Unexpected Moon Flower & Charlie

Charlie is holding his own. He just wants to be near me and that’s exactly where he is. We go in to the vet for his rehydrating at 12:30.

For those of you who think I should let him go now, that would be in some ways the easiest thing. Because of course my heart is breaking.

But Dr. Poteet thinks we should give him a chance. He’s taken care of Charlie for nearly 9 nine years and I trust him. So that’s what we’re doing.

Night before last I was standing just outside the French door. And to my left along the fence I saw this big white moonflower. I thought the seeds had not germinated and had written them off a long time ago.

Sometimes you see something that is completely unexpected but quite welcome. A gift. This stunning moonflower glowed white in the darkness and spanned about 5-6 inches.

I thought of Abi. My sweet silly Abi. Of how much I miss her and what joy she brought to my life. And I wondered, in that way we look for guidance, if she was somehow there with me.

If she had brought me that special flower that I so love to soothe me.

Moonflower signifies dreaming of love in the floral language.

By morning it had closed up, as though it was holding a precious secret inside.

“She seemed fragile like a moonflower – destined to bloom for a single lovely night, and then to fade and fall.” – Juliet Marillier


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  1. Brenda, Sorry to hear about Charlie. You will know when to let go, don’t let anyone tell you differently . Charlie knows you love him and will always do what is right for him. Have faith that Abi will be there for him when the time comes. In the mean time take care of both Charlie and Ive and of course yourself. My prayers are with you.

  2. No one knows what’s best for Charlie except for you and his vet. Both of you have watched over him for years and you know that sweet boy better than anyone. To often even an opinion, I think is rude. You’re a very smart & caring woman and I’d trust your judgement with my very own pets. Take care & be well

  3. I too, believe the moonflower was a sign from Abie ~ that she will always be with you, and that if Charlie SHOULD happen to cross the Rainbow Bridge, she will look after him ~

  4. Brenda, listen to your heart and only you will know when it’s time to say goodbye to Charlie!
    My heart goes out to you and I’ll pray that Charlie gets better soon!
    Stay safe and be well!

  5. I don’t for a second think you should let him go. Not yet. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain. I’m sure if he was your vet would let you know. It is never an easy decision and you will second guess yourself every day. I have done it with 2 pets . One day they are fine and the next you think you should let them go, then the next day they are fine again. You will know. You don’t seem like the type of person to prolong his life if he is suffering. Just take care of him and don’t listen to anyone else. Just listen with your heart. You will know when it is time. Hugs to you and Charlie. pam

  6. I’m sure the Moon flower is a sign from Abi that Charlie’s health will improve. It is also a good sign that he is eating and drinking ! My prayers for you and Charlie !

  7. It’s so sad losing a pet , they are family . I can only say if you have to make that horrible decision , in your you will know when . :(. Sending prayers .

  8. Blessings to you and Charlie for peace and comfort. Please do only as your heart dictates. For us animal lovers I have always felt we know when it is time to say goodbye to our beloved animal. If Charlie isn’t in distress then just love him and keep him near.

  9. Brenda,
    you have so many people that are praying for you and “Charlie.” The Moon flower blooming is a sign of something… possibly an angel in some form. Have a peaceful weekend.


  10. Dear Brenda;
    Sending love and best wishes to you and Charlie. I pray for a recovery and more time for you to be together.

  11. What lovely words about the moonflower.
    Do what feels right.
    Listen only to positive comments and ignore the rest.
    Only you know what is right.
    Love & Prayers.

  12. I think things look positive too. I also think most of us have been in this kind of situation and would and have done the same things you have done. One of my dogs–Ella–has congestive heart failure and the acupuncture treatments are now for her heart, lungs, kidneys, and well-being. I think you are doing the right thing, but don’t let anyone tell you otherwise if you don’t feel as if it is the right thing to do. We do what we can for the one’s in our lives that we love so much.
    Sending healthy thoughts and love your way for Charlie and you.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

  13. Only you and you alone are the deciding factor on Charlie’s care so going to the ends Of the earth To keep him comfortable and happy next to you is exactly what I would be able to live with as well. Making a rash judgement is how people chose to act and Speak and just take a look at the results of that so do what is in your dear sweet heart always.

  14. Praying for what is best for you and Charlie. ❤️🐾 Reading your post sent chills down my spine. I’m a firm believer in signs sent to us. Whether from our loved ones or God. They are meant to be a special comfort. ❤️❤️❤️

  15. I’m so sorry about Charlie. I think you are doing what you should be. He will let you know when it’s time. Just hold him close til that time comes.

  16. DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WITH CHARLIE!!! You will know. And it would be horrible to let someone influence you and for you to forever have regrets.

    Fortunately because our lives revolve around our pets we don’t even consider what would make it easier for us. We only consider what is best for them. So only listen to yourself for the answers for this.

    And if turns out that the end is near, how comforting to know that Abby is there waiting for him.

  17. Brenda, I agree that you should leave no stone unturned to help Charlie. I did the same thing for Romeo. Every extra day with our baby is precious.

  18. Good morning Brenda,

    DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE BUT YOURSELF! You know your sweet Charlie, and you are not going to let him suffer; when you and your vet think it is time to let Charlie go then it is the time, not when someone else tells you.

    Hold your sweet boy and chairish your time with him. Praying for your both.

    1. He is drinking water and just ate some of his prescription canned food. Abi wouldn’t eat or drink at all. So I see this as positive.

  19. Hi Brenda. I am glad you are giving Charlie a chance to be with you and Ivy for awhile longer. Dr. Poteet knows your sweet boy and would only give you the best advice even if it were not good. So hang in there with Charlie. I think the moonflower is a sign too. I think there is always hope. As long as he is not in pain or discomfort and still eating and engaging you are doing the right thing.
    I am praying for sweet Charlie.

    1. Dr. Poteet said his advice was to rehydrate him for a certain number of days and then check him again. He said he is not as sick as Abi was. And if we’re lucky, he said, we just might be able to keep him around awhile longer. He will be 14 September 18.

  20. What a sweet surprise the moonflower blossom is! Hoping Charlie gets better. Hang in there!

  21. I love Dr Poteet. bless him. and bless you dear Brenda.
    and if Charlie can just make it through this hot and humid summer… you may just have him much longer. I’m holding good thoughts. I think the moon flower blooming just now is a sign.
    it will be alright. xoxo

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