I have had a lot of inquiries into how I’m doing, so I thought I’d give a little update. I do thank you kindly for your concern!

I’m feeling a bit stronger. Which is good, because I’ve dealt with two dead baby birds on the patio, and Abi peeing the bed last night around midnight.

I just got up and stripped the bed and laid back down with a throw from the couch. 

Then in a bit I let them out and found myself standing in a huge sea of urine at the patio door. 

When I hear her drinking water, she seems to drink a huge amount of it. So it’s no wonder. Guess it’s those new pills.

Charlie will sleep more at night, but wants out every hour during the day. Then some of the time I have to get up and lift him back up to the couch because he has a bad back. 

Abi doesn’t want out during the day. But then she has all kinds of problems with heat. When she was a pup and had heart problems and asthma, a vet told me never to leave her outdoors when it’s hot. 

And I never have. Either one of them.


My daughter brought me food yesterday, which was very nice of her. She’s not doing so good herself, as she’s dealing with pink eye. It’s part of being a mother of a young child I think, having pink eye. 

It seems that some parts of the day I can tolerate eating more than I can at others, in terms of sensitivity. My teeth feel like I just had them worked on, like when you get a crown or something. 

Most of the pain seems to have abated in other places outside my mouth, which I am thankful for. 

I was supposed to give Abi her new pills twice a day for 7 days starting last Monday. (They are definitely helping with the cough, so I don’t feel so bad about not getting the cough syrup). 

But after last night, I’ve cut that to 6 days, which is today. I’m washing all the bedding now.

Coffee doesn’t taste good, as I have to have it lukewarm. Food doesn’t taste very good either. Doubtful I’ll lose weight though, as that seems near impossible at my age. 

Gnats are still somewhat of a problem. I have taken all the house plants outside and put them on a table that was already under the tree, because Abi will drive you darned near crazy if there’s a gnat inside anywhere. 

I cannot figure out where they’re coming from. I’ve checked under both sinks, and there isn’t any moisture. I’ve checked the drains. I just can’t figure it out.

The first word that comes to mind at the sound of the birds outside is cacophonous. There’s a lot of them and they sure make a racket, to quote my grandmother.

I’ve been having to close the patio blinds during the day lately because bright light seems to hurt my eyes. Plus it keeps it cooler.

My computer is giving me problems. 

This has happened to me before with another computer. The charging cord connector won’t stay in place to charge. The connection is too loose.

I’ve tried various fixes. I put a small bit of tape around the end that goes into the computer. Worked for a little bit.

Friday I looked up YouTube videos on ways to try to fix it. 

After reading one idea, I took the battery out. With a big needle and tweezers, I attempted to squeeze the tiny connection inside the hole. But that fix didn’t work for more than about an hour.

I’ll either have to have it worked on, or get a new one. And this one isn’t even more than two years old, if I recollect. However, I work on a computer a good 8 hours a day. And I don’t pay over $500. 

I paid a lot more for a laptop I had when I was married, and it lasted about three times longer, so maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I’m not buying one that can take the pounding a person like me gives it. 

So I might have to get one on credit and pay more for a sturdier one. Still researching my options. If I have to get one, I probably do need to buy one with more memory and such, as I edit photos on here too.

Just hope I can keep the connection charged a few more days till I feel more like going out in the heat to the Geeks.

And where on earth do you go to get a computer fixed these days if not the Geeks, which is expensive? 

Computers are like TVs. No one around fixes them anymore. Have you come upon a store that repairs TVs lately? It’s kind of obsolete.

I go out and water the plants and to give the birds fresh water, and dang if Charlie doesn’t manage to walk underneath most every place I go and then comes inside sopping wet. 

Abi is more picky and delicate and gets in a chair while I water the plants. 

So that’s how I am today.

I guess you noticed I posted two small home posts yesterday. It was not intentional. I thought I had one scheduled for Monday. So I’ve already done another post for Monday. 

NOTE: And if all that wasn’t bad enough, Charlie just puked on my mattress cover while I’m washing the linens.



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  1. Hi Brenda, I don't know if anyone mentioned the Zostavax vaccine for shingles to you. I had one bout of shingles before the vaccine, but none since. It is, unfortunately, a medical necessity for someone who has suffered from shingles.

  2. I SO sympathize with the doggie issues. I have 2 elderly and 2 young cats. That is really 2 too many…..One of the cats pees around my window sills to mark territory – haven't figured out which one yet. One of the other doesn't like the same food the other 3 do. I've had a water proof cover on my mattress for a long time because of "accidents". I'm wondering if Abi has diabetes – that is one thing that will make animals drink a lot of water. You could check with the vet to see if her pills cause a lot of thirst first. You poor thing – you're not feeling well and life doesn't stop to let us rest sometimes. I hope you get stronger as the days go by and that there is perhaps a better pill for Abi to take that doesn't make her drink so much……

  3. Brenda-So sorry to read of your painful illness and the sick pups. I have Lupus and RA so my doctors had me get the Shingles vaccine at age 50.
    Re: gnats. A nursery clerk gave me great advice and it works. Fill a spay bottle with 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 3 parts water. Spray the leaves and give the soil a really good spray as well. The eggs are in the soil and hatch. When I bring home new plants, I do this. If I see a gnat, I spray the plants again and it always fixes the problem.

  4. Brenda,
    You have a full plate right now. Why does that happen? When it rains it pours. Lets hope and pray that this siege will end soon. Sending a big hug of friendship your way.

  5. Glad you're feeling a little bit better. Having pets is sometimes like having little kids! Never impossible to lose weight, no matter your age. I'm almost 55 and at my lowest weight since before having kids when I was in my 20's! I've been gradually losing weight over the past few years. Yes, even through menopause. There's no gimmicks – it's simply eating a clean, healthy diet, stopping when you're full, and exercising. I'm on my third laptop. The other two lasted 5-6 years. I'm very happy with the one I have now (1-1/2 years old) – an Asus Zenbook. Just make sure the next one you buy has what's called a SSD – Solid State Drive. Yes, they're more costly, but they're worth every penny. No moving parts and will last much longer. You can do some online research if you're interested.

  6. Sorry to hear about your little dogs and the problems they have going on. Poor Abi, I bet she felt bad about wetting the mattress, but probably not as bad as you felt that she wet it. And then Charlie with his issue, sometimes everything happens all at once, doesn't it.

    I hope you can manage to stay inside where it is cool, or manage to run errands during the coolest part of the day. When I had shingles all up and down my arm, when I was in my very early 40's, the shingles lesions would absolutely throb when I went out in the heat, they already hurt and I ached all over, but the heat was just almost unbearable for me when they were at the worst point in the breakout. I know that I would feel so much worse if I had them at the age I am now, 63.

    Take care Brenda, and try to stay cool (Abi, Charlie, and you).

  7. I hope things turn around for you soon. Aging pups are precious but challenging. I hate to offer advice but if Abi continues to have the drinking/peeing problems after the pills stop, have the vet check for Cushings disease. I only say this because her symptoms sound like what my older yorkie went through. Thanks for sharing on your blog, I really like reading! (Now I have two yorkie puppies, that's work! Lol)

  8. Brenda, you sure are a "hanger in there" person. As I was reading I kept thinking how you cope with all your going through — Charlie's puking finished me off. I'd have been in tears at that point. Hugs & prayers for you & the Pupsters. Sandy

  9. It sounds like taking care of small children–just when you get one settled, the other one does something. I'm so sorry you are getting slammed–maybe you're getting all your bad luck over with at once. As for getting up often at night—pups or people, it sure happens as we get old. Still sending healing thoughts your way…….

  10. Brenda, I admire your perseverance and to use an old fashioned word, "gumption". You are a strong and inspiring woman. I am glad that you are feeling a bit better. Shingles is such a miserable illness! Take care.

  11. Hi Brenda. Hope you get back to feeling your old self soon. Sorry you have the shingles. Like others have said, I probably would try a new dentist next time since it has happened twice after seeing this dentist. Might not be related, but maybe there could be something they are using or doing that sets it off. Have you had Abi checked for diabetes? I had a schnauzer once that was diabetic. She drank a lot of water and needed out constantly to pee. Once on medication for her diabetes, it got under control. However it could be the pills she's taking working as a diuretic. I hope you all get to doing better real soon. Ann H

  12. Glad your feeling a little better. Sounds like the little ones are keeping you busy. I have my cousins itty bitty Lhaso Alpso, she can sometimes come up with some interesting behaviors. For all intent & purposes she is my dog, I think my cousin bought her to give to me after our aunts Yorkies passed away. My cousin has now passed away, so I know she is mine to care for & she has never lived with another family, so she shall stay forever, which is good for me & her. Sending healing vibes to you & your little dog pack. ♥

  13. I had shingles last summer. I compare the pain to my experience of five natural child births. Shingles was worse. It is still the most horrendous pain I have ever experienced. I feel so bad for you. I was 59 and 3 months away from the shingles vaccine. – meanwhile. If it is your cord, can you order a replacement on Amazon? I have replaced my charger several times and the laptop is till ticking. I might be reading this problem as too simple. Good luck!

  14. Brenda, seems as if you are in a "When it rains it pours" experience. I will remember you and your fur babies in my prayer time. Your blog is to me as if we are sitting across the table from one another having a great cup of coffee while sharing our lives, very enjoyable. My friends are far away and I miss them terribly. Most of our family has grown and have their own lives. It is only my husband and I. We will be having our golden anniversary in July. Life changes for all of us, the challenge is to know where we are in order to accept our situation and then slip into a content mode with that. You are a person who seems to love your cozy house with your babies. The photos you post are great! Blessings to you, Barbara…..

  15. sounds like taking care of old dogs is worse than taking care of a baby! hope you get to completely feeling better soon – you probably really do need to get your teeth worked on but sympathies with you if this happens again.

  16. Oh for God's sake! Don't you just hate puking?? I have a cat–my daughter's–that pukes all the time. She's long-haired and mostly it's hairballs. We haven't found a hairball medicine that seems to work with her. The other cat pukes if you give her too much to eat at one time so I end up feeding her about four to five times a day. If I don't she drives me crazy with her loud yeowing. Pets…I guess they are like the rest of us–they come with their good qualities and their bad ones.

    It sounds like you are feeling somewhat better which is good. But there's some way to go to get back to normal. Every little bit of progress helps, though.

    It is hot here today and my arthritis has been bad for a few days now. Mostly my hands and my knees. I don't know why it's acting up but it hampers me with my gardening. Argh!

    I hope you keep progressing , Brenda. I know you will. Just do as best you can to keep getting rest. Also, I think the more water you can drink the better, too.

    Sending love and healing tho'ts.

  17. Hi Brenda,
    Sorry you feel so bad. I can sympathize. I had shingles once. Not a bad case but still uncomfortable. Now I'm dealing with flu. This is the 5th day and still feel terrible. A little better but terrible. Dr. Says take ibuprofen and it helps a bit but afraid of stomach reaction because, like you, I have no appetite. Have 2 aged border collies to care for. One can't go up or down steps. I have to carry her 50lb. self when she needs to go outside. Was hoping to to church today but that didn't happen. Hoping to go to work tomorrow but that looks doubtful too. It's hell getting older isn't it. Was 64 last birthday. Here's hoping next week is better!

  18. Hi Brenda,
    Sorry you feel so bad. I can sympathize. I had shingles once. Not a bad case but still uncomfortable. Now I'm dealing with flu. This is the 5th day and still feel terrible. A little better but terrible. Dr. Says take ibuprofen and it helps a bit but afraid of stomach reaction because, like you, I have no appetite. Have 2 aged border collies to care for. One can't go up or down steps. I have to carry her 50lb. self when she needs to go outside. Was hoping to to church today but that didn't happen. Hoping to go to work tomorrow but that looks doubtful too. It's hell getting older isn't it. Was 64 last birthday. Here's hoping next week is better!

  19. I am glad to hear you are doing better. Shingles are awful. Poor pups, I feel like Abi, I don't like heat either and need to pee all night. It's age but not fun! I hope you feel even better soon. Hugs!

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