1. So sad about Charlie. I hope he will be ok for a long, long time. :0( . I understand your concerns..our pets are our babies, for usre………..Your wall switch up looks great..the macrame is pretty……and .hope you had a great adventure on your outing to tell us about….. I understand about allergies…mine get worse and worse each day with A G E .. wow. One Day at a Time. :0) Be Blessed…

  2. I do feel for Charlie, poor baby. And for you, too, Brenda, as I know how hard it is to watch or beloved fur babies struggle with aging and health problems. I know you are doing all you can to help him. I think you have to take it one day at a time and not focus too much in the future to keep your equilibrium in dealing with the situation. I hope tomorrow is a good day for both you and Charlie. Give him pats from me and tell him what a good, good boy he is.

    Glad you are getting a bit of cooler weather at night. Maybe that signals a break into Fall. Hope so for your comfort.

    I like your changes on the living room wall. That piece of macrame is really beautiful. Did you make it? Or are there two of them? I can’t remember. Anyway the new arrangement looks nice.

    Take care and be good to yourself.

  3. Brenda, You had me crying with this post. It is so very sad, to see our dear pets get old and have health problems. Charlie is sure hanging in there, like a real trouper. I feel so bad for you, I know how much it hurts. But the Love you share, brings happiness to you both, for as long as you have each other. Hang in, dear Brenda, You and Charlie and Ivy too, are always in my prayers. Big hugs from WI

  4. Brenda,

    This picture of Charlie is so special. You know he has my heart. You are both often in my thoughts.

  5. It is so hard watching our fur kids get old. I found it so difficult seeing my orange tabby becoming frailer. Charlie is very blessed to have someone love him as much as you do. The exercises sound hard but necessary. You are doing what is in your power to do in order to help him.
    It must be a relief to have a break in the heat.

  6. Age is not a friend to man or beast. To live takes courage and you and Charlie are exemplary at it. He’s fighting and trying God bless him. He is a little trooper. Love that boy.

  7. Poor Charlie. I feel so bad for him. It has cooled down a lot from last week here. It feels great. I am going to try and get out and walk outside now, xo Laura

  8. Feeling helpless is the worst – knowing there’s so little you can do to help Charlie with aging and the infirmities aging brings to all of us in various ways. You are a good mommy, you make him as comfortable as he can be, you feed him well, you care for him well, you are with him nearly all the time and when you do have to leave him and Ivy at home, you are never gone for very long. I hope you went for a nice ride and took Charlie along so he could feel the air on his face. We have to enjoy nice weather as much as possible while we have it! Along with seemingly everything else these days, one can no longer depend upon the seasons to act like they should!

  9. Poor Charlie. I feel bad for him just reading about him and his aging problems. Clementine went to the vet again yesterday, too. She started some new holistic therapy for her anxiety and obsessive skin chewing. Four different medications from the vet dermatologist didn’t work, so we’re now taking a different approach.

    I like the textures of the things on your wall. Very pretty.

  10. Sweet ❤ Charlie.
    Sorry your little guy is suffering. I know firsthand what you are going through. We had to put our beloved pooch Gidget down this summer. Things are not the same here. A deep sadness. Our other sweetheart Missy is having lonely issues with Gidget no.longer with us. Very sad for all of us. Hopeful, to rescue a (older) pooch soon. Missy needs a brother or sister. Thsnks for shsring Brenda.All the best …….

  11. Since it is a beautiful day out….go out and enjoy the sunshine! You can clean closets when the winter weather sets in. Sorry to hear Charlie is having a hard time.

  12. Sorry for poor Charlie…so hard to grow old!! I am watching essentially the same with my husband!! Youth was so fleeting…take care of yourself!!

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