I really hadn’t given much thought to decorating an RV for Christmas since I’ve never owned one.

Last week I came across these little homes on wheels decorated for the holidays on Pinterest. And I just had to dig a bit more into two blogs with campers in order to share them with you.

I’ve included 2 blogs. They are Mountain Modern Life and Place Of My Taste.

These blogs show you how it is possible to decorate a small space for Christmas.

Mountain Modern Life:

This is the Mountain Modern Life blog RV all prettied up with Christmas finery.

A boho-style Christmas is the theme of this tiny home on wheels.

Greenery and lighting bring the Christmas spirit along for the ride as they are traveling down the road.

What’s cuter than the family dog sleeping? He/she looks quite comfy in the small quarters.

Another Christmas-y element is a fireplace. There’s nothing quite like flames, real or faux, to remind one of a cozy home for the holidays.

In such small spaces, you have to rely more on natural decor like greenery. And then add lighting to bring about that holiday feeling.

Pretty courageous to put the tree up in the front, I thought! I wonder if they move it while driving?

Black and white curtains divide the front seats from the living/dining areas. Which effectively gives the illusion of a separate room.

The night scene in the Christmas decorated RV
Photo credit Mountain Modern Life

Here’s the scene at night. I could happily curl up on the couch and listen to Christmas music and stare at the fire.

How cozy it must feel being inside this wonderfully decorated little traveling home. Parked out among the trees, warm and snug inside this holiday space.

Christmas in the small kitchen area includes small decor elements. A wooden tree along with greenery and lights.

They even thought to decorate the outdoors where they’ve parked for a night or so. A perfect greeting to passersby.

Place Of My Taste:

This is the Place Of My Taste blog. And this is her family camper all dressed up for Christmas.

Another family dog with a Santa hat perched on its head and a red and black kerchief tied around its neck. What better reception for visitors at Christmastime?

She also chose a boho-style theme to decorate the family camper, along with greenery and lighting.

I like the way they’ve crisscrossed tiny lights all across the ceiling. What a great idea.

Imagine how beautiful it looks when you’re inside the camper after night falls. Or outside the camper looking in.

RV Destinations For Christmas:

If you’ve got your home on wheels all ready to go, below are a few destinations that Google says are holiday-friendly for RVers.

How to Spend Christmas in Your RV (and LOVE it!)

Festive RV Destinations for the Holidays

RV Destinations Perfect for Celebrating Christmas

9 Great RV Destinations For Christmas Spirit

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  1. This was so much fun to see! I’ve always had a romantic notion about traveling around in an RV. I could be happy in either of the two you featured!

  2. I’ve dreamed of living in an RV for several years now. The idea excites me, and scares me, at the same time. Maybe someday.

  3. Brenda, I love both of these little campers. So cosy and festive. I often think my husband and I should do this but I think with three pups it might be a challenge. I hope that the packing/move is going well.

  4. Hi Brenda!
    I know a lot of ladies that I’ve met in Facebook groups that are either full time rvers or travel when it’s either too hot or too cold where they live. So many of these girls are widows and have learned how to drive these 40 foot motorhomes and tow a car behind, which many of them never believed that they could or would do in a million years. When I no longer have the cats, dogs, and horses I plan to join in on all the fun they have if I’m not too old by then lol. You’d also be surprised to learn how many people live in these campers full time. There’s a huge rv park near me and I wondered when they were building it why they thought lots of travelers would be coming through the little town I live in, but I passed it yesterday and the whole park is full, people with regular lives and jobs, living well without a regular home.

    1. I thought about doing this myself some years ago. But at the time, there just wasn’t a place to park it to live in this area. Glad to know there now is one!

  5. Wow! Both are wonderful! I never thought about a fireplace being part of an RV but both of them have fireplaces. That just really rings my chimes as I love me a good fireplace – woodburning, gas, electric, gel (ethanol) fuel. In my book nothing beats the ambiance of a fireplace even when not in use. I love the hanging greenery trimming out the windows, etc. used by Modern Mountain Life, it looks so festive but isn’t intrusive into the space at all. And the small Christmas tree and the decorations all around the space are beautiful. The rugs in the RV of Place of My Taste are so gorgeous, I want them for myself. It doesn’t look like the inside of an RV, it looks like the inside of a small cabin – great decorating. The lights strung in the pattern across the ceiling, so beautiful when lit. Both RV homes are amazing and show that your home is where your heart is.

    1. Judy, I’m a member of Sisters on the Fly in Oklahoma. I have a darling little vintage Serro Scotty but it’s rare that I get a chance to go to the meetups due to having cats, dogs, horses at home. The local get togethers are always fun though.

  6. Interesting post! Looking back at my life, I now wish I had taken more time to travel and see different places. Top of my list would be RV’ing
    across the country for a year. I love seeing the creative ways people decorate their RV’s and make them so pretty and comfy. How relaxing would it be to spend Christmas in a festively decorated RV.
    Oh, but I can dream can’t I?

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