There have been all kinds of kitty fun around here. The other night I woke up, sleeping on my left side, and there was a kitten across my head.

Gracie was spread out like a wet sack of potatoes sleeping away.

Now I’ve seen cats do lots of crazy things. But I’ve gone 64 years without one sleeping on my head.

Ivy’s Current Moodiness:

Ivy has been in a pissy mood lately. She came into the bedroom one evening, which she almost never does, and lay on my bed. Gracie couldn’t come near the bed and that’s her usual practice when I’m watching TV. Because Ivy wouldn’t let her.

Ivy growled and spit and made weird noises. After about an hour of this, Ivy jumped on the floor and threw up. I thought maybe that was what was making her so moody. But she kept acting odd until she finally retired to the living room.

In kitty fun and games Ivy is looking up toward the ceiling from the cupboard she's laying on.

Ivy typically stays in the living room at night when I’m watching TV or reading. She’s not one of those cuddly cats unless you’re combing her. (Thanks to the reader who sent me that comb; Ivy loves it.)

Neither one of these cats like to be picked up.

Last night I had a dream that Ivy became feral.

Silly Gracie:

At night when I’m attempting to sleep, Gracie usually wants to play. I’ll wake up and she’ll be laying on my chest when I’m on my back staring into my face. That’s an eye-opener.

In kitty fun and games both Ivy and Gracie are together on the couch.

Ivy wants Gracie’s food now no matter what kind of canned food I give to Ivy to appease her. So I have to watch them or Gracie will not get her fair share.

I can just put my finger close to Ivy’s face and she will back up. She’s a smart cat.

I still can’t figure out how or if I’m going to decorate for Christmas. Ivy never bothered a tree or any holiday decor. But I think Gracie will not be able to contain herself. She’s a very curious cat.


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  1. I used to have problems with my dogs wanting each others’ food. One was a large lab & the other a tiny Morkie. So One day I put the big dog’s food in the little bowl & the little dog’s food in the big bowl…problem solved! They both thought they were getting the others’ food & I had no more problems. Weird.

  2. I’ve had different cats over the years . I’m lucky none ever climbed my tree. I hang jingle bells around the bottom of my tree , they are not ornaments they are alarms . That way I know if anyone is getting a little to curious.

  3. Try wearing Gracie out after dinner. Laser light, fishing toy, whatever she likes to play with. Really moving and expending that energy. Hopefully then she’ll sleep and so can you!

  4. My cat, Baby Girl, pretty much leaves the tree alone. She does like to sleep underneath it and for some weird reason she will nibble on the tips of the lower branches. It’s an artificial tree too. My late cat, Jezebel, liked to climb the tree. She would climb the inner branches where we couldn’t see her, but we could see the tree moving so we would know she was in there.

  5. Hi Brenda,
    I had the same worries about a Christmas tree this year because I took in Simon at the end of May and he is also curious and can be a “wild child”. I had decided to downsize to a small tabletop tree this year. It came and I had to put it up to make sure the lights were working. Instead of taking it down and putting it back in the box, I decided to leave it up and decorate it for Thanksgiving as a sort of trial run to see how Simon would behave. I did pick Simon up and he let me hold him while I showed it to him and let him sniff. So far so good, he hasn’t paid any attention to it. Of all the cats I’ve had over the years, none of them bothered the tree. One used to like to sleep under it and one would pick one ornament each year to bat at, but other than that it was fine. Margie in CA

  6. My cat Hobbs was with me for 22 years until he had a stroke and passed on, He was a rescue, and was approximately 6 months old when I adopted him from our local shelter. For 22 years I’d wake up with Hobbs laying across my head, he weighed a hefty 19 lbs. How I miss that sweet boy! Enjoy your beautiful girls

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