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  1. I’m not willy nilly. BUT…. I live with someone who IS and it drives me crazy! We used to live 25+ minutes from a grocery store and I always checked the freezer to make up my grocery list. Now that we’re less than 5 minutes from the store I don’t worry about it as much. I’ve also figured if my DH can’t be bothered to tell me when he eats the last slice of bread, he can go without until I can shop again (or he can go get more). Habits do change once one retires!!!

  2. When we purchased our upright freezer, I bought dishpans that fit on the shelves. I put beef in one, chicken in another, pork in another. One has fruit I freeze in the summer. I have boxes and misc on the sides of them on each shelf and the ice cream and treats on the top shelf where my grandchildren can’t reach them.

  3. Lots of great tips from you and your readers! Thank you so much.
    I know you’re going to enjoy your freezer!

  4. Thanks for the great tips ! What freezer containers do you use ? Perhaps you said it before and I just missed it .

  5. I use a seal a meal vacuum machine to package food. I buy large size products and package in single or small servings. Getting all the air out cuts out the freezer burn.

  6. I might add that when you put foods in your own packaging, cut the cooking instructions off the box and put on or inside the bag. Saves a lot of head scratching when you’re ready to use it. I might know this from experience. I don’t keep the bulky boxes either.

    1. I’ve done this before. Cut off the instructions and stuck them in the bag. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Love the practical tips – actually I do a lot of them, Long ago gave up on putting boxes in the freezer. I re=package things in single serving portions – I live alone – as soon as possible. And, yep, label and date items too.
    Enjoy your new freezer!

    1. I am enjoying it! And it’s good to no longer have to worry about accidentally covering those vents in the refrigerator freezer any more.

  8. Some great tips especially taking food out of boxes that take up
    so much room. Enjoy your new freezer!!

  9. I’m on team willy nilly too. I shall try to be more intentional, now that I know.

  10. I have learned from experience not to be willy nilly – enjoyed the refresher tips!

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