Best Way To Mount Curtain Brackets Over Vertical Blinds

I suppose at some point vertical blinds were trendy. Apartment complexes and other rentals still seem to like to use them for some reason.

So those of us renting are often stuck with them.

I wanted a way to hang my blackout curtains to hide those blinds.

I did some research and came upon something called “No-No Brackets.”

In Best Way To Mount Curtain Brackets Over Vertical Blinds, here are the No-No brackets I discovered

What I Ordered:

Both patio doors have vertical blinds. A set of three, which I thought was about the right amount of brackets for the patio door size, cost me $19.99. I ordered 2, one for each patio door.

With No-No Brackets there is no need to put holes in your walls. That’s the best part. You won’t be making your landlord angry.

The process of attaching these brackets is quite simple. You just mount the brackets on top of the vertical blinds!

The brackets you simply put on top of the vertical blinds

How It Works:

You put the bracket hardware over the top of the vertical blinds and then tighten it in place. It’s so easy!

I wish I’d found this solution before. At the other apartment, I mounted hardware into the walls.

And then I was afraid to take them down and bring them with me because I knew the wall behind them would look awful with the holes left behind.

So I brought the curtain rods with me and left the brackets behind. Upon finding the No-No Brackets, I knew I could just use what I’d brought with me and the No-No Brackets would take care of hanging them.

In Best Way To Mount curtain Brackets over Vertical Blinds, the brackets went on easy and quickly

Easy & Fast Process:

Voila! I had my curtains hung in no time. Teri and I did it together.

We took turns on the step stool. She’s still stiff and hurting from her fall, and I’m wearing a walking boot climbing a step ladder. We’re quite a pair.

If you have vertical blinds and hate looking at them, I suggest getting grommet curtains and the No-No Brackets to mount them over the blinds.

Grommet curtains are best to use with No-No Brackets because you can hide the ends of the brackets by pulling the curtain over them.

These are the curtains I ordered back in 2019 from Amazon. I had three sets. And will probably order one more for the second bedroom.

The curtains I brought from my old apartment and am using here as well

The Curtains I’m Still Using Here:

It would have been fun to order all new curtains for a new look, but that gets pricey. And moving is pricey enough. So I just hung the same curtains I had at the other apartment.

I still have 3 windows I want to put hang curtains on. Kendra is coming over with the kids on Friday night and said she’d help.

Here is a video so you can watch someone put these up for yourself.

By the way, Teri and I together got the bookcase that was in the hallway into the second bedroom and now the wall looks much cleaner. (One of you mentioned doing this).

We’ve tried editing clutter from the rooms, and I think we’re just about there.

The second bedroom and the two closets are still kind of a mess though.

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  1. Curtains really have a way of bringing a room together and warming a space – love the red and white curtains! I’m not a fan of vertical blinds either and had them in one rental….of course I covered them with drapes too, like you did!!

  2. That’s a good solution to know about – thanks for the tip! The curtains look great – they add softness, color, and personality! It’s all looking so good!

  3. You really know how to get moved and decorate! I have a question. Do you have any windows in your living room, not counting your sliding doors?J

  4. Clever contraptions to hang curtains from an existing vertical blinds rod. It’s amazing the ideas people come up with. I love your curtains, the pattern and the white with red is absolutely beautiful, they are elegant without being over the top .

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the bracket information. We bought a house, which have blinds, and I didn’t want to put holes in the walls.

  6. What a great invention. But where r u going to hang the red and white checked curtains? Your home is darling🤩

  7. Appreciate your research, Brenda…never heard of that way to hang curtains before…great idea!! Will file away in case needed at our next abode.

  8. Oh, I really like those brackets – great idea. I’ve always loved your curtains. They are perfect in your living room. Can’t wait to see what you do in the other rooms. I think curtains add a finishing touch to a room.

  9. You go girl, everything is coming together nicely! I’m so enjoying your journey and new chapter of your life in your new home.

  10. Those brackets are great! Wish I’d known about them two years ago when I moved into this apt. Getting ready to move into a brand new home soon.

  11. Whoever invented these brackets – brilliant! I love your red and white curtains, too. Really adds to the cheer of the room.

  12. Brenda, Love the curtains; just the right touch of color. The no-no brackets were a genius idea. I wish I could find a genius idea for mounting things on a heavily textured wall without making holes. Your new home is really coming together. I’m loving it. Sandy

  13. That makes the room! Very cozy. I am so glad Teri is such a big help and you both can laugh over what limits you right now but it won’t keep either of you down.

  14. Those brackets are amazing. Thanks for sharing that info. Your curtains are so pretty. Don’t really think you need new ones, unless you just want to change the color. Everything is looking really good.

  15. Wow! Those no no brackets are genius! Thanks for sharing that information with us. Your curtains look great. Did you ever ask Kendra about that toilet seat riser?

  16. Those brackets are genious. The curtains look great, and pull everything together.
    It will be nice to have Kendra’s fresh eyes and thoughts, and wonderful to spend time with your family. I hope her challenges are settling down, and she’s able to make progress on her own home.
    The thought of pots of flowers next door is delightful – can daffodils be far behind?

  17. Look at that! The curtains look pretty and the brackets are a nice idea! I’m impressed with how much you (and Teri) have accomplished in less than a month. Hope Teri is mending ok. You sound happy.

  18. I love the way the curtains look! Those brackets are great and just what you needed! It sure is nice when you research for something and find exactly what you need!

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