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  1. I would love to have a cutting garden. I haven’t been to the grocery store in months and the delivery/ pick up doesn’t offer flowers. Boo. I miss them in the house!

  2. How sweet to take lunch to your daughter from one of her favorite restaurants. It’s a good way to ensure she takes a regular break from her work and nice for both of you to visit a bit. Was just telling the DH we should buy pizza from our favorite place this week to help them stay in business. A friend who grew veggies and flowers to sell at the farmers markets years ago used to mix flowers and herbs together in one bouquet. At the time dill was in season and it was the first time I ever notice someone mixing herbs and flowers in the same arrangement. I do it now on the regular! You can’t beat a Ball canning jar as a vase… it’s perfect.

  3. PS to my last comment. I did a little research after my last comment and found a site where the person was talking about treating their little Pomeranian for Collapsed trachea problem. The dog is given an inhaler , they show a picture of how they use the inhaler for a dog with what is called a spacer (frequently used for children). The site is
    My little Fuzzy Pom has trachea issues, too. Sometimes he wakes up from a deep sleep coughing from it. It is scary when it happens.

  4. I think that I remember you saying that the doctor had prescribed theophylline for him. Years ago, before they had all of the good asthma inhalers that they do now, I was prescribed theophylline for several years.
    Those tablets used to make my hands shake, and made me very restless. I wonder if that is what is making Charlie so restless. It was like drinking very, very strong coffee the way it made me feel. It’s too bad they don’t have inhalers for dogs. I am glad you are able to be up with him at night. I bet he would be scared and feel panicky if you couldn’t.,

  5. Gorgeous arrangements and great ideas!! Thank you!!

    I’ve started bringing mint and basil inside just so I can swish them with my hands when I walk by and enjoy the delicious fragrances. Think I’ll copy you and do that with our rosemary now, too.

  6. Good morning, The picture of the beautiful bird on glass is so appealing to me. The flowers, too. Everything fried the past few days–the weather was 111 degrees on Saturday and a little less yesterday–Pasadena, CA. Today, we stay in also due to the fires. Ella, my dog, has congestive heart failure so I give her CBD oil at bedtime. I am supposed to give it to her twice a day, but she usually is better in the morning. If you have some CBD oil, you could try that. I just give Ella five drops in her mouth–she is good at taking supplements. Your displays inspire me everyday. Thank you! I hope everyone enjoys a happy day.
    Linda S.

  7. Brenda,
    I love your bird painting on glass. It looks chic against that pristine white backsplash. Incorporating the flowers and herbs in those colored canning jars and vase is a great look.
    I hope Charlie can relax, so you can get some rest. I have been taking a supplement called Magnesium. It’s made by Spring Valley; and it’s for sleep support, bone and muscle health. Each capsule is 200mg; the reccommended dose is two. I only take one. It helps me to rapidly go to sleep and my restless leg syndrome is practically gone! I’ve been waking up so refreshed. I buy it at Walmart for 5.94 for 60 capsules. I get a blood test every 90 days to check my thyroid; (my only medication at nearly 70) and my Doctor noticed my levels for iron and other things were low. She thought it was contributing to my lack of good sleep. She was right!
    Have a peaceful Labor Day

  8. Very cool mornings in WV 48 yesterday and 51 today at 6 am. The days are in the upper 70’s and nice and sunny! I was thinking about Charlie not sleeping at night, do you think a fan on low directed where he sleeps would help? I know when my husband had lung cancer it helped him to breathe with a fan on him.

    1. A fan makes both he and I cough. But I keep air purifiers in the bedroom and living room going plus cool air humidifiers. It’s because he’s laying down and the fluid gathers around his heart/lungs I think.

  9. I like your idea of snipping. I have a basil and a Rosemary herb in a small pot, on our front deck, and I think I’ll do the same. The basil is a VERY strong scent, and when I pinch a little sprig off, my fingers actually smell so strong, it’s over powering. I think I’ll just bring the rosemary in, I like that scent.
    It has been so windy and even cold here. Dh and I just came back from our morning mile walk, and I had to wear a jacket, and I was still cold. But the sun is shinning, and maybe this afternoon we can sit on the back deck for a while. Right now going to have my second cup of coffee, with carrot cake, dh’s favorite. (Just bought it yesterday at Wally world). Suppose to wear a mask, but we saw at least a half dozen people without. They wear them coming in, and then take them off??? Anyway, We only shop there when we have to, needed pills and supplements, and always pick up toothpaste, razors, and stuff like that. Oh, and they have nice smelling candles for fall, so bought 3 of those, only $3.33 each.
    Saying more prayers for Charlie. Hoping you both have a rest full night tonight. Hugs from WI.

  10. Your flowers are lovely! So pretty how you arranged the vases of garden cuttings with the picture, owls and candle. You have a great knack for that.
    Here in southern Virginia, I am in heaven with cooler temps and no humidity and have had the AC off and windows open. Such a treat. Now it feels like fall is coming and I am getting in the fall decorating mode. Hope Charlie can settle down with the coughing and you both can sleep at night.

      1. Brenda I am older than you age 69. And I also cannot survive without my whole house AC. Had to have a new one put in this summer. It cost almost $5,000 but worth it. I have very bad allergies and the AC cleans the air for me.

        Best Wishes to you and your fur babies. xoxo

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