Calendar wise, we are truly in the midst of summer. And boy is it hot. Humid hot. The kind that makes you wilt.

Not that I’m going much of anywhere. 

I guess I’m shocked that I’m still weak. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this. Like someone came along, scooped out about three quarters of me and left me that way.

I honestly don’t know when I can face getting dental work again. I would have to get beyond how I feel now and have it dim a bit in my memory.

I remember my granny had dentures. When she took them out it was one scary sight to me as a child.

What would you do if going to the dentist caused you to get shingles that lasted week upon week? I really want to know.

And then there’s poor Abi. I’ve been giving her the pills for her cough. First it was one twice per day. Then it was one once per day. 

Still, she was waking me up needing to go outside to urinate. I put puppy pads down. Sometimes she’ll use them, sometimes she won’t.

So I cut it down to one half a pill in the morning several days ago. 

Yesterday about 7 p.m. I was on my bed reading my Kindle and I felt something wet. 

It didn’t even look like urine. It was clear. So I guess the steroid is just making water go straight through her.

I got a towel and started soaking it up when I saw another big wet spot. If I have to guess, I’d say she urinated about ten times in half an hour. And then the next half hour.

I had taken off the bedding and laid down towels. In a blink they were wet and I was tossing them off and grabbing more. 

It was scaring her. I know it scared me. Charlie didn’t know what was going on.

I caught myself talking out loud: “Please let her be okay. Please let her be okay.” Because I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on.

This morning I’m one again washing all the bedding. I have the mattress pad stretched out across my wicker chairs out on the patio drying.

I washed the quilt last night and stretched it across the red chairs in my dining space. It’s dry. Working on the sheets now.

I talked to the vet’s office this morning, and they told me that the steroid does that. Once it’s built up in her system, that’s sometimes just how it goes. Literally.

I told them for now I will have to take her completely off of it. I’m still exhausted from being sick. They said it would take a few days to leave her system and that they’d tell Dr. Wendy.

Mercy me. 

I think in any other circumstance I might have just sat down on the floor and cried. But I didn’t want to frighten her even more.

My doctor’s office called yesterday and said to go on a pro-biotic. 

I got online at, since I’ve got Prime, and looked them up. However, for some odd reason it wasn’t going to arrive for about a week. 

So I ordered from this morning, and it said it should be here by Saturday. 

I hope things settle down because I’m too young to be shipped off to the old folks’ home. 

At this rate, it might be the funny farm.



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  1. Probiotics have been a positive for my immune system for 18 months! No sinus infections or upper respiratory infections, asthma improved.
    Took about three months to notice the improvement.
    My Internist suggested Vitamin Shoppe Probiotic Complex, 4 billion bacterial culture providing Catonsville acidophilus, l. Planetarium, l. Bulgarians, b. Pitiful, s. Thermopylae. Take one per day with meal.
    Vitamin Shoppe has a website if you don't have them in OK. Or, try to find the same supplement in a different brand.
    Hope you are better very soon!

  2. oh brenda! bless you. and little abi.
    I totally agree with ance's and diane's comments.
    my little cocker who lived to be 15 had a heart condition and she did the same thing.
    I bought a vinyl fitted sheet. then I put another plain fitted sheet over it. and a light blanket that could be washed every morning. we just had our own little routine. I showered every morning of course and then I cleaned her and put a light lotion on her undercarriage so she never burned.
    oddly enough she didn't pee as much in the daytime.
    so she got some air and freedom from it. AFTER she died they told me there was a med they could give her to help with it. well they KNEW about it!!! WHY didn't they do it! because of that I feel guilty to this day.
    one thing I don't regret. I was never impatient with her for it. she just couldn't help it. and so now I only have wonderful memories of love. she had a long life with me. I rescued her when she was a 6 week old puppy. she was spoiled rotten! and I would do it all over again!
    back then I never even thought of newborn diapers! and I guess now they even have them for little dogs.
    sending love and hugs to all three of you.
    and PLEASE drop your dentist! and get a new vet!!! XO

  3. I tho't I already wrote a comment on this post, but it's not here. Maybe I didn't click Publish. I don't think there was anything offensive in it! If there was, please tell me.

    I would just be at my wits' end still dealing with your shingles and then Abi's extremely frequent urinating. And on your bed, of course. I could relate to what you said about sitting down on the floor and boo-hooing. Too much to deal with.

    I'm glad you've spoken to the vet and gotten info about safely cutting Abi's dosage of the steroid. Poor little thing with her cough and all. I hope you can gradually cut her back to a level that won't make her pee so much and still help the cough.

    In answer to your question about what would I do about going to the dentist if I got shingles with the last two appointments. I think I would consult about it with your doctor.
    You could talk to the dentist, but I think you might get more impartial infor from the doctor. You could also get an opinion from another dentist that you haven't seen. I just think it's very strange that it has happened twice in a row. Maybe your immune system has been compromised but I'd guess that a lot of dental patients have somewhat compromised or stressed immune systems. Do they all get shingles? I think not. Talk to your doctor and see what she thinks. And don't go back to that dentist unless you find information that makes you comfortable enough to do that. Maybe never go back! There are lots of dentists out there to pick from.

    I hope things settle down for you and the pupsters in short order. Enough of this suffering!

    Take care and get well.

  4. I'm still stunned that you got Shingles twice from dental work. I would research and talk to a specialist about this. I wouldn't proceed until you are convinced you should go ahead.
    Our Yorkie would be on our laps and wet and we wouldn't even know it until we stood up. My friend uses little potty pants with pads in them. Crazy but if it continues you might think about that.
    I hope you start to bounce back soon.

  5. Brenda, can you eat yoghurt? I recommend a good quality yoghurt full of live probiotics. I use Fage brand. Dannon works. The cheap stuff is no good for this. If I have to take an antibiotic, which I avoid when possible, I just eat tons of yoghurt. It really helps.

  6. So sorry for all that you are going thru right now. I have to agree with Melanie on making a decision on how to proceed with dental work. I would want to discuss face-to-face with both the dentist and my primary care physician. I hope both doctors are being more responsive that it seems from what you have written. Also, I would check on the shingles vaccine. Many physicians recommend it for anyone after a certain age and many insurance plans cover the cost. Hope you improve rapidly!

  7. All this additional stress is not good for your shingles. Poor Abi. Are you aware there is a vaccine for Shingles. You should ask your primary care physician about it.

  8. All this additional stress is not good for the shingles. Do you know that there is a vaccine for the shingles? Once you are well you should ask your primary care physician about it.

  9. I'm on board with Saundra. Get some newborn disposable diapers so u can sleep. Put in in the daytime so she can get used to them. You both need sleep so u can heal. Very best wishes Vicki

  10. I'm glad you are going to be taking a probiotic – which is the acidophilus supplement I was telling you about yesterday. Your dr or dentist should've told you that in the first place with taking a strong antibiotic. Grr. You asked, what would you do if going to the dentist caused you to have shingles? I would first of all, talk to both the dentist and your dr and see what they suggest. Then I would research and read everything I could get my hands about this situation and also how to build up your immune system. I am sorry you're going through this, especially at the same time that your doggie is sick.

  11. Hi Brenda,
    My little Annabelle had the same reaction a few weeks ago when she was in steroids. After they got out of her system she was ok.
    My mom and grandma both had dentures. There were a few humorous accounts of her taking them out on a camping trip that I will never forget!
    I hope you and your sweet pups are feeling better soon.

  12. Oh Brenda, I feel so sorry for you. Hopefully this will all take a turn for the better real soon. I am sure that with you being sick you are stressed out enough. Don't think about the dentist at this time. Just get yourself and Abi feeling better for now. My prayers are with you.

  13. Brenda, so sorry about Abi and your continuing shingles. I recently had flu and it had taken over 2 weeks to recover. Still not 100%. I can't imagine how frustrated and impatient you are becoming.
    I also have 2 geriatric border collies and can sympathize with you on that level. Taking Lily to the vet today to check out a growth on her hip and recovery from her "old dog vertigo" attack in April. She still has to be carried up & down steps to go to the bathroom.
    I hope you'll feel better soon & Abi too.

  14. Brenda, please do not suddenly take her off steroids. They must be reduced very gradually. Maybe you need a new vet and why the hell didn't she explain that to you, obviously the people who assist her didn't even make that clear to you. Abi's cough is probably due to her heart condition you mentioned last week or so. Please call them back and ask how to safely eliminate the steroids. Her entire immune system can shut down unless you do it slowly. I've seen it happen
    and it wasn't pretty. Steroids will not take care of Abi's problem( whatever it is) they just relieve symptoms like severe scratching….that sort of thing. Please get a second opinion. I know how much you love those pups and I'm truly just trying to make sure you understand how serious Abi's situation can become very quickly. I almost wrote to you when you mentioned her heart condition, but I wasn't sure you'd understand exactly what I was trying to say and get you upset. It just makes me so angry to know they really aren't doing anything to help you and Abi. Wishing you great success with getting Abi feeling better. Also Brenda, you don't have to approve this message if you don't want to. I probably should have emailed you in the first place. But please let me know you rec'd this info.

  15. To answer your question, Brenda, about what I wd do if going to the dentist gave me shingles, I would definitely change dentists. I would have changed dentists after the first time, and now, after the second cleaning and it happened again, I would never, never, never go to that dentist again. Something must be wrong with their sterilization unit….

  16. Oh Brenda I wish I was nearby so I could help you. I feel your pain but can't do anything about it.
    Aside from having to wash all the bed clothes I know you are worried about Abi. I am most stressed when my cat is ill as animals can't tell you how they feel. Last time Dexter was ill and had to go to emergency we were in Florida on holiday and I just couldn't eat anything until he was on the mend. I even visited the Doctors office because I didn't know what was wrong with me!!
    I dop hope the vet can come up with a better solution for Abi.

  17. So sorry to hear about the pup. And I agree, get doggie diapers. If you take probiotics, the best, fastest etc is to take a liquid one. You keep it refrigerated. Amazon has them and you could get it the next day if you have amazon prime. I feel so badly for all you are going through. I know I would not be having any dental work done unless I was out of my mind with pain.

  18. Brenda, I have been following along with your troubles of late. I am truly sorry! Sometimes that "dark cloud" just seems to follow us and we can't shake it! I have a doxie who had back surgery. She is still unable to walk but we are getting there. I have 23 (I think) size small doggy diapers that do not fit her! (Probably because of her longer spine area). Want them for Abi? You are welcome to them and I will be happy to drop them in the mail today or tomorrow. Just say the word! Feel better. Take care of yourself and take care of Abi!

  19. Oh no! I hope that you and your pup are feeling better! It is scary when that happens with your pup. My late Munchen had Cushings disease and that happened to her when her medication was off. I cannot tell you how many sheets, quilts etc I washed. Sad for them and us.

    I have t be honest, i would be weary of going to the dentist if I had to suffer shingles. I do not blame you one bit.

    I hope that you have a good day.

  20. Brenda, I sure at this point you are absolutely, utterly, over stressed,but is there anyway you can get some infant throw-away diapers for Abi? I can't imagine the pain your ankle will be in today after your night. Sandy

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