always do! The mirror and the off-centered boob light would drive me nuts, too. It’s not just you.

    From your previous post, I was really sorry to hear that your neighbor’s wife passed away. That poor man. Does he like plants? Maybe you could leave a pretty potted plant with a card by his door?

    1. He doesn’t seem in the least disposed to do anything decorative. Figured that out pretty quick. He’s a master gardener and doesn’t even plant anything around his apartment.

  38. This is elaborate … but … Lots of people have windows over their sinks, right? Make a pretend one. Get a small, antique (or fake antique) wood window, use the window as a frame for one of your beautiful landscape photos. Hang the framed photo to cover at least the length of the mirrored space. This could be done with substantial cup hooks at the very top of the space plus steel wire. If there is space left over at the sides, a tension rod across the top could hold some cafe curtains, red and white of course.
    A quicker, but similar option is a tension rod with cafe curtains (tea towels).
    Check the hardware/home improvement store. They may have a kit to let you convert the boob light into either a recessed light or a pendant light.
    I look forward to your email every day.

      1. Hello,
        First find a light fixture that will fit the area that you like. Buy white beadboard to fit. And in the near future, bite the bullet and hire an electrician and put your favorite light fixture the way that you want it. You enjoy your home like the rest of us, and life is too short not to have that one thing you would love. Whatever you decide, do it for you. (maybe daughter knows an electrician).

  39. Brenda, I think you should give command hooks another go. I have had them on the back of my bathroom door for years and they have held heavy bathrobes with no problems. Just clean the area with alcohol before placing the adhesive strip. Also the command velcro might be useful. Could you put a picture of nature on the mirror and make? a simulated paned window surround? My DIL once put quilt squares on her wall by first saturating them in liquid starch. It cleaned off easily when she moved. Necessity is the mother of invention after all. I know you will come up with something inventive and beautiful. Sandra

  40. Regarding the mirror, can you paint it with chalkboard paint (which I believe come in more colors than just black) and use it to put up quotes, lists, artwork, etc?

    1. Thought of that. But I have such terrible handwriting I can’t read it myself. The problem with my hands means I even scrawl my signature on things.

      1. You could have vinyl words made in any color, font and size. Check Etsy if you don’t have a friend with a Cricut or Silhouette machine.

  41. I haven’t read the other comments so don’t know if this was mentioned. But why not cover the mirror up with paper ( using bits if masking tape to hold it) just temporarily. Then you can see what the room would look like without the mirror and it might enable you to envision other options that you cant see because — well — you know, the mirror is sitting there staring at you Just a thought

  42. I would take a thin strip of cardboard the width of the opening, wrap fabric around the top and tape it or use velcro tabs to stick it to the back of the cardboard strip. The curtain can be any length you want and gathered or pulled straight across, and either use clear pushpins to tack it into the wall just above the opening or velcro tabs to hold the curtain in place. I would also install a glass or wood shelf or two, depends what would fit best, and arrange a couple of potted plants on it/them, that would be reflected in the mirror.

    1. I used cork to hide a mirror over my kitchen sink many years ago in an apartment. It worked great as a bulletin board. I would put postcards, seasonal decorations, and photos on it. There already was a wooden valance covering the horrible light so I didn’t have to look at that.

  43. Unfortunately the junction box for the overhead light limits you moving it. I think I’d ask if maintenance can remove the mirror and latch the wall. Then you can go from there. I wouldn’t want to have to look into a mirror either when at the sink. I know you will come up with something outstanding. Ask your daughters what they think.

  44. Love what you are doing with your new apartment. I wouldn’t like that mirror either. Fakewindow stickers or frosted/etched glass film might be an option. Check Amazon. They are priced reasonably and easy to remove.

  45. Thanks for showing a close up of the bird cage and plant…love that look…cannot wait to see what you decide about the mirror…💞

  46. B~
    Wallpaper can be used to cover the mirrored surface.
    You can choose from a variety of self-adhesive options or use double-sided tape.
    Make sure to consider the entire space when selecting a design.
    On the whole, simple techniques are the most effective.
    However..I would take it a step further: cover the mirror and the butcher-block area on both sides of the kitchen for continuity!
    Change the offending light to something more esthetically pleasing!

  47. My thoughts were to put the sticky Command hook on the mirror and then put one of your pictures on it. When you get tired of it, you can easily change it.

      1. Brenda, I had this thought to but instead of a picture, what about a beautiful and rather large wreath hung with a ribbon or some sort? You could even change the wreath out seasonally. Maybe a wreath large enough would cover enough of the mirror and yet still allow for the reflection and light the mirror possibly provides.

      2. I use a very strong suction cup hook to hang a wreath on a mirror for Christmas. The last Command Hook I used, I doubled the waiting time with each step. I put up a Command hook on my bathroom wall to hold a towel beside my shower. Still there after 2 years. Different hooks seem to have different instructions.

      3. They hold extremely well if on a smooth surface. They don’t work on any kind of textured surface, like southern styled sheetrock walls.

  48. How about putting up some wallpaper or decorative paper, or even a pretty piece of fabric? Perhaps you could use double sided tape or Velcro? Or maybe hang command hooks and place a painting on the middle, which would cover most of the mirror? Keep trying simple things until you find something you like.

  49. You could take down that light and get a pretty one to replace it. Move it over so it is centered and use a small pretty ceiling medallion to cover the old hole. I don’t think the mirror would bother you as much if you had a pretty chandelier there, and the mirror does help with reflecting the light in the kitchen. Of course keep the old light if you ever have to put it back.

    1. I’ve thought of a chandelier. I asked the maintenance man about the light not being centered. But where would they go to correct where the light is? There’s no attic or anything. Just a resident above me.

      1. Yes it’s likely the light cannot be moved. It is where it is for a structural reason most likely. The junction box is a fixed feature. Personally I don’t find the light itself to be as offensive as the mirror. I would hang some cute curtains on a tension rod between the two cabinets for now to see how you feel with the mirror covered. Btw I’m still team removing the cabinet doors 😊

  50. It might work to hang some old shutters over the mirror. They don’t have to work, just cover the mirror. They would go with the boho/county theme you have.

  51. Temporarily stuck up something…a curtain, whatever… Just to get it out of your face. I never like anything I do when I do it in a hurry to stop an emotion.

    1. I don’t know if this is possible or if anyone has suggested it yet, but would a wooden or bamboo shade fit over the mirror? I have seen some pretty ones and even some that are painted. Just a thought. I would hate that mirror too. It’s hard telling from my perspective but if that could be done could a small shelf be put at the bottom of the mirror with a plant or two, and then the shade could be adjusted to look like a window???

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps the stick on glass covering just to get rid of the shineness, and to allow time for considering a more permanent solution.
      I like your comment about decisions being made because of an emotion – I have done that and usually had regrets😣

  52. Have you considered covering the mirror with sticky back tiles? They are very lightweight so I would assume that the adhesive is not heavy duty. I’ve seen some rather nice ones — both large and small. The only thing you’d have to consider is how easy they can be removed if you’re asked to do so.

    1. Yes, I’ve considered that. I’m just worried about the look of the back splash underneath. It’s in a pattern, not solid. Concerned about the look of it butting up against each other.

  53. I hope you understand what I’ll try to explain. What about the window cling stuff some people use on their bathroom windows for privacy . Then maybe a suction hook with a wreath .

    1. I looked at a wreath at Tuesday Morning yesterday. But I’d have to mount it in the ceiling somehow. There is zero room between the mirror and the cabinets.

      1. I’m betting Kendra can make you shutters to fit. They are easy to do. What about an oblong light that you can offset to the fixture to make it centered? An art canvas could cover the mirror and use double sided tape or amazon has some great adhesive hooks.

  54. Maybe you could try one of those wallpaper scenic pictures on the mirror. You could be looking at calming pastural scenes instead of a selfie. Just a thought.

  55. Use two tension rods between the cabinets and hang a cafe curtain and valance on them. Place close to the front of the cabinets. That should cover the light and mirror and diffuse the light if turned on.

  56. Can you get some kind of peel and stick wallpaper that would look like a mural. As far as the light, I wouldn’t worry about it. Unless you know someone could change it out.

  57. Brenda, Have you thought about using decorative window film on that problem mirror?. Wayfair has a nice selection, but if there’s nothing there that appeals to you, a quick search for “window film” will bring up numerous sites with films of varying designs and opacities. I used it on a problem window in my bathroom and the humidity hasn’t bothered it. It goes up with no glue, paste, or other alien ingredients that will harm the mirror, peels off when you want it to, and can be restuck with a bit of water and a squeegee.

  58. Personally I would do one of several things. One would be a rub on transfer, you can find those on Etsy, Prima Marketing makes a lot of different patterns. You can also do a spring loaded curtain rod right under the place where the light fixture touches the mirror and hang curtains. For the boob light, I’d find another light fixture at the hardware store that is flush mounted (or look on Amazon) and have someone install it. One that matches your aesthetic. They have many varieties of “schoolhouse” fixtures that are more in style of cottage decorating. And that will have a smaller ceiling mount than the boob light, so you can easily put something in front of the mirror. And finally you could find a narrow shelving unit that could be mounted on the cabinets and place artwork on the shelves.

  59. Put shelves in front of mirror, put depression dishes (cream and sugar dishes, etc.)
    Also add milk glass to match white cabinets. Partially block view, better than full reflection

  60. Could you change out the fixture for one with a couple of lights that can be angled to the sides? Then hang a landscape or flower framed print over the mirror? Or you could simply take the light down and put a cap over it.

    1. Pondering these things myself. I just hate that light. And there are two more like it in the kitchen ceiling!!! They are in odd places too. One far to the right and the other far to the left? What were they thinking?

      1. I like the idea of removing the light and replacing with a cap. We used a cap (purchased from a big box store) to cover an opening when a non working floodlight was removed from our basement ceiling in our previous home. It blended in well with the ceiling and was a good solution for that situation.

  61. I agree that you should wait for the “lightbulb moment” so you end up with something you can live with.

    Have you considered hanging a piece of stained glass in front of the mirror, suspended from the ceiling. Google “hang stained glass in front of window.”

    1. Do the other apartments have a mirror over the sink in their kitchens? If they do not I believe I would ask for it to be removed. I just saw someone asked this before my comment was posted.

  62. I’m at a loss, too! I’d hate to have that mirror in my face every time I washed my hands or prepped a meal. I had a similar oddball thing here – an oddly unbalanced pair of posts at the foot of my spindled staircase….the carpet runner wasn’t positioned directly in the center. Bugged me for months. Finally decided to accept that “only God is perfect” and I should instead be grateful for having a nice home. Not easy to go that way, but it’s all I’ve got here right now for ya! One of your other readers will come up with something, though. I just know it!

    1. I’ll land on something eventually. Thinking about going to the antique mall and just walking around as long as I can in the walking boot to see if that generates any ideas.

  63. It will be a pleasant surprise for the new occupants when the flowers pop up on your old patio. You are right to look ahead at making your new outside space over. I am sure it will be the envy of the neighborhood! Love the basket with the guilts and all the plants especially the one in the birdcage! I was wondering if all the apartments have the mirror over the kitchen sink and what if anything was done to dress it up. Have a great day!

      1. I understand how the “bee in your bonnet” perturbance won’t go away. Sounds like from practice, a solution will find you at some point. Of the ideas offered by others, I liked the suggestion of using a suction cup to hang a wreath. I also wondered if management might allow you to apply an “antiquing” finish to the mirror? I saw an antiqued mirror backsplash done in a small kitchen on an HGTV home show (Hometown) that was a chic and inexpensive solution. They used a spray bottle with vinegar and water, but there may be other ways to achieve the effect as well. I look forward to reading and seeing your eventual solution. Good luck!

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