I’m getting around a bit late this morning. I had my cup of coffee and a banana. Gave the fur babies their breakfast and Charlie his morning meds.

And then walked around my apartment taking photos.

Thought I’d share what is in my immediate world with you today.

Notice how Ivy seems to have this natural pose for the camera?

Decorating Tip: If you don’t have a table high enough for a piece of furniture, like a chair or couch, improvise. I stacked a vintage picnic basket on top of the box.

Works for me! Adds a bit of interest too I think.

Though most everything is brown and dead on my patio, my house plants are quite lush and green and comforting.

I absolutely love what this fireplace has added to the cozy factor in my apartment.

For under $200, and remember it was my Christmas gift to myself, it warms up the whole place and is so nice to gaze at while I sit in my chair enjoying the Christmas tree lights.

Want to know what has captured Ivy’s attention? Leaves. She always seems to think that leaves are more than inanimate objects.

If the wind blows one around Ivy gets all excited and acts as though leaves are prey and she’s honing her cat skills.

Charlie sprawled out on his tummy. I always think this is so cute. Isn’t he handsome against all the boho color?

I didn’t even mean to put jewel-toned shams on the pillows. It just happened. I reached into the drawer with the pillow cases and shams and just grabbed these up. But I kind of like the combination.

I have to tell you about this blanket I’m using as a bedspread. It is so soft on both sides.

I found it at Home Goods. It has a sherpa lining on the back and is nice and warm at night. It is made by Berkshire Blanket & Home Company.

I paid $29.99 for it at Home Goods, but I found it on Amazon for $39.99 in lots of colors if you want to check it out here.

Amazingly soft!

Here’s a nice photo of Charlie sitting on the couch staring out the storm door. It is kind of gray and rainy today. Just like yesterday.

I’m glad I have nowhere to go and will just enjoy my cozy apartment with the fur babies. No way do I go out to the sales after Thanksgiving.

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  1. I love seeing photos of your cozy apartment, Brenda – and I adore all the boho color you added back in! The babies look so comfy in your nice warm space – so glad they are lucky enough to live with someone like you!

  2. I have been looking forward to pictures of your holiday decor and as always, you provide me with inspiration whatever the season!

  3. Your place looks amazing, Brenda. It’s so Christmas-cozy…I think it’s the lights and the sweet fur babies. Nothing better than a Christmas cuddle!

  4. My son has one of those fireplaces in his apartment, too – it really does add so much “cozy”. Glad you have one! I want to get one for my mom, she has a small house with just the right place to put one, but she loves the chest she has there too much to swap it out.

  5. I also had a dog who stretched out like Charlie does, she passed away in 2016 and I miss her so much.Seeing Charlie like that brought back so many memories ! I always enjoy your blog Brenda and look forward every day to reading it. You have a knack for decorating !

  6. I love it all! It’s all so cozy. Charlie is adorable. I had a cocker spaniel, Mollie, that always stretched out like that. I miss her. Ivy is a beautiful kitty. I imagine the fireplace is something they enjoy too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lovely and cozy. I get a real sense from your photos of how warm and sort of protective it feels to be in your apartment. And so many interesting things for the eye to feast on. You’ve done a great job with your decor. Now, if you could just come on over to my house and give it some tweaks!

    Seems like I just never get things to look like I want them to here. It’s complicated by having the two boys living with me in this small house. Not that they are bad or destructive–just that they are rambunctious and have mostly my living room and their small bedroom to play in. Things are always getting knocked around it seems. But, oh, well, I think—they will be grown in the blink of an eye and I will miss those little boys who so brightened my life with their high-jinks. It’s all okay.

    Nice image of Charlie– the close-up, I mean. He is a handsome little man for sure. And Ivy’s a beauty, too. Enjoy the weekend in your cozy house with your two furry companions.

  8. Gorgeous photos yet again, Brenda! I can practically feel the warmth and sparkle.

    Been wanting to ask: Do you mist your houseplants to make them so lush and healthy? Fertilize? If so, what frequency?

    Any other tips you can give us? I’d really like to have mine be as full and dark green as yours…I have many of the same varieties as you.

    1. I fertilize every couple of months when I remember to do it. I mist, but I’ve read that doesn’t do a whole lot but make you feel better. Don’t water until your finger is dry about an inch or so up. Sometimes I run the vaporizer. I’ve read to either do that or put your plants on a tray of pebbles with water just coming to the top of the pebbles. Also grouping them together makes them create their own humidity.

  9. You certainly make a house a home with your warm and comforting decorating . Ivy and Charlie are such sweet siblings and create the warmth and love a home needs to truly be a warm, secure and loving sanctuary. I never shop on Black Friday or in Thanksgiving either. I hate that so many have to work on Thanksgiving. I hope you get some sun soon. Enjoy the weeks before Christmas.

  10. I love that fireplace, Brenda. What a bright spot for you AND it throws heat–win/win. I love to watch the way a cat’s mind works. It is so fun to watch them and wonder what they are thinking.
    Your apartment looks great. xo Diana

  11. Charlie is adorable. I love it when doggies get comfortable enough to do their “froggie legs!” Ivy is striking but my, she is a big girl! Your bed looks cozy and lush, just what one wants for the cold weather. I was tempted to shop for a velvet duvet cover or a bed coverlet this year because they are so lux looking and beautiful, but with just a microfiber duvet cover on a very thin quilt I get overheated at night and end up throwing it off and then an hour later fishing around for it in semi-sleep with one hand to pull it back up, LOL! So, I passed on the lux look. All it would do is turn out very wrinkled every morning.

  12. I think as we get older, it is much smarter to avoid the huge crowds out there on Black Friday…though I cannot ever remember going out then…never been keen on crowds!! (though of course those years I worked for Payless Drugs, we always had to work then…and even then I was still so glad to not be shopping myself…ha!) We of course, are “staying put” after a huge Thanksgiving meal yesterday (well by our standards)…daughter coming sometime today to make up a nice turkey and wild rice soup with the leftovers!!

    Your place is lovely and inviting…by your description of the outside of the complex, that might be a big surprise to a visitor…so nice to be able to make the inside nice isn’t it?

  13. You certainly have made your space very comfortable and cozy. I don’t blame you wanting to stay away from the craziness today and enjoy your Christmas lights and fur babies.

  14. Those two photogenic furbabies are adorable. I just love your apartment..you are all set for comfort and cozy days. The rich colors on your bed are beautiful..there is nothing like the coziness of Sherpa (ask my little ChiChis).. Enjoy your quiet and beautiful weekend. Your place looks perfect..and inspirational, for sure.

  15. The hanging plants add such a nice bit of color up higher on the wall. The quilt above the dining table was such a great find. The boho look has come together in a comfortable yet stylish way. Hope you enjoy your day of warmth and snuggling inside. We are going to go take a country drive in a few minutes.

  16. I love your apartment. Over the years you have given me so much inspiration for decorating our small apartment. Last year we bought a skinny Christmas tree just like yours and I wish that I had done it sooner.

    Buying that electric fireplace was a great gift (and idea) for yourself.

  17. You know how to make a warm, beautiful and cozy home for yourself,Charlie and Ivy. No one could ask for more. You have much to be thankful for.

  18. Love that picture of Charlie with the tree in the back. The apt is so cozy and I agree with you on the fireplace it adds so much especially at this time of year. A very nice gift to yourself.

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