1. I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed. I have since gotten a new one and it took me a while to locate this! I also really like the theme though.

  2. I have frequent back pain issues and spasms and I’ve found a natural muscle relaxant that helps if you take it as noted on the label — 2 tablets every 3 hours until the pain/spasm relaxes. It’s Formula 303 and can be ordered from Amazon. Maybe it will work for you.

    1. I’m going to check it out right now. Because I have muscle relaxants (generic for Flexeril) and it’s not helping.

  3. Nothing worse than back pain. I know I have dealt with it since I was a kid. Lately it had gotten worse. It would spasm and almost drop me to my knees. Ibuprofen only touched it for a very little amount of time and creams didn’t do much either. I had forgotten several years ago I received an Alieve tens unit (Not sure they even sell it any more) for free to try it out. I had used it once and put it away and forgotten about it. I dug it out and put it on my lower back and within minutes my pain had subsided where I was no longer in tears. I was even out in the yard the next day raking leaves which would of been impossible with the pain. You may want to check with your doctor to see if something like that would help you. I know using mine was a Godsend. Hoping you get relief soon.

    1. I had one of those many years ago after my back surgery when I was 30. I’ll have to check on Amazon. Thanks!

    2. I’m sorry I spelled that wrong…it is an “Aleve Direct Therapy Tens Device”.

  4. Sorry to hear your back is still bothering you Brenda. I do hope you can find some relief soon.

    I can’t believe the weather here in Southern Ontario, yesterday we were sitting outside in the sun. I see people going by in shorts and a tee shirt! I did read somewhere we were going to have a mild winter but I didn’t expect this, I will take it though. I see Simon (husband) has got the snow blower ready but I don’t see any in the short term forecast thank goodness.

  5. Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the sound of the word “panties”? I know there’s nothing wrong with it but for some reason I don’t like the sound of it. Are there any other words that are “normal” that you don’t like the sound of? Or am I the only odd ball one here?

  6. Hi Brenda,

    Sorry your back is still bothering you. Before I had rotator cuff surgery, one of my customers mentioned a product his wife used when she was in an accident and said it was the only thing to help her sleep. It is called Curamin PM by Terry Naturally. I am attaching the link if you would like to look. It is all natural and they do have different varieties….one of which is for your back. I have used the PM version and it definitely helps. Hope you find some relief soon.


  7. I’ll have to look up what an airplane plant is. Don’t think I’m familiar with that one.

    I’ve had a Christmas cactus that I inherited from a friend when she moved about six years ago. They like light, but not direct light.

    Hope your back feels better soon. I know how miserable back pain is.

    1. Just looked it up – I see it’s the same as a spider plant, just a different name. Just be aware that most cats love to eat spider plants! They’re not toxic, but kitties will destroy them. Monkey has killed one of mine and I’m trying to revive my second one from his chewing. I put them up on high stools and such but sometimes he stretches up to chew on them.

  8. We’ve had a lovely autumn here in SE WI too, but today will probably be the last of it. We had a stretch of great weather with temperatures in the 60’s all the way up to 80 today. But trying to do yard clean-up of the endless leaves in strong winds is – impossible. I try anyway, LOL. It’s exercise, and soon we’ll be pretty much housebound here as winter comes. Today is probably the last of the great stretch of “Indian Summer” we had – the first one I remember having for years. It’s been wonderful.

  9. I hope your back starts to feel better soon. I am like you, when you have things you need to do around the house you get so frustrated when something is stopping you! Beautiful photos of the trees!

  10. I saw a Facebook post a few days ago that has pictures of 3 different plants all with different leaves. Come to find out there’s a difference between an Easter cactus, a Thanksgiving Cactus, and a Christmas cactus. Mine always blooms right around Thanksgiving and I always wondered why. By looking at the leaves I find that mine is not a Christmas cactus at all but a Thanksgiving Cactus. Who knew?

  11. It looks beautiful there! We are bare here and rainy…snow tomorrow.
    I’m sorry to hear your back has been so bad…hope you find some relief soon!

  12. My pink 30+ yr old Christmas cactus bloomed before Halloween this year for the first time. It’s a southern exposure and generally it begins to bloom around Thanksgiving and lasts till Christmas. It’s been so warm here that it’s all confused now.

  13. The colors are beautiful here, too
    This afternoon I will buy pansies. Spell check changed that to panties.

    1. That’s so funny! You really have to read your reply before you post your comment or that spell check could get you in trouble sometimes!

  14. I made the same observation yesterday, that the fall colors seemed more vivid. In my locale, they are not as spectacular as some of the northern regions.

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