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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so many things, not the least are special bloggers like yourself, who share their lives, thoughts and ideas with strangers who become virtual friends and communities:) I am partial to the tabletop trees in your blog today. I have two of them, one that belonged to my late mother. This year I am forgoing a traditional tree and decorating with my two tabletop trees, all of my ornaments, pinecones, branches, greenery etc. that I have collected outside. A gift to myself is a fresh wreath from Lynch Creek Farms in WA for my front door. I live in South GA so it travels quite a distance; but it is delivered fresh and healthy and I am able to keep it alive for 6+ weeks, even in this warmer climate. I have loved the Blended Bay wreath. Wishing you a beautiful and calm Thanksgiving day:)

  2. Brenda..I LOVE your flocked tabletop one of the best I have seen..beautiful. I hope you still have it… :0)
    All of the links above are pure great eyecandy…thank you for sharing it all and for sharing your Blog each day. I know its alot of work and though I do not post everyday…I look forward to seeing yours each time..and sometimes I get behind with life..but always catch up when I am able to sit back down….
    Looking forward to what you decor this year. Have a “peaceful and easy feeling” Holiday(s).. Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you are doing better with your mobility. :0)

  3. I’ve been decorating off and on and I’m finally done. My biggest tree has all my fav ornaments that I’ve collected over the years. My kitchen tree has all the gingerbread ppl, candy canes, lollipops, cookies…
    One of smaller trees have silver and gold ribbon with gold, silver and red bulbs. Another tree has cranberry ribbon with gold stars and I put gold bows on it. My flocked treetop tree has little bulbs and few ornaments and sits on my heater.
    My poinsettia tree is already on a stand and just has to be fluffed alittle. Now I can sit back and enjoy my trees and decorations! Yay!

    In reality I’m actually getting ready to start my Christmas cookie baking and make gingerbread cakes to decorate for my grands…

    Everyone have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Lol Tabletop tree not treetop.
      I text fast before it disappears on me bc it’s happened many times! Sometimes I retext and sometimes I don’t have the time too.

  4. The tabletop tree from Sincerely Marie spoke to me, just love it! Neutral colors and decorations on a tree are the big thing this year. I’m not sure how my tree will turn out but it’s going to have lots of bottle brush critters on it, birds, spray painted “white” branches I collected outside and yesterday I cut all the dried up hydrangeas off my shrub. I put them down on paper on the garage floor over night and this morning I gave them a coat of “Hammered Bronze” spray paint. I’ll check them tomorrow morning for dryness (it’s been below normal cold here although today it got up to 52 degrees and wasn’t windy so I was able to get a round of raking yet more leaves done), flip them around a bit and give them a second light coat of spray paint. I don’t know how they’ll hold up but the plan is to add them to my tree as a final touch. I’m looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations Brenda, they are always so lovely.

  5. Hi Brenda. I was gone all last week on a cruise, so I’ve spent the last few days catching up on all your posts. That was fun. It was like binge watching a show, except it was reading blog posts instead, lol! Our cruise was great, but I must have picked up covid on the ship. We got home Saturday morning, and by Sunday afternoon, I started feeling bad. I took a test. I definately have covid. So quarantining for 5 days puts me finished on Friday afternoon. Major bummer! I was supposed to host the whole family for dinner at my house and now I’m stuck home in isolation. That is why I’ve been binge reading. I am so thankful you post everyday! You’ve given me something fun to do while I’m sitting here bored out of my mind, lol! I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas! A while back, you recommended a large wicker tray, and I ordered it. I love it, and I’m looking forward to making a cute Christmas vignette in it! Your post today has given me a lot of wonderful and fun ideas! I can’t wait to get started! A very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all!

  6. Some really pretty photos!

    Not in the mood yet to decorate for Christmas, though I need to get started this weekend.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda. I hope you enjoy your meal.

  7. I love tabletop trees too. I found a small bronze one with gold bulbs recently at a craft show and it’s perfect size for a table in my bedroom so I am looking forward to seeing the soft lights on at night in there now.

  8. Love all the inspirational ideas. I love to decorate for the seasons and love the snowy decor. Last year I bought a flocked wreath which hung on the front door all winter. It was so big it hardly fit between the front door and storm door. I cut some branches off of the underside and add them in with other greens. My parent’s house had about a good 6” between those doors and Mom made beautiful wreaths for all holidays. I always have to have something on the front door. Our daughter’s house has nails around the front doorframe and I found a beautiful 9’ plain green garland for $1.50 at the quarterly treasure sale a huge retirement home. I usually get a bunch of smalls there and I love having little trinkets to mix in vignettes. Home Depot had $5.00 poinsettias for $1.98! With my husband’s military discount I happily took mine home for $1.08. I love plants and in the last few years have been picking up the small decorated Christmas trees for our daughter and myself. I haven’t had good luck with them. I gave our daughter the large Norfolk Island pine my Aunt had since it was about 3” tall. I would love to have a Rosemary shaped into a tree shape. My grandfather grew me one once and it didn’t last long. Everyone have fun decorating!

  9. Oh, I remember both of your beautiful vignettes. The lamb
    (sheep?) in your cocoa bar vignette is so cute.
    I’m anxious and excited about decorating on Friday. It’s always fun to open up the boxes with the decorations and figure out where to put them every year.
    Have a wonderful day, Brenda!

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