A Neighbor Who Is A Designer & Ivy Spots A Bug In The Window

I’ve been out running errands all morning. Picked up a prescription at Walgreens. Drove down the road to Home Depot for pots and potting soil to plant these daffodils that Bulb.com sent me.

Then I went to get groceries. I had not been for two weeks. I got the makings for taco soup. I’ve been picking food up a lot and I need to fix something at home. Then I drove through McDonalds to get my beloved caramel iced coffee.

Coffee bar

I picked up a birthday card for my youngest daughter, who turns 40 the middle of November. Boy, cards are expensive now! But I found a cheaper one.

She’s the same way; she refuses to buy the higher priced ones. We’re a lot alike in terms of being cheap and frugal.

A funny thing happened this morning. I was calling out to Ivy to look at me so I could get a photo of her. And Charlie got right between me and Ivy.

In the past, Charlie would have ducked his head and gone into another room because he didn’t like his photo being taken.

But things seem to have changed.

Charlie and Ivy

I kept trying to get around him, because I already had enough photos of him. But he was stubborn. Everywhere I pointed my camera, he moved to get in front of it.

I would move, then Charlie would move along with me.

This really shocks me. When Abi was alive, she was the photo diva. Charlie avoided it. Now with Ivy, he’s changed.

Charlie and Ivy

I just had to stop and let the maintenance men in to do a winter check of the heater and check the fire extinguisher.

I gave one big house plant to one of the maintenance men last week. Two others were with him today and I gave one of them three house plants. The other wants a couple possibly.

It’s so funny to see these big burly men stand there and ask me questions about plants

The one who took three plants today, who I’d never met, asked me why his orchid has stopped blooming. He knew his house plants. He even showed me his house on his phone,which had big long windows and an abundance of light.

I don’t want the first frost to kill the house plants. And I can’t bring them in due to Ivy. That cat can find a way to get into anything. Yesterday she was on my blue hutch and I feared for my white dishes. I quickly shooed her off.

Ivy sprawled on the couch

Does Ivy look like she has a worry in the world? No, she gets fed and taken care of and spoiled.

Ivy and her scratching post


Yesterday I walked down to the office to pay my rent. When I was walking down the sidewalk back to my apartment, the guy who was originally planning to move into my unit and ended up changing his mind was outside with his dogs.

I’m glad he changed his mind, he said due to his work traveling schedule, because I sure like the privacy of my end unit with no one across from me.

He looks to be in his forties maybe. He told me he’s lived here 15 years. He is an interior designer.

He let me see his apartment. It was beautiful. Instead of using his dining room space for a table, he had a sitting area with two nice chairs and a big ottoman as a coffee table next to the patio doors.

He said he does not eat at home. He has a service do his laundry. A real bachelor type.

He told me that he’s done a lot while living there. He’s paid to have new wiring installed. He’s changed the blinds and I can’t recall what all else. But it was a lot. I think he said he bought his air conditioning unit.

He has invested a lot of money into his rented apartment. He said he’s fixing to redo the kitchen.

So I’m not the only one who invests in improvements that I wouldn’t be able to take with me. He’s done a lot more than I have!

Yellow rose

He told me that he’s not pleased with a couple of residents that have moved near him, and is considering moving. I hope he doesn’t. I finally found someone who loves decorating and I’d hate to lose him.

Just a bit ago when I was sitting here drinking my caramel iced coffee, Ivy kept jumping up to try to grab the paper towel I had setting under my cup. She managed to get it when I lifted the cup to take a drink. I got up and got it back from her.

She wouldn’t leave me alone, so I tore half of the paper towel apart to let her have it. Off she went with it. This cat is relentless when she wants something.

Ivy with paper towel

Then a little bit later she came back for the other half. She was driving me crazy while I was trying to type this post, so I finally just gave her that half too. The paper towels are now torn up all over the floor.

Uh-oh, it appears that Ivy has spied a bug in the living room window. Charlie immediately got on his perch on the arm of the couch nearest the window. When he hears her jumping around in the window he perks right up.

I guess we’re about to witness another bug assassination. I found a dead bug this morning on the floor that looked like it had been smashed. Ivy has no mercy.

Ivy sees a bug while Charlie watches

You can barely see Ivy dashing about in the window. As you can see, Charlie is getting excited.

Look at Charlie. She entertains both Charlie and me with her daily antics.

Such is life with Ivy.


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  1. If you are looking for something to entertain in your spare time during the current covid-19 outbreak. The Impossible Game will probably be a great choice for you! They are completely free!

  2. The Continuing Adventures of Ivy and Charlie! Tune in tomorrow, folks. LOL! They crack me up. I LOVE that Charlie is now intervening when you pick up your camera to point it solely at Ivy. He’s got his second childhood, evidently, ha ha ha! Good for Charlie. It appears that Ivy was the beam of light you both needed to lift you out of your doldrums.

  3. I really do enjoy your posts, Brenda. I have lived for many years in an apartment, probably 18+ years. Then when I was around 40, my life changed and my new family and I moved into a house. But I do love apartment living; I love the layouts of the apartments and the various ways you can decorate – if that makes sense. I too was a patio decorator at the time.

    Charlie’s expression is SO funny! It’s as if he is saying, “You mean ‘Charlie,’ right? Didn’t you mean to say ‘Charlie’?”

  4. Charlie is so cute, it’s funny how he perks up when Ivy is in bug killing mode!

    Did you know that you can get Hallmark cards at Dollar Tree now?


  5. Loved your stories this morning. Giving me a good start to my day.
    I needed a pick up.
    Charlie and Ivy make me laugh. The pictures are adorable.
    I love seeing all of your decorating ideas. Hope to put some ideas to use myself.
    Have a great day

  6. I love to see Ivy in the window,on a mission to attack a bug, and then to see how Charlie gets into it too. Makes life exciting for him, and that is a good thing for everybody. Had to laugh about your choice of greeting cards. I have been making my own, using rubber stamps, papers and all different embellishments. Maybe you have heard the expression about rubber stampers, why buy a card for $6.99, when you can make it with hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies. Anyway, in the beginning it was “kinda” to save money, but that was more than 20 years ago..and those supplies continue to call my name, so I just keep adding to my collection of art supplies. But I really enjoy spending the time on cards, and friends and family (at least I think) enjoy receiving them. Happy Halloween to you, Ivy and Charlie..

  7. It’s cute that Charlie wants his photo taken now. Maybe he needs to be the star now that Ivy has the limelight with the antics. Such an interesting inter-specie dynamic! I hope the designer stays too, because good neighbors are wonderful.

  8. Brenda, does Ivy try to scratch on your leather furniture? I have a cat that absolutely ripped to shreds my reading chair. And yes, he does have two scratching posts that he ignores.
    I’ve read that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Well, count me in because I’m having a new chair delivered Friday. It’s leather too, lol. I’m hoping that since he’s older he’ll leave it alone. Now that I’m retired I’m hoping to guard it more zealously but we shall see.

  9. Inside plants are great to have in the winter months cuz it keeps everyone in a better mood and it’s a better atmosphere to breathe in. So I’m not surprised that guys want to learn everything they can about plants.
    What a generous lady you are to give your plants away that you’ve nutured all spring and summer long!

    I’m glad to hear that your making better choices with eating and interacting with your neighbors Brenda.
    I hear it on the radio all the time and read about it, that people will have a longer and fulfilling life too. In having a couple of pets to keep you busy and laughing does your heart good. Yay! ?

  10. I’m so glad you are able to find new homes for your plants. I always hate to see plants die away for the winter, but like you, I have no where to put them inside where they will live. I have a brown thumb, and once they are outdoors and growing, I don’t touch them again.

    I love the photos of Ivy and Charlie. Charlie is so funny about the photos of Ivy. And truly, Ivy doesn’t have a care in the world! Love and hugs!

  11. Ivy’s belly and Charlie’s tongue — just too cute!! I, too, never tire of your stories and photos.

    Have a lovely afternoon.

  12. Sounds as if you have had a busy day already. I am much like you and your interior decorator neighbor, I have always improved where I live even if renting. You want them place you spend time to be nice.

    I think it is so funny that now Charlie wants to be in the photos, he is so cute!

  13. A little sibling rivalry seems to be going on regarding the picture taking! I love the picture of Ivy in the window chasing her bug and Charlie watching her so intently! I have finally gotten most of my houseplants back in the house for winter. I leave my Christmas cactus on my covered back porch until they set buds and then I bring them in to enjoy. It is hard to believe it is almost November.

  14. Hi Brenda,
    Love reading about Ivy and Charlie. I think Ivy was the perfect choice for you and Charlie. Did you know Hallmark Cards are now sold at the dollar tree stores. Yep those $4.95 and up cards you can get for 50 cents to $1. I love it I can get real Hallmark cards at that cheap price. I hope you have some dollar tree stores near you.
    Have a great week.

  15. I look forward to reading about Ivy and her antics each day. And I never get tired of the pictures of Charlie, Ivy, and your home/patio.

    Take care and have a wonderful afternoon.

    1. I planted the daffodil bulbs, then took the rest I didn’t have room in the pots for to the manager to plant outside the office.

  16. A cute article today and I would say Charlie is a little jealous of you trying to take pictures of Miss Ivy. Those two are just adorable to watch you almost make me want to get another cat, but I’m doing good with one dog. I think I am best with a one-on-one animal. I hope your neighbor won’t leave and I look forward to seeing those daffodils in the spring. I need to go buy some narcissus bulbs and plant them; they are so fragrant during the holidays. I hope Ivy had success on her hunt as Charlie was certainly cheering her on and he wasn’t cowering away but seemed to be watching very intently. Too cute! Enjoy the afternoon!

    Carol and Molly

  17. Brenda, I’m getting such a kick out of the antics of Charlie and Ivy. I can’t have pets due to allergies, but am living vicariously through yours!!

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