We just got home from acupuncture and strength training. I am to take him in on Monday morning to do more strength training so he will get it more often.

The vet said that his tongue looks the best she’s seen it. And overall his health seems better.

There’s not much we can do with the trachea. I give him small measured doses of hydrocodone cough syrup that the other vet prescribed when he coughs too much. About all you can do, they tell me.

But we can work on his back legs, which were deteriorating rapidly.

The vet said his neck seemed much less tense today after they did that laser treatment last week. She said if he’s still doing better next week we will taper off the acupuncture a bit and focus on his back/leg strength training.

That would save me about $70 per week not to have the acupuncture. She said if we can stretch it to two weeks I can save a bit of money.

Of course when it comes to your pets, you’ll do most anything. Pay anything. To take care of them. That’s just what we do.

Ivy managed to dig a bit of dirt out of one of my plant pots, I saw this morning. Not much. I moved it farther away and it’s pretty high up already.

However Ivy is about two feet long not counting her tail, so she can stretch herself out quite a bit, the little silly.

She doesn’t seem interested in eating the plant leaves. She just wants to dig in the dirt and pull the leaves off and leave it for me to clean up. The plants that are within her range at all are not toxic.

I started stringing beads on some yarn yesterday. Boy, Ivy was all over that! She would pull at my yarn and dig in my craft box I had next to me. Once she dug something out while I wasn’t looking and dragged it off.

But surprisingly after I saw it in the bath tub, she decided to bring it back and put it back in my craft box!

Who knows what goes through this cat’s brain?

A mourning dove marching across my roof. Reminds me of seeing N. Korean soldiers I’ve seen on TV marching in formation for some reason.

Last night I finished watching “Collateral.” There are so many wonderful shows and movies on Netflix. I feel that I’m more than getting my money’s worth at $8.95 a month. I didn’t care for anything on the cable network anyway.

I also finished the book I was reading and will be starting something new.


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  1. I am so glad Charlie has improved .I love how Ivy goes to the bath tub with her treasures !
    She is very smart .
    So glad you are better also .
    Love your Boho look ! I love the bright and vivid colors .
    Take care the weekend is coming up again where does the time go ?

  2. I’m very happy to hear that Charlie is doing so well, Brenda. I wonder if Ivy will ever become a more sedate lady cat as she gets older. Hardly seems likely, does it? Hard to imagine at any rate.

    A beautiful day today. Sunny and bright and a coolish temp. I drove the hour over to see my daughter and her family. I am going once a week now to help her with some projects. Today we did some cleaning on her front porch. She has a lot of plants and we pruned some of them and swept up the floor and rearranged some things. We will continue next week getting the porch ready for Fall and Winter. Then on to the enclosed back porch which has become a terrible catch-all! But we are determined to best it before the snow flies!

    Tomorrow I will concentrate on my own back porch and yard. Can’t wait to get to the weeds again!

    Take care, Brenda, and tell Ivy for me that she must NOT get tangled up in your yarn! NOR play in the plant dirt! Just give Charlie some pats and tell him I said he is a good dog–one of the best.

  3. What is the title and author of the book you just finished? It sounded very interesting but I didn’t see the title listed.

  4. So glad to hear the treatments are helping Charlie. We breathe so much easier when our babies are ok.
    I’ve discovered the world of the BBC and love their historical period pieces. “ Downton Abbey” is coming out I think this month as a movie and I’ll go to the theater to see that. Also, if you have Amazon Prime there are many shows and movies available to you free. I just watched a preview of a series from the BBC on Amazon last night so I’ll be exploring that a bit more. I’m in between books and feel a bit lost so I’m planning a trip to the library soon.
    Heat us in the nineties again but no rain or wind leftover from Dorian yet. Terrible what people in the islands experience. I think the days of glorious coastal living are numbered. I do believe climate change is real.
    Hope your day goes well and you can relax and regroup with your little charges.

  5. I’m so happy to hear that Charlie is doing better. It would be great if you could cut back to every other week, but of course I know that oyu will do whatever is best for him. xo Laura

  6. Good to hear that Charlie seems to be having a positive response to some of his treatments. And I hope you’re improving, too, Brenda. And your use of color with the boho look is beautiful!

  7. Had to repot a money tree plant and put it on the floor. Well Norah has discovered it and finds it very intriguing. Those little scamps. I do so hope you can cut back on the Accupuncture puncture for Charlie. So glad to hear it is helping him.

    1. Is there something you can put it on to lift it up away from her? Sure you’ve already thought of that. I don’t have plants lower than 3 feet off the floor.

      1. And even then I pack things on the surface around the plant because Ivy won’t tread where she can’t see her foot being placed. She is too big to jump much higher than a few feet.

    1. A little better. I figured out that he doesn’t like the powdered supplements for his heart and muscles. I figure his medicine is more important than the powder, so have left the powder off since yesterday.

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