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  1. Sending prayers and hugs for sweet Charlie and you. Ask your vet if you can give him boiled chicken and white rice. Also canned pumpkin helps with loose stools. Praying that the Dr. can get his issues solved fast.

  2. Don’t project…you can’t do this now. Find out what is going on with your baby and take it from there.

    I am so worried about Milo that it could eat me up every day instead of making the most of the time I have with him. No, I’m not more wise than you, he’s had a death sentence for 9 months. Please…stop stressing. Get well, get Charlie well.

    Jane xxx

  3. If he’s still not eating, is it possible that Charlie could have something wrong with his stomach, a bleeding ulcer maybe? That’s why you’re not seeing blood because he hasn’t had any bowel movements from not eating. It seems that dogs can get everything that humans get, so maybe it’s not his bladder at all. Just a suggestion. This is so hard to go through. All of us who have loved our fur babies over the years know how you are feeling right now. We’re with you in spirit if not in person.

  4. May God Bless you and little Charlie.
    I will be praying for you both.

  5. Brenda, Charlie and you are in my thoughts and prayers! I leave my radio on, all the time and when he hears these 2 certain songs, he will sing to them! It’s hysterical! He will stop if he sees me with my camera though. Try not to worry so much and think about pleasant things that make you happy!

    1. Oh how funny! And that he stops when you grab your camera! He needs to be on TV.

  6. Thinking of you and Charlie and hoping that all will be well. Take care.

    1. You all always help me get through things. Don’t know what I’d do without you.

  7. On My….. Keeping you and Charlie in my prayers… ?

    1. I wrote this post this morning. He has been fine all day. I’m watching him closely.

  8. Brenda,

    I’m still crying every day over my loss and started crying as soon as I saw your headline. Keeping both you and Charlie in my prayers for continued health and happiness.


    1. Thankfully Charlie seems much better today. My heart is with you. I know how much pain you feel and it’s a terrible empty feeling that nearly consumes you.

  9. I just got done giving my older dog the same medication. If you have problems giving him the pill, which I was told tastes very nasty, try using Pill Pockets that you can get at a pet store or on line. Also, whenever I leave & I know it will be awhile, I leave my radio on. Just a suggestion & I’ll be thinking of you & Charlie.

      1. Believe it or not I don’t even have a radio. But I usually leave the TV on.

      2. I hadn’t heard of them, either, til our vet told us about them. Worked like a charm! Don’t know whether they’d fit his diet, though.

        Praying for you both in Indiana!

  10. Stay positive and let’s hope those antibiotics will fix him right up! I know easier said than done, but don’t worry yourself sick. Give Charlie a hug for me and I hope he will be back to feeling good in no time and I hope he just caught a nasty bug. You two are in our thoughts.

    Carol and Molly

    1. I’m much better today because Charlie is much better. He’s eating and drinking and going outside, so today is a good day, Carol and Molly.

  11. oops–I forgot: one hint I saw was to give him chicken broth (no salt) to keep him hydrated and a little something in his stomach.

    1. He has not been sick since I rushed him to the vet. Not anything after that. So for now he’s okay.

  12. I’m glad your second surgery has been postponed. It was a lot to handle all at once. There are no words I can say that will help with your worry about dear Charlie–these are the times that try our soul. My thoughts are with you both.

    1. I was hoping to get it over with. I hate walking around kind of seeing double from the difference in my eyes. But you’re probably right. He is much better today, and I’m much calmer.

  13. my heart to yours Brenda. I just froze reading your post. then I read all the comments and the support.
    you and Charlie are loved. my middle name is worry. and I’m trying to overcome. but with pets it’s almost impossible! I hope he’s drinking plenty of water. that’s important too I would think!
    we love them so much! blessings to you and your little guy. xo

  14. Brenda, the metronidazole is an excellent medication for diarrhea. I’ve worked in a veterinary clinic for over 30 years and that drug along with a bland diet works wonders. The ID diet is great too but if he’s reluctant to eat, maybe a little chicken and rice will entice him to eat but another thought I had (and what I tell many of our clients) letting his gut rest is good in many cases but I know you want some food in his tummy when you give him the other antibiotic. I wasn’t clear if the blood was in his stool or urine?
    You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers !

    1. That’s what the vet asked me. But the diarrhea was completely separate from the blood. Unless blood came from his rectum and I couldn’t differentiate that.

      1. I think you probably would’ve seen traces of blood on his little bottom so it may have been from his bladder-praying the antibiotics clear it right up and it’s a good sign that he’s doing so well today!

    1. Thank goodness he’s acting fine today. I’m trying not to leave him. He gets so upset when I leave.

  15. I know you won’t probably consider this, but since this is so important to you, have you thought about getting a second opinion on Charlie? It couldn’t hurt, and another vet might just find something your other vet hasn’t. A specialist maybe. Although they are spendy, but totally worth it in my opinion. It’s his life were talking about.
    You are the best doggie momma Charlie could have, he obviously is crazy about you, and might possibly be a little spoiled, LOL! You know everyone on here is behind you, and hoping that everything turns out alright for both of you.

  16. -Worry is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere – . No matter what the outcome, fretting yourself sick over it won’t help you, or Charlie. He is an older dog, perhaps this is just a setback that comes with aging. Try to stay in the moment and focus on his (and your) healing instead of dwelling on the what if’s. Colitis can cause his symptoms, and that can be managed. You’ve already taken steps with his vet to help him with that.

    1. I know that. I really do. But sometimes it’s hard to do that.

  17. Crying is good for you. Delayed emotion and grief is not. Get well soon, Charlie.

    1. I was afraid it would irritate my eye, but it was okay. Saw the optometrist this morning and could read all the lines on the eye test.

  18. You could try wrapping the pill in a piece of cheese. Dogs love cheese and usually will gulp it right down. My Lily of course will eat the cheese and then spit out the pill so I have to grind up the pill and then wrap in cheese LOL!

    1. I finally gave him a treat with it wrapped around the pill and he took it. He can’t have cheese. His diet is very limited.

  19. You are in my prayers, Brenda. I know your second cataract surgery will be fine and before you know it, you will have gone through with all the waiting afterward and will be able to see and tend to your plants again. And, Charlie will be well and happy, too! My best advice is to take three deep breaths when you feel anxious-it really works but you have to remember to take them…..

  20. I am so sorry to her of your scare with Charlie. Hoping for improved health for you both.

  21. My little Dixie was so sick that I considered having her put to sleep. I was just sick about it. They put her on prednisone and she popped back up and it was if nothing had happened. I was stunned, thrilled and feeling guilty that I even considered it. She was so sick and then just fine. It’s so hard to tell. She’s 15, blind, but still plugging along like a good little girl. I’m with her all the time and if I have to go out, she has her big yummy bed, water and food and she’s protected. Sometimes it’s just the best you can do at the time.

    1. Such hard decisions we have to make. Thank goodness she snapped back!

  22. Sending positive thoughts to both you and Charlie ~ remember to BREATHE!!
    We’ll be here when you need to vent ~
    Hugs ~

  23. Keeping good thoughts for Charlie that this is just an infection and not something more serious starting.
    Try to be positive and think good thoughts. Easier said than done I know. Keeping your little Charlie in my prayers. Hope all is good news with the eye doctor too.

    1. I know you know how I feel, Kris. I know it wasn’t all that long ago that you lost a beloved pet.

  24. I’m so sorry that you are going through this with Charlie. I hope it’s nothing serious.

    1. He’s much better today. I’m wondering if some of it is that I was gone quite a while at the doctor. About five hours all told. He seems to get so upset when I leave him. But I don’t see that that would have caused the blood. I don’t know. I just want him to be all right. I have to leave him sometimes and I can’t take him with me to places like that.

  25. My heart hurts for you, Brenda. I have so many paw prints in my heart…there’s really no love like the love we have for our little critters. My husband and I are empty nesters. We have 5 rescued fur-kids. Two of my babies are seniors, Punkie and Zoei. I worry about them every single day. They often have UTIs. We live out by Purtis Creek State Park (Eustace, TX). We have a well for our water…which is the same as Ozarka Springs bottled water. I have been researching what could possibly be causing their infections. I’ve deduced that our delicious water could be causing frequent UTIs due to the naturally occurring minerals in our water. Calcium and magnesium are the main culprits and could even cause kidney/bladder stones. We are currently looking for a home water softening system to make the water safer for our babies.

    Bless you and Charlie. Wishing you both a beautiful and healing day. ❤️

    1. How smart you are to have done all that research! I admire your strategy of trying to figure out how to stop these infections.

      1. Oh Brenda, I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie. Poor baby. This event happened after you went out and left him alone again. He’s a sensitive soul who, I believe, has not yet come to grips with Abi’s loss and being left alone. If you read about colitis type symptoms in dogs, stress is the #1 cause. Stress has a terrible effect on the immune system. We’ve got your dear boy in our hearts and prayers.
        If you feel like crying or whatever, do so. Venting is a very positive thing in times like these.

  26. I am adding my prayers for Charlie to your list. I understand just how you feel. It is such a worry. I’m glad your surgery went well. I know you will be glad when the other eye is done, too.

    1. Found out today I have to have the testing done all over again for the left eye first. Which will be the 30th. So my next surgery won’t commence until September.

  27. Oh my goodness! I understand just how worried you are about Charlie. That must have been very frightening for you to come home to that scene. I pray that they will be able to get a handle on this for Charlie.
    I find myself thinking that I must have rocks in my head for even getting another dog. when Lilly is 14 I will be 89. How will I ever be able to deal with losing her at that age?
    But our dogs are our fur babies and they help make our life complete. I need Lily and she adds a lot of comfort to me.

    1. I believe you did the right thing by bringing Lily into your life. You need the comfort of her and you can’t do anything about the future. Just enjoy and love her.

    1. I know, Elizabeth. I know how much you love pets and you know I do as well. They’re our babies.

  28. Just the read the below on the internet from a vet, hope this helps a bit
    The metronidazole that your vet gave is a common treatment for diarrhea. It is an antibiotic. However, it has properties that really help with inflammation in the intestines. Often just stopping the inflammation will clear things up. I usually recommend a bland food as well which could be either boiled chicken and rice, or a commercial prescription food such as Royal-Canin Gastro. (This would be something you would have to get at your vet’s office.)

    1. He’s been on prescription food (ID digestive diet) for years. Just like Abi was. Because he’s had a few bad bouts of pancreatitis. I order it from Chewy’s but the vet has to approve each order.

      1. I’m trying to get him to eat so I can give him his antibiotic, but he’s not working with me and I don’t want to have him take it with an empty stomach. In fact they told me to feed him first. But apparently he isn’t hungry right now.

  29. I am so sorry to hear of your worries about Charlie. Hope to get good news in your next post. One day at a time!

    1. I know. One day at a time. And I can’t let my imagination run away with me.

  30. Oh my gosh, Brenda, I don’t blame you for being worried, I would be also. Sending prayers, hopefully this is just a little illness that will be easily cleared up. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Debbie. He’s much better today. Mama has to get herself under control. But he’s my everything.

  31. So sorry Brenda, I know the fear and worry over a sick pet.
    Sending good thoughts and hoping Charlie will get over this and be fine.

  32. It’s so hard to push similarities out of our mind so keep focused on his needs and care and yours right now instead. We will all be here for you to listen and understand

    1. I thank you all for that. Because if I don’t get my thoughts out sometimes I think I’ll explode. You all help me not to worry so much. You reassure me.

  33. The same thing happened to my 3 year old chihuahua mix Lucas.I came downstairs to a lot of blood. It was coming from both ends. I rushed him to an emergency vet and he stayed there for 3 days until they could get it under control.
    He came home and was fine. It happened again several months later but I still had some medicine from the first time and was able to treat it at home.
    They never could tell me what caused it or how to prevent it in the future. So now I’m on pins and needles anytime he seems like he has an upset tummy, which thankfully isn’t often.

    1. They’ve kept Charlie before at the hospital when he had pancreatitis. Don’t think it’s that hopefully, because they get quite sick pretty quick with that. But he’s fine today. So far so good.

  34. Be brave! This could be something bad but it might not be anything more than a little hiccup. Give the medicine to your little pupster. Trust your vet and discuss your fears with these people who know your dog and the history with Abi. Most of all, love that little dog like there is no tomorrow! All dog owners know that they will probably outlive their fur friends and none of us want to face that fact. It’s a hard truth, so we need to live in such a way that we will have few regrets when it comes time to part ways for a while.

    1. Of course I know all this. I know a dog’s life isn’t all that long. Never long enough. But I just can’t imagine losing him right now. I’ll try not to worry so much. You’re right. Might not be much of anything.


    1. Thanks for the advice. I just now did that, called the vet and clarified.

    1. He has not had any more episodes since yesterday, so I’m thankful for that. I’m trying to get him to eat so I can give him his medicine, but he’s not complying yet.

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