The Dining Space Is Finished

I just put the finishing touches on my dining space. I’ve hung all the paintings on the wall in there that I wanted to use to define that area.

Teri brought some house plants over that she was holding for me yesterday. So I have a few of them in there as well to add to the theme.

She’s still not doing that well, so since we’re both hobbling around, we kept it to a few hours.

We did get curtains hung on both of the patio doors; the living room, and my bedroom.

In the dining space is finished, I show you the paintings I put on the wall

A Clean Tranquil Look:

I wanted a clean and more tranquil look in here. So I only used paintings of flowers and plants in a neutral shade.

There’s so much color in the living space that I thought these paintings would balance things out.

I like the addition of the house plants. House plants soften the angles of a room and they’re great in a corner.

My ponytail palm house plant is in the corner of my dining room

The Addition Of House Plants:

Just like at that ponytail palm! It grew huge staying outdoors some of last summer. And obviously, Teri took good care of it in the months it lived with her.

Thanks, Teri, for being such a fantastic friend! I can never, ever repay you.

I put the ponytail palm in a bucket because it’s in a red pot and I didn’t want to deflect from the neutral look going on in there.

In the dining space is finished, a close up of the ponytail plant

It’s easily twice as big as it was when I bought it sometime in the last year or so.

I love the way the strands of green fall in a sort of undulating fashion.

Information On The Ponytail Palm Plant:

The trunk of the ponytail palm is called a caudex. And it actually isn’t a palm at all.

They tolerate dry conditions well, which makes them perfect for the low humidity of most indoor conditions.

You can give your ponytail palm a break from the indoors by moving it outside during the summer. Which is what I did. And it grew so much bigger while outdoors.

Yellow flowers from Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s Flowers:

These flowers have fully opened up and are so beautiful.

I have bought these same flowers a number of times at Trader Joe’s because of the longevity of the blooms.

I’m blanking on the name of them though. So comment if you know what these flowers are called so I can stop driving myself crazy trying to dig it out of my brain!

In the dining space is finished, another house plant in the dining area

This plant is on the other side of the door going into my kitchen.

I’ll get a better overall photo for you, but it’s a little difficult with the couch placement in the middle. I’ll work on that. I will get a photo soon of the whole area.

Apartment Living Is Still Living:

So, even if you live in an apartment built back in the seventies, with dark wood cabinets in the bathroom and not much modernization at all, you can still live well and happily.

My motto is, “If something is driving you crazy, do your best to come up with a way to cover it up.”

Just get creative.

Some people think that living in an apartment is just a temporary situation and they don’t try to decorate their home.

But however long you live in it, whether it’s just a short time or forever, it is still your home. And a home deserves to be loved. And you deserve to have a cozy, comfy home.

Live In The Moment:

We never know what will happen tomorrow, so it is a disservice to not make your home feel special.

I think it’s an insult to yourself because everyone should look around them and be able to smile at what they see.

You don’t have to be rich or have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and all that is trendy. In fact, being different gives your home more personality.

It shouldn’t matter where you live. It should matter “how” you live.

The yellow flowers in the center of my dining table

The Doctor Visit:

The news from the ankle doctor yesterday wasn’t as dire as I’d feared. He thinks he can get me back to walking better with physical therapy. And for now, that means wearing the dreaded walking boot to protect it.

I asked about laser therapy at his office and he said Medicare doesn’t cover it.

Then I went to the chiropractor. They’ve been using the laser on my ankle there, so I asked the doctor about Medicare not covering it.

He said he was throwing that in and not charging me for it.

I’ve left great reviews online for him because he goes out of his way to help you.

If you really love a business, give them an online review. Because if you’re like me, those reviews help me make my decision about who to use or see or where to go.

The house plant on the other side of the door leading to my kitchen

Content In My New Home:

So each day, I’m feeling better and better about my choice of where I’m now living.

At first, I thought the apartment patios and yards being close to mine might feel a little strange. A little “too close for comfort”.

But it has surprised me that I actually find it soothing.

I can see that Ron to the side of me has already put out pansies in pots. It is so nice to know that people around here care about how things look and try to make their yards and patios aesthetically pleasing.

I didn’t see that where I lived before.

It is an inspiration just to walk around and look at what everyone has done outside their apartments.

My Bedroom:

I’ve just about got my bedroom in a place where I can photograph it and show you.

The fireplace, at the urging of many of you, has gone in there.

And the paintings I hung, as in the dining space, run in a certain calming theme.

So I’ll post about my bedroom in the next day or so.


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  1. You’ve found your vision and layout for your home decor and it’s looking great! Your plants make a nice difference. The kitchen was the most difficult room for me to organize and decorate – not that it’s anything fancy, but it is comfy and functional now. I’m always tweaking things. It’s a happy thing that you see the good in your new community of seniors who share a love of garden things. It’s a comfort to live in the midst of people who care about their homes and gardens as they enjoy where they live. I figured that you are missing your garden patio and the joy it afforded you, so I hope you’ll come up with a new design vision, one that’s easier on you physically, for this shady patio as spring arrives, may there be joy to be discovered as you do so. It’ll be an experiment of sorts to see how much color in plantings you can find for outside. Don’t be afraid to ask for trees to be trimmed to allow more light to filter through. Never hurts to ask. I just found drapes for my bedroom yesterday and I hope they hang nicely. It’ll be nice to have things done s9 the room will feel more restful. It’s been a bit of a shock to finally (Covid) go to stores and find there is a very low inventory of home decor or none at all. I felt fortunate to find something at a good price. Prices have risen.

  2. Brenda, your post are fun to read and see pictures each day. You are creative with decorating, love the dining room pictures. I look forward to seeing what you are doing each day. You and Terri sound like very good friends, happy you have her to help you. Hope medical problems improve so you can be more active. I go for therapy on back, and it has been helpful, hope the therapy will help you. Keep up the decorating post, I plan to fix an arrangement for my dining room table similar to one you have on table. Have a blessed day!

  3. I love what you wrote about apartment living. When I was first married, many, many years ago, I loved my first apartment and though we had little money, I enjoyed decorating it to the best of my ability and even though we only lived in it for a few months before we bought a house, I loved that apartment and it truly was home to us while we were there. Your new apartment looks a lot bigger than your last one and once again you are performing your magic in transforming it into a beautiful, cozy place to be.

  4. I write reviews quite often and have found it to be worth the time & effort. It’s important to me to make sure positive comments are made since so many people only complain & forget the good normal efforts that people make. I do post negative comments but make sure they are limited to facts & not emotions (so they frequently don’t get written for a day or two).

    Being nice to a a service person is worth a smile. I’ve been behind some complainers in line and make sure my time with them is happy even when I’m frustrated. And I may start out saying ‘I’m frustrated and need some help please’; even if they are grumpy they usually try to be nice – if not, then they are having a bad day and I don’t want to make it worse. I sure wish I could say I have always been that way but I haven’t.

    Going thru drive-thru places these last 2 years has been good & was always nice to see when someone behind the counter/window smiled or at least recognized that someone was trying to make their day a little better.

    It’s so nice to see how you are making your new place your home. It’s good to see you settle in and know the kitties are safe too.

  5. The arrangement of pictures in the dining room looks terrific! It’s amazing how much plants can transform a space. I always buy those flowers at Trader Joe’s because they last for two weeks, but darned if I know what they’re called! You’re so right about making your house a “home.” It’s got to be a sanctuary from the outside world. Hoping the PT and chiropractor make a big difference!

  6. I love the group of paintings on your dining room wall. The colors are soothing and the arrangement is very pleasing to the eye. The ponytail palm looks great, but will it get enough light in your dining room? They need bright light.

    I agree with you about making any place you live, an attractive, cozy home. We lived in two different apartments when we were first married and I loved decorating them and making them as pretty as possible.

    Good news on your ankle – glad you don’t need surgery.

    1. I’ll probably have to move it somewhere else to get that bright light for it. For now I’m just trying to put plants out of Gracie’s reach while I get settled in!

  7. The dining room is absolutely lovely. Simple, yet elegant and serene. I find it can take a number of weeks to get everything so it feels just right, so be patient with yourself as you live into your wonderful new home.

  8. Your decorating and organizing is coming along splendidly, Brenda. I love the floral theme in the wall decor. Also the addition of the green plants adds so much.

    So glad you made this move. Glad the news on your ankle was better than expected. I hope it gets better and better so you can do your gardening soon.

  9. Brenda,
    your dining room looks so “Springy”. I really love the way you have created a gallery wall. I particularly love the fern print. I bought a white quilt embroidered with green ferns years ago from Pottery Barn. I stalked it for about two plus years, until it went on clearance. I rotate my bedding sets from season to season. Rooms can feel so different just by changing out accessories, art work and pillows and throws; which you are pretty much the expert at!
    The flowers are alstroemerias, otherwise known as “Lilly of the Incas”. The Trader Joe in Olympia, Wash. where I shop, usually carries them in white/pink or pinkish/plum colors.
    I’m happy to hear your favorable news on your ankle. Your Dr. sounds amazing!
    Have a great day playing in your new “Cozy House”!

  10. Things are coming along beautifully, Brenda! I love your ponytail palm! I’ve never heard of them before. I may look into getting one for my little place! I’m really enjoying following along as you get settled into your next chapter!
    I’m also glad the news about your ankle wasn’t as bad as you feared it might be. I hope physical therapy will bring you some relief!

  11. Your new apartment is looking more and more like home. It’s so obvious that you’re happy, Brenda.
    The dining room looks exquisite and the plant is in the perfect location.

    Love it all and can’t wait to read your blog every morning.

  12. Tis a fact, Brenda…not all of us are near so talented in decor as you are!! It looks so nice…but better yet is how happy you seem there!!

  13. Your dining room looks pretty, and know you look forward to using it and sharing it with your Family on your special luncheons with daughters and grands, sometimes. So glad you are feeling happy and content with your chosen new home. I think it looks great and I could feel safe living there alone..and I haven’t lived alone in many years…so good for you on your great choice! Good news that hopefully therapy will help you, rather than surgery. Thank you for sharing your progression and decor. Looking forward to Spring and Summer in your new garden area.

  14. Your dining room is relaxed and inviting like the others. The plants you chose are perfect. Making friends in the winter is good to hear. I believe that is easier in the summer. Your move seems to have make you happier.
    Are those Star Gazer Lillies?

  15. The flowers are pretty and I love the ponytail palm! Your making it home more and more every day! Nice!

  16. The flowers are alstroemerias. They are not super toxic to cats, but might upset their tummies if they eat them. I’m sure you already know this though. Your apartment is coming along so nicely!

    1. I move the flowers to the kitchen when I go out. Otherwise I can see the cats at the table from my chair if they get up there and get interested in them.

  17. That pony tail plant looks so good in that corner. We have one that is currently outside and just barely resting in the dirt. I’m not sure that is right. The pictures in the dining room are lovely. Can’t wait to see how you handle the drapes and the sliders.

  18. I meant to comment here but somehow ended up at earlier dining room post. I’m pretty sure those are alstroemerias not freesias. I just looked at them both online.

  19. The name of the flowers finally came to me. They’re alstroemeria. Told you it started with an a! My brain works slowly lol. And those of us with slow brains should all have a ponytail plant. The don’t get all mad and die if you kinda forget to water them sometimes. And you’re welcome! Helping you has been my pleasure and we’ve had fun.

  20. Hi Brenda
    It looks like you and your kitties are settling into your new how very nicely
    Everything is coming together beautifully and I am enjoying watch the process. Here’s to a good outcome as you receive treatment for your foot.

  21. I love those flowers, and they last a good long time. You and Teri make a good team; it all looks lovely.

    I agree with you about reviews. I try to write a complimentary one whenever I receive a good product or service.

  22. I just read the previous comment that said they were something lilies.
    Lilies are highly toxic to cats,so be careful!

  23. Brenda~
    The beautiful , long lasting flowers you’ve purchased from Trader Joe’s are Freesia.
    “Freesia is a genus of herbaceous perennial flowering plants in the family Iridaceae, first described as a genus in 1866 by Christian Friedrich Ecklon and named after the German botanist and medical practitioner, Friedrich Freese. ” Wikipedia
    they can be easily grown..

    1. Lou, I agree about the freesias, that’s what they have been labeled when I bought them. They are non toxic to cats.

  24. I love the soothing tones you used to define your dining room, Brenda – and the Ponytail Palm is just perfect in that corner, it adds such a cozy feel! I’m sure the drapes are now upping the coziness factor also – drapes and houseplants both do so much to warm a space. Hoping you and Teri both feel better soon!

  25. Yes, I agree with Barbara, the flowers are Alstroemeria. I really like them a lot too. Was going to mention the name the first time you posted, but actually had to look up the spelling! Like your calm colors in the dining area. Just enough without being overwhelming. Everything looks nice. And yes, I would think it would be comforting to have nice neighbors close by who also happen to care about their place.

  26. The flowers are alstromeria lilies. They’re so beautiful and last a long time. Your dining room wall is lovely and soothing.

  27. I think the flowers are alstroemeria. Your new place looks really good – a very good upgrade for you.

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