Decorative Storage Box Vignette

On Saturday I headed to the antique mall with one goal in mind. To find some sort of storage with hopefully a lid to hide breakable stuff from Ms. Ivy.

I actually only walked a few rows before I found it.

This big wooden box with a hinged lid was $30. Sold!

I considered painting it, but I’m afraid I’m not that great of a painter and I don’t want to hide the writing on the front. The sides have rope handles.

I knew exactly where I wanted to put it and had measured the green sideboard before I left. And I always carry a tape measure in the car in case I run across something and wonder if it will work in my apartment.

That’s a good tip to keep in mind:

Always have a tape measure stowed away in your vehicle. Just in case. You never know what you’re going to run across where.

I think this box worked out beautifully.

It now has much of my white pitcher collection placed inside with padding between each of them. I don’t have anywhere to showcase them right now, and I don’t want them broken by a curious cat.

I’ve also been on the lookout for a Buddha. I had a beautiful green one, the same green shade of my patio cushions, around three years ago. It was about 2 feet tall. And one day I knocked into it and it fell off a table and broke.

I was so sad to lose that Buddha and couldn’t find a replacement. So I’ve had my eye out for one ever since.

When I was at TJMaxx on Friday I found this little Buddha. It’s pretty heavy, so hopefully Ivy will leave it alone.

Every time I’d run across a Buddha somewhere I’d give it a glance, as well as the price tag. This one was cheap so I grabbed it. I think it was $7.99.

I liked the weight of it because Ivy probably can’t move it. So small and heavy fit the bill for me.

What A Buddha Signifies:

Buddha offered three basic teachings to his people:

  • Nothing is lost in the universe
  • Everything Changes
  • Law of Cause and Effect – Known as Karma

I looked up how to place a Buddha in your decor:

If you intend to incorporate a Buddha figurine into your household decor, it is important to understand the proper way to display your piece. If not displayed appropriately, your placement may be considered a sign of disrespect in the Buddhist community.


  • Never place figurine on the floor or in the bathroom
  • For bedroom, figurine should be placed inside a closed cabinet
  • Turn the figurine to where it faces those who enter the room
  • For outdoor Buddha Statues, always face it toward your home

Now I’m not a Buddhist, and I’m not religious. If someone was to ask me to define my spirituality, I would say: “nature.”

However there is something about a Buddha that is calming to me.

Back to the decorative storage box…

I was looking for something that would work well with the cow painting on the wall nearby. Something tall enough not to look odd. I kept my green bottles and the bead rope I made months ago on the sideboard.

The pretty wood heart was a gift inside another gift from Elizabeth. She sent me a box chock full of wonderful sweet goodies and the heart was also in the box.

I’ve had the jar with old fashioned wooden clothespins for years.

I love to create vignettes, and this green sideboard in between my living and dining space has been the perfect spot for them.

I added a touch of red with the galvanized container with a plant and a bird’s nest inside. Because I do love red dotted throughout my home.

So far Ivy has ignored this spot and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that will continue. But then, I know Ivy. And that’s why I chose the things to add to the sideboard with her in mind.

It’s why I seek storage with lids, to keep her out. Put decor on the shelves of my closet and I’m just asking for trouble. So I’ve been slowly removing things from in there that are breakable and stowing them away someplace else.

You know how I view small space decorating. Choose things that have more than one purpose. This is decorative storage. That’s two birds with one stone.

And wouldn’t you know it. Just as I finish writing this Ivy jumped up there on the sideboard. First time I’ve seen her do that since I brought the wooden box in.

Luckily the space between the front of the box and the edge of the sideboard is fairly narrow.

I told her to get down and she did. That or I distracted her and she fell off. Who knows what will happen when she gets it in her head to check that spot out again and I’m either gone or not in the room.

However I’ve had vignettes on that sideboard for months and she hasn’t knocked anything down.

Ivy’s newest fascination is with shadows right now. A shadow will get her attention fast. At the end of the day she jumps up by the front door and waits for the window blinds to cast shadows on it.

That silly, silly cat.



  1. Love the new storage box! I’ve seen people turn these into small storage tables by adding hairpin legs to them. To me, they are pretty and functional both ways! Love and hugs!

  2. That’s a great box, Brenda, both for design and for storage. I like things that do double-duty like that, too.

    Never a dull moment with Ivy, is there? Hopefully the box has out-foxed her this time.

    My daughter used to have a cement Buddha that she placed in a raised bed in our yard here but it fell apart after freezing and thawing last winter. I’d like to find her another one as I kind of miss it. Certain ones I’m not so fond of as I am the ones that are fat-bellied and laughing. They are a reminder to me not to take myself too seriously.

    Rain again today and a bumper crop of mosquitoes. I have gotten three serious bites so far this season. I have an awful allergy to them. It’s probably due to my recently diagnosed autoimmune disorder, but the medication I’m on hasn’t helped at all.

    Glad you had a fruitful shopping trip. I am overdue to go thrifting or garage saleing or something–soon. But I have so many project already that I shouldn’t add anything to my list!

    Take care and give the fur babies pats for me.

  3. Hi Brenda, Have you ever used *earthquake wax* under breakable pieces? It’s used everywhere especially in museums to protect breakables from earthquakes, cats, kids, any kind of accidents. (Michaels has it or Amazon online.) Also, I think your wooden box is gorgeous as is. Paint ? you could stain it and test on the bottom first. ☺ thanks for your everyday notes of love and encouragement.

  4. It’s perfect! I love all of your vignettes and your charming home! It always looks peaceful to me. Thanks for the reminder about carrying a measuring tape!

  5. Your home looks just lovely. I love the wooden box and especially the Buddha. Thanks for all the information on how to place it.

  6. Everything just fits together so beautifully, you do have a special knack with vignettes. Ivy sure knows how to keep you on your toes (grin), the joy of having a cat. I had a narrow space also, where my cat jumped up, to snoop, and she did fall off and landed on her butt. I think she felt silly or something, she had a “Opps” look on her face, and left the room to take a nap. Had to laugh, as she did not hurt herself. I love the wooden heart and when I first saw it, I thought it was angel wings, because the carving looked like feathers to me…what a very nice gift to receive from a friend.

  7. I love vignettes, too. I had booths at several antique malls in the past, and I loved working new ones every week. I also worked in a friend’s florist, and we constantly moved things into new creations. She used reclaimed and primitive pieces for display.
    What is the green paint you’ve used? That is my most favorite color.

  8. GREAT looking storage piece and I kind of like how it fits in the cow picture theme. Gotta love that Ivy. She is something!
    Have a wonderful day, Brenda. xo Diana

  9. I’m having serious apartment envy right now. Cozy, sunny and the perfect amount of summery.
    My condo’s windows (which are all actually sliding glass doors) have window film on them, which is good as it helps keep out some of the Florida heat, but bad in that the rooms are a little dark and gloomy.
    I also have dark and heavy wood furniture so…. envy.
    As always, what a great decorator (photographer, writer, pet parent) you are.

  10. What a great find! I always enjoy seeing your new acquisitions. I have an antique trunk that serves as a coffee table but it’s being used as an end table right now. It’s a wonderful place to store Christmas ornaments and other holiday decor. Do you still have your white trunk, Brenda?

  11. Oh that box is wonderful. It fits your decor perfectly and is also great for your storage. The vignette is lovely. You just have such a way with things and it makes me jealous.

    Our little Norah who is Ivy’s age gets the zoomies and often runs over my power strip for my computer and turns it off. Gotta love their little personalities.

  12. I love your apartment and patio so much! Your eye for color is great and I am a quilter, so those speak to me! You do so much with so little, great ideas and lessons for us all! Blessings, Deb

  13. Ivy sure keeps you busy! She is a beautiful kitty. Love the box. You always have a knack for making things look great. I fail at mixing things together to make them look good. I have a variety of things, mostly country things, but never feel satisfied they are placed right.
    Hope your week goes well.

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