Tabletop Christmas Decor Ideas

I’ve chosen 6 of my favorite tabletop Christmas decor ideas created by bloggers that I would like to share with you. If you don’t know them, you might even want to check out their blog.

Some people just have the knack for knowing what to put where. I admire someone who can draw the eye to a surface like a magnet.

In Tabletop Christmas Decor Ideas, I used a collage to put the photos together

Here are 6 holiday tabletops that inspired me this year and gave me ideas for decorating my apartment.

Coffee Table Display:

Virginia Sweet Pea used a vintage Coca-Cola crate to create a coffee table display.

It is simple with fragrant greenery, a candle, and a wooden Christmas tree. She added a few sticks found in nature to add to her vignette.

The result is a nature scene with a bit of color to accent the display.

Candles & Trees:

Liz at Love Grows Wild decorated her coffee table with a tray filled with white Christmas trees and birch candles.

And the result is a scene that is neutral and natural.

The tray mimics the roundness of her glass coffee table.

A Christmas Village:

These two bloggers created a village on the surface of a piece of furniture. There they displayed white ceramic houses and brass bottle brush trees
Photo credit Deb & Danelle

Deb & Danelle always inspire me. Here they used a farmhouse sideboard and created a village. It has a variety of white ceramic houses and bottle brush trees.

When looking for inspiration, I tend to visit the Deb & Danelle blog because I love their style and vintage decor.

Traditional Christmas Colors:

First Day Of Home opted to use the surface of her coffee table to create a beautiful Christmas arrangement. She used a Christmas table runner as her base.

Next to that gorgeous Christmas tree, her table display adds even more colorful cheer.

A Vintage Holiday Arrangement:

The Liz Marie Blog always has gorgeous settings for holidays in her farmhouse. She created a vintage Christmas tabletop vignette.

This girl definitely has the knack to know “what to put where.” And as a result, I think she has had a couple of decorating books published recently.

Small Tabletop Tree:

In Tabletop Christmas Decor Ideas, this blogger fashioned a cute little Christmas tree in a rectangular wicker basket in front of a wall mirror.
Photo credit Handmade Farmhouse

Handmade Farmhouse has become one of my favorite blogs. She just seems to have that magic touch when it comes to decorating.

In this photo, she added a small Christmas tree to a wicker tray in front of a mirror.

I hope if you haven’t already decorated all of your tabletop surfaces, these 6 bloggers might give you inspiration. As it did for me.

Doctor’s Visit:

I saw my ankle surgeon yesterday afternoon. He told me to wear the cam boot when I’m not sleeping or showering. Or driving of course, since it’s my right foot.

There is medication waiting for me at the pharmacy.

His wife is my ankle therapist. She will call me to set up physical therapy visits. She’s helped me a lot over the years since the break.

The doctor said he could give me a shot (I’m assuming in my ankle) just before the move. But I’m a little hesitant. There is the chance that that will just mask the pain. And in feeling better, I might hurt it further, doing more harm than good.

If I can walk without significant pain, I tend to not know when to stop. And with moving, as you know, there is so much to do before and after.

I’ve dealt with this injury for nearly 10 years now. And there’s seldom been a single day that I haven’t dealt with pain from it. A double ankle break is difficult to deal with.

As the ankle healed from the last surgery in 2014, two bones for some reason fused right where I bend my foot below my ankle. Which makes it even more problematic.

He did say that I had purchased very good shoes last week at Fleming’s. I was wearing the Drew sneakers and he picked them up and looked them over. And said they had chosen well.



  1. I don’t celebrate Christmas. That doesn’t meant that I don’t enjoy looking at all the pretty decor, and thinking……but if I DID decorate, what would my style be? In this grouping, I just love Paula’s vintage Coca Cola tray. Glad your doc gave you the seal of approval for your new shoes!

  2. Thank you for such cute ideas!! I wasn’t going to decorate this year but you have inspired me to do some!

  3. Those are all very lovely displays. I enjoy looking at other people’s decorations, because no two are ever the same, even if they may share some similarities. I have no coffee table in the room. There is a sofa table behind the sofa, holds two lamps and a clock and sometimes other decorative objects. For Christmas the sofa is moved so the Christmas tree can be placed in front of the large picture window. The sofa table gets put on the wall that holds my gel fuel fireplace. The lamps remain and in the center I place a round artificial pine, berries and pine cones candle lantern. I have a wax battery-operated candle on a timer that sits inside the clear glass lantern. This year I added a couple of small clear acrylic Christmas trees flanking each of the lamps to match a larger tree that I added to the arrangement on the fireplace mantel. The mantel and sofa table decorations usually come together quickly and are rather basic, but are pretty to my eye, especially at night with the artificial candles and the tree lights all aglow.

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