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  1. Beautiful! But not in my house, too much white! Isn’t it funny though that I like in other peoples home.

  2. A lovely cottage and a lovely yard as well. The family looks very comfortable there. It is a beautiful part of the world. I have visited Finland my Father’s family home – he also lived there as a child. If you visit Finland between May-June there is almost no darkness – there is about 20 hours of daylight and a few hours of twilight (the darkest it gets is nautical twilight). That almost flips in the deep winter months so everyone welcomes the daylight and warmer weather! The quality of life is very high in the Nordic countries and they frequently top the lists of the “happiest countries in the world”.

  3. Beautiful cottage…but I bet right now tis very cold there? Heh, if you want wonderful summers, ya gotta put up with COLD winters I think…

  4. More “everything white” with 3 kids. While it’s pretty, it’s an eye roll. Sorry, Brenda. Not rude to you.

  5. This small house is so cute. And it does indeed look bigger than the square footage says it is. Very comfy for a really cute family.

  6. I love that 12 foot long sofa with the wall sconces on either side and the round bolsters. So cozy, perfect for stretching out and getting lost in a good book for hours.

  7. This cottage is beautiful! It’s so nicely decorated and spacious looking. It definately looks bigger than 1200 square feet. I’m interested in learning more about the natural beeswax she was told to oil her table with, to make it kid proof. Maybe I’ll do a quick Amazon search to see if I can find it. I love when people display their own photos for their artwork. It’s beautiful and so unique and personal. This really is a lovely home.

  8. She’s very creative! Her kids are adorable too!
    Hopefully I can send this message off before it disappears like all the other ones I send daily! Crossing fingers

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