1. It's a virus caused by having once had chicken pox. You can get a shingles vaccine even though you have had shingles, because it lessens or prevents outbreaks. I just don't know if you can have it while experiencing an outbreak. I hope you feel better soon. xoxo Su

  2. Hi Brenda,

    From what I understand, the anti-viral pills your doctor suggested you take beforehand could be helpful. Shingles is caused by our body being too vigilant with the latent virus in our systeM. Our body's immune system over-reacts to the leftovers from when we first had chickenpox causing a new dreadful thing- Shingles! I've a friend who has had Shingles many times. She's already had 4 hortible bouts of it between the ages of 33 and 62. Her don had his first but with Shingles when he was only 18. She takes the meds her doctor gives her as soon as she noticed the symtoms rearing their heads and says it foes lessen the blow of the atrack.

    Our body is sensitive to any intrusions from outside the body. Yours must be extra sensitive. By having dentsl work down, you must get some nicks in your gums. A nick kn our skin will activate your immune system. Your system must overreact and instead of just attacking bacteria at the site, it starts going after the inactive chicken pox virus and it then becomes reactivated. This has nothing yo do with the dentust's equipment or EVERYONE would have shingles.

    Please be careful. Your pain is coming from infection. If the infection is not treated and it's source eradicated, you could end up in the hospital. My daughter has a friend who has told us tales of the dentist (where she works as hygienist) calling 911 for people to be transported directly to the hospital after they've arrived with rampant tooth decay that has not been looked after. Infection anywhere within the skull can easily travel to the brain. I hate to sound like a scare monger but pain pills only mask the problem (infection causes the pain) allowing it to become more out of control. Take care! Your pups tees need you!

    Please excuse errors. I'm at airport waiting for another flight since I was way too slow getting ready with my gimpy foot and I packed my reading glasses in my checked baggage.

  3. Brenda- I can only imagine how badly you're feeling so I hope you get well soon.

    I love your container garden and was wondering if you would share what you have planted in them. I have a balcony that I have the beginnings of a container garden on but I need inspiration other than the usual annual flowers. Any tips are appreciated.

  4. Brenda- I can only imagine how bad you feel so I hope you are well soon.

    I absolutely love your container garden and was wondering if you would share with us what you have planted in them.


  5. Try to stay ahead of the pain with your meds,it's easier to maintain than to try and catch up to it if you've skipped doses.If you get very loopy check with the pharmacy to see if they can be safely cut in half or alternate them with Tylenol or ibuprofen preferably for its anti inflammatory property.
    I know here in NEW YORK,due to the opioid crisis,the constipation causing codeine has been decreased to a minimal amount.
    Get plenty of rest,I think I would consider another dentist as well.
    Sending prayers and good thoughts to you and your furbabes.

  6. Well I have the same reaction as I did the other day / there is something wrong with your dentists procedures / cleanliness…something …unless your grandson has chickenpox you should not be picking up shingles at the dentist!!

  7. From what I have seen on the shingles vaccine ads on tv, the shingles virus stays dormant in your body from the time when you had chicken pox. I don't know what causes it to flare up in some people's bodies years later, but that is what they say happens.

    I hope that the meds and malts bring you relief and that you heal as quickly as possible. Take care.

  8. I would definitely change dentists and try the university dental teaching lab someone mentioned where dental work is less expensive and sometimes free, depending on income but you have to sign up early and maybe only get an apt. 6 months from now. Don't procrastinate. (Perhaps your daughter could take you or maybe uber.)

  9. I can't help thinking… if this has only happened twice and both times at the same dentist… I wonder if her instruments are clean? or is she going to deep with her "cleaning" technique. it's strange that it happened twice for the same reason.
    take the pain pills for at least a little while. really bad pain always raises your blood pressure. and if you already have high BP that could be dangerous. hope this ends soon for you.

  10. You've received tons of great advice so I'll just wish you and the pupsters well … sending good thoughts and prayers your way for comfort and swift healing. (((HUGS)))

  11. I am so sorry yesterday was no better. In the short term, just eat whatever works. (I love malts!!) It sounds like you're getting some good suggestions and I know so many people out there care and are sending you healing, peaceful thoughts.

  12. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering so.
    Have you read about our microbiome? What we eat affects which bacteria live in our gut (and mouths and even on our skin). We used to treat all bacteria as bad, but now it's clear that some are good and that there's a delicate balance (too much of good, necessary ones can also be bad). Things like antiseptic soap, antibiotics, mouthwash, etc. can upset the balance.
    Since I mostly eliminated processed foods from my diet, I have noticed a big change. Better skin. More energy. No weight loss (sniff!), but a different distribution of it. Talk to your doctor, though I doubt that any doctor will tell you not to eat more fruits, vegetables and legumes.

  13. I know we all are throwing ideas at you – bless your heart (and the rest of you too – as my late husband would say). I would check out that medicine the dentist said you could take before any oral work is done, teeth problems can cause a person's body to get run down. (More suggestions, just what you need!) Still sending good thoughts your way.

  14. Brenda, I hope that you are feeling better. I am so very sorry that you are in pain and having such a hard time. Take care of yourself, ask friends and family for help if you need it.

    Rest, relax and spend time with your pups while you heal.

  15. Hmmm I don't think pain pills will make you stronger, but perhaps if the pain is making you weak, once the pain is gone you FEEL stronger? Or else the shingles meds are starting to kick in and your body is healing. Either way, take it easy and don't do too much. And yes, pain pills can block you up, which is an unfortunate side effect. I take something called Ten Herbs (Amazon has it) that helps a ton when I'm on pain meds for anything, and is a lot gentler than Dulcolax or any of those. Good luck, my friend.

  16. Hi Brenda, I tried to comment last night but my ancient laptop seems to be allergic to Google at times and wouldn't publish my comments. I finally gave up and am trying again today.

    We've not had your 100 degree weather yet, but it's going to heat up by the weekend, they say. Now the race is on to keep all the flowers watered and alive. They are looking so pretty right now.

    I'm sorry that you are having a round with shingles. I've never had it but have heard how painful it can be.

    Hope both you and your sweet pupsters get to feeling better quickly!

  17. Have you had or can you take the shingles vaccine? It may prevent or greatly lessen the severity of outbreaks. Ask your doctor since you know the trigger. Also you might ask your doctor or dentist if something called oncology mouthwash or magic mouthwash would be of any relief to the open lesions. This is an Rx. There are hundreds of concoctions that doctors use but most contain lidocaine, Maalox, a steroid, and any number of other ingredients such as an antibiotic, that the doctor feels necessary. Don't know if it would help relieve oral shingles but wouldn't hurt to ask.
    Damn , Brenda, nothing is ever easy or routine for you is it. I simply can't imagine ! You are one strong, brave woman.

  18. Protein shakes will help too.
    Just that commercial on TV about Shingles makes me hurt.
    I definitely would do some research on things before you go to the dentist again.
    I've seen two radiologists and two surgeons and they all have different opinions. They are driving me crazy.

  19. Feel Better! Shingles are awful! Did the doctor give you any other meds to help with it?
    Look at pretty magazines and Pin some more pretty pictures on Pinterest. I hope you heal quickly! karen…

  20. One other thing, hydrocodone can cause constipation. It was recommended that my hubby take Peri-Colace to combat the constipation. It's over-the-counter and is a bit pricey. So if you want to take it look for a store brand. Rite Aid and Publix have store brand versions of it.

  21. Good morning, Brenda. So sorry for all you're going through lately with your mouth and the pups. Life sure can pummel us sometimes. As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So true! Be careful on those pills. My hubby took hydrocodone after knee replacement and we were told that it is illegal to drive a car while on that. They will arrest you. Even half a block away is not worth driving if Murphy's Law sets in and a cop pulls you over. Also, you can split the pills. He found that a whole one was overkill unless he was going to have physical therapy. You can cut them in half or even in quarters. Half was about right when he needed pain relief, but it didn't make him feel goofy or have hallucinations like a whole pill did. This will also make them last longer, which is less expensive in the long run. Have you had a shingles vaccination? Would that keep them away in the future?

  22. All your questions are ones that you need to be asking your doctor or dentist. As far as food, do you have a blender? If so, you could be making yourself healthy smoothies (frozen fruit, banana, small handful baby spinach) instead of drinking milkshakes or eating sherbet (too much processed sugar!). Your body needs to be as healthy as possible, especially when you're sick and on medication. Please take care of yourself! Sending you get well wishes and good thoughts.

  23. Sorry to read what you happened yesterday, sweet friend !

    Take care

    XOXO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

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