Last night I made chicken tacos for supper.

I wanted to clean my apartment and the cable guy was coming in the afternoon to fix my phone, so yesterday morning I cut the chicken up and put it into a container so I’d have that ready to go.

Then when I was ready to eat I warmed the taco shells in my Breville oven. I added the cold chicken, cut up tomatoes, spring greens (my favorite form of salad) salsa and Pepper Jack cheese.

Then I fixed pinto beans with lots of good seasoning. It was a good meal. I had skipped lunch (I know; a no-no) and was really hungry.

Typically when I clean my apartment I’m tired and just get food out or delivered. But having the chicken already prepared and ready to serve made for a quick meal.

I’m certainly not a very creative cook, but I’m trying to stretch my boundaries. I guess preparing chicken tacos is about as easy as it gets!

I think next time I might try black beans instead of meat. Or chunks of veggies. I’m not that fond of beef.

That way I’d probably already have the staples to make tacos on the kitchen shelves.

It’s snowing and Ivy is at the patio door swishing her tail like crazy because she is excited. Or maybe she sees a leaf and that’s got her all wound up.

Charlie of course is tucked in tight beside me in the recliner. He hasn’t been sick since I took him to the vet on Thursday.

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  1. Put the chicken carcass in your crockpot with some water, onion, carrot , celery and cook overnight or longer. Makes great broth. I just throw the onion, carrots, and celery on whole so it is easily taken out. Doesn’t take long to pick any chicken off the bone either.

  2. I’m glad you’re eating healthier Brenda!
    U can make rice a roni and put some leftover chunks of chicken in it.
    U could also boil some cheese or spinach ravioli, then put in some roasted garlic Alfredo sauce and chunks of chicken til hot to use up your chicken.
    There’s yummy endless ways to use chicken!
    Have a great Sunday with your fur babies!

  3. Yum! I”d like to lunch with you next time you make those Tacos! What do you season your beans with? Do you make them spicey?

    We are supposed to get a big blizzard tonight and tomorrow. It’s been raining for two days which I hate in cold weather. Now it’s turned to ice and tomorrow will probably be awful driving. Glad I don’t have to go a anywhere.

    I’m happy Charlie is better. Sounds like that acupuncture really does help him. You’re a good mama for taking him so faithfully. You guys have a peaceful, cozy weekend.

  4. We made tacos
    today using walnuts tomatoes in olive oil and mushrooms garlic and seasoning all chopped up. Then served with lettuce wraps and. one and avocado. Since daughter has a wheat allergy we are eating gluten free. It was a good alternative. I also like to make a chicken salad with cranberries or grapes or apples and celery and some almonds or all
    of the above. I then make a honey mustard dressing. It’s oh so good. You can use it as a sandwich or just salad. Your tacos are definitely magazine worthy. Good to hear Charlie is doing great.

  5. IT is 70 here today, I wish we were having a little snow. Rain for the next 3-4 days. The tacos look great! If you like to cook there are lots of meals for 1 or 2 on Pinterest. I love to bake and my husband loves to cook but it is a challenge to cook for 2 unless you want to eat the same meal for a week after and I do not. Typically if it is soup or sauces we freeze the stuff tp eat at a later date.

    Happy to hear Charlie is on the mend. Have a nice night.

  6. Yes, that is definitely easy and quick. I’m glad you enjoyed that meal. I find that if I buy the soft corn tortillas, basically anything enveloped inside of them makes a good, quick meal. It’s so easy to throw in leftover chicken and veggies or just veggies themselves, or beans, etc. I like to heat the tortillas over the flame on my gas stove – it heats them up perfectly and gives them the nice char just like when you get them in a restaurant.

    I have chicken breasts thawing out right now but not sure what I’m making tonight. Last night it was Swedish meatballs, quinoa and roasted veggies.

    1. You are so devoted to eating healthy. Your husband must be a happy camper that you take the time to fix good healthy food. I’ll never be like you, but I hope to get better at this.

  7. So strange for you to have snow and in NY it’s 50 and raining. Your tacos are healthy and made from scratch so everything is prepared by you. I worry what I am getting in fast food places. I put canned corn on my tacos occasionally. And sometimes squirt in a lime with the chicken and spring greens. And an avocado if I find them on sale. I have a chicken I am going to make some chicken salad to use up some soft rolls I bought. Then might open a can of chicken broth, add chicken, cut up celery and carrots and add a handful of rice and let it simmer for some homemade soup. A chicken goes a long way for me.

  8. I’ll remember this when I’m pondering what to do with leftover chicken. I’m just the opposite, I don’t like the flavor of chicken so much, but this recipe should hide that with flavors I do like. Thanks!

  9. That top photo looks cooking magazine ready. And delicious! About your comment yesterday that healthy food is expensive…I take the view that it’s cheaper than any medical treatment or drug.

  10. The tacos look very good, Brenda. I like to prep food in stages also. As I get older, it just seems to take more energy to do anything, so doing it bit by bit helps.
    I am glad Charlie seems better. Hoping you,Ivy, and Charlie have a peaceful week-end.

  11. Those look yummy to me! Cooking for one is something I have found hard this year. Everyone says “cook and freeze”, and I do some things. But, sometimes I just want that one serving and no extra to deal with. I guess that’s a small complaint in today’s world!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I never seem to have room in my freezer for a lot of that. Right now I have it stuffed with PF Changs veggie rice and spring rolls that I found on sale. That’s a quick meal and tasty.

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