Ivy’s On A Tear

Little Miss Ivy is on a fearless tear this morning. She jumped up on the trash can next to the blue hutch in my dining room. I could tell she had her eye on my mini pumpkins.

I could see in my mind’s eye her jumping up to grab one and my white dishes crashing to the floor. So I grabbed the water bottle. I sprayed her once right in the face.

She just stared at me. Didn’t even flinch. I sprayed her twice more. Nothing. So Ivy isn’t afraid of water being sprayed in her face. Actually she seemed to enjoy it.

When I could get my coffee and sit down at the computer I looked to make sure that today wasn’t Friday the 13th instead of the 12th.

It wasn’t. Ivy was just on a tear.

Ivy staring at ceiling

When Ivy is staring at something with this intensity you know something is probably about to happen. That it will be quick and things may fall.

When I reached for my clothes in the closet after I got up, I went to fix myself a bowl of cereal and could hear her meowing.

I walked all over searching for her. First place I looked was that closet. The one I took over so Ivy could have the other one.

I opened the door. Didn’t see her. Went on about my business.

I heard the plaintive meowing again. Looked all over. Opened the closet again. No Ivy.

I started making my cup of coffee. Heard it again. Went into the closet and she was hiding behind the door. She came bounding out like a lion freed from a cage. I guess she was just messing with me the first two times.

Charlie after a bath

Here is Charlie after a bath yesterday afternoon.

When Charlie sees you coming with a towel, he just collapses to the floor, legs splayed out behind him. In total surrender.

Ivy, I’m beginning to see, is the polar opposite.

She is all kitten, all of the time.

Charlie and Ivy on the couch

Charlie is starting to look a bit scruffy. He has a date with Kim the groomer on Monday.

I’ve found that I can get Ivy’s attention (sometimes) by taking a 12 inch ruler and rapping it against something. Unfortunately the only one it scares is Charlie, who cowers next to me and shakes.

Then Ivy decided to jump up on the end table next to where I work on the couch. She was hellbent on finding something.

I reached over to grab what I didn’t want her to have and knocked my camera to the floor. I held my breath when I picked it up. I just got it paid off last month.

Luckily there was just about an inch and a half broken off the zoom lens lip. I counted myself very lucky.

Last time I got such a scare was when I grabbed the camera instead of steadying myself and broke both sides of my ankle. That was 6 years ago. I’m very careful with my camera.

Except when I’m trying to beat Ivy to whatever she has her eye focused on.

Ivy staring

When Ivy is on a tear, she gets this slightly demented look that I call “kitten face.” Because kittens are endlessly curious and fascinated by the simplest of things.

Then when she’s sleeping, as she is now at the other end of the couch on the dog bed, she looks so innocent. Charlie is squeezed on the other side of me where he backs himself in. He feels safe there.

I wonder what Ivy is dreaming about?

Big crickets hopping across the floor? Toilet paper I forgot to wrap tight? Dust bunnies under furniture?

Such is life with a kitten. It is uproariously funny. Sometimes fear when you see her bat at something breakable and it is teetering. And there is of course uncertainty.

You don’t know what will happen next. What she’ll take an interest in. What she’ll be staring at with those big eyes of hers that I don’t see at all.

You don’t know if she’ll jump on the rolling desk chair and send it and her careening across the floor. Or if she’ll jump up the side of the bed near your face and scare you half to death.

Ivy joined our family a week ago today. And I can tell you what there isn’t is a dull moment.

Note: Thank you so much, Melanie, for sending Ivy the scratching post!


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  1. I LOVE that picture of the two of them on the sofa! Such love!

    I remember when my Mitzi was just a pup – she liked trying to sticking her paw in my morning coffee! Why? I’ll never know. (And no, I didn’t let her.) But now-a-days she just sits beside me as I drink my morning joe. They do grow and calm down!

  2. There is nothing like a kitten to liven life up! Kittens always make me laugh with their antics–even when they are naughty!
    I am so glad you and Charlie have Ivy in your lives. They will be a “pair”as time moves them along—Mutt & Jeff…lol
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  3. Brenda, this post had me laughing. I can’t believe Ivy had zero reaction to the spray bottle of water, I thought all cats hated water. You have a little Diva living with you and Charlie, but you have to love that big personality! Enjoy the antics of those two and continue to share with us. I look forward to seeing photos of Charlie when he comes home from the groomer.
    Carol and Molly

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I haven’t visited for a while and just catching up. Ivy is adorable and I love her black patches. Charlie seems to enjoy having another 4 legged friend in the house. How exciting to get new furniture! I try hard to keep my furniture nice but it’s fighting a losing battle with all the dogs and cats I have in my house.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. The photo is priceless of the demented IVY .And the photo of Ivy up against Charlie all cozy .Don’t you wonder what Charlie is thinking ???
    I love this !!!
    Have a fun filled weekend and hopefully IVY is no longer on a tear !!!
    I guarantee you will never be bored again with IVY in the house !!!

  6. Oh, how I remember the kitten days! Monkey was the worst of them all. I can’t tell you how many things he broke and how many plants were knocked over. I am cracking up at the demented kitten look in that one pic of Ivy!

    Squirting water didn’t work with Clementine and Monkey either, especially Monkey. He would flinch a little, then go right back to doing what he was doing. Another squirt – nothing. Then he’d be wet and I’d be the one that felt bad. Sounds like Ivy is pretty much the same. I don’t remember ever having to squirt Zippo. He was the best behaved kitty we’ve ever had. Cats sure have their own very unique personalities, don’t they? Certainly can’t train them like you can dogs, but they sure do win over our hearts.

  7. Who would have thought you would get a water loving kitty! That always works for ours. She is fun and keeping Charlie on his toes which is probably a good thing. I love your stories about her.

  8. Oh my gosh Brenda this little fur ball is giving you a run for your money. What a curious and fast moving little fur ball. I laughed when you said she loved being sprayed with the bottle of water. Most Cats do not like it one bit. So it is funny she loves it. I heard putting jingle bells in a paper bag or box and shaking it when they are near something you do not want them to be they will scare from the noise of the bells.
    I have always been a dog person so do not know a lot about kittens or cats. I have my own shenanigans going on with my puppy too. Happy Friday.

  9. I do remember how kittens can create havoc in the household! AND how funny they are. So entertaining—if you can keep up with them!

    I’m glad you’re having fun with Ivy. And that Charlie seems to be “adjusting” shall we say? Seriously, I think they will become fast friends. Charlie will get more used to her antics and maybe be able to relax a bit more.

    It’s an adventure at the least, taking on a new animal roommate. It’s fun for those of us who get to read all about your life with a kitten. Keep those posts coming!

  10. what a wonderful post! and the pictures. and the comments.
    her lying there on little Charlie! good thing he’s such a docile little guy. 🙂
    like everyone … I laughed all through this! just wish you could send some of her energy my way!

  11. been there, done that, a few times. One thing, I clap my hands, a sharp clap, when our cat does something I don’t want her to. That works a lot better than anything else. And as a warning, her name said low and slow. It is training, and takes a little while. Also you might want to pack up some of your breakables until she learns or calms down. Ivy is worth it.

  12. I feel exactly what you’re going through with Ivy… I’ve had cats too for years… right now I have two rescued kittens that are about Ivy’s age and I’m about at my wits end… my 3 senior cats are at their wit’s end also! But I do know from years of experience that this too shall pass… mine also aren’t afraid of water so the squirting bottle did no good and loud noises don’t scare them… I have finally decided just to put up what I can to protect some of my knick knacks just as I would if I had a toddler…hahaha… good luck and I’m happy for all of you .. love your blog Claudette

  13. Ah Brenda! I was laughing so hard as I read your description of what Ivy gets up to I had tears rolling down my cheeks just like the last time. Except this time, due to my laughing, I misread the beginning of the paragraph that begins ” Then Ivy jumped up on the end table” and read it as “Then *I* jumped up on the end table…”. In my mind’s eye, I actually saw you do a two-footed take off straight up and onto a table top but it was that scene that stopped me dead! How were you able to jump straight up like that? Since I have a gimpy ankle and foot as well and even need a cane to move about, I realized I better read the beginning of that sentence again. ? Since Ivy had you all over the apartment trying to keep track of her, it first seemed your leap upwards was just because you were trying to keep up with her.

    Charlie looks adorable after his bath since it fluffs up his fur so much and makes it so shiny. My Bear is just as equally happy when he hears the bath water running. He actually KNOWS or senses when it is time for home to have more ‘tub time’. Bear does not enjoy the tub or heading to the groomer’s place.
    Keep the stories coming!

    1. That must have concerned you! If I jumped on a table it would be a miracle and I’d probably land in the hospital. I too have a gimpy ankle.

  14. So funny! And so typical kitten. If you survive until she’s two or three, maybe she’ll calm down. We have two cats — one a huge all black Asian Bombay and one part Maine Coon (a petite little girl). The Asian Bombay is about five years old and the female about eight (both rescue kitties) and they still have those times when they race from one end of the house to the other and up onto a windowsill banging their heads as they come to a screeching halt. Then five minutes later, they’re sound asleep. Cats are unique in every way. So glad you got Ivy … she’ll bring you hours of fun.

  15. Do you know what I love about your posts? They are just spilling over with love and happiness this precious little fur ball named Ivy has brought into your lives. Our little Norah is six mths now and so much fun. Megan just got her a cat tree. In all my years and all my cats I’ve never had one but Norah is loving it. She likes sleeping on the highest perch. So far she doesn’t seem to jump on counters YET. We just got a new chair and ottoman cover and I’m worried on how to keep her from clawing on it. Also my other older boy likes to scratch. He’s not interested in the scratching posts on the tree. Glad the camera is safe. What would we do without those great pics?

  16. I love the day-to-day tales about Charlie and Ivy! Keep them coming! I cannot begin to imagine a home without a fur baby; it would be lonely indeed. I love the look on Charlie’s face as Ivy is tying to snuggle next to him! They are both precious!

    1. His expression is one of disbelief and uncertainty. Ivy moves so quick I think it’s a bit disconcerting to him. And she makes noise knocking things about and he’s not accustomed to that.

  17. What a hilarious post! I love the photos, especially the one of Ivy with the “demented” kitten face.
    It reminds me of the time when I had two kittens, brother and sister, as well as three other cats. Endless entertainment. Charlie looks slightly exasperated. Don’t worry, Ivy will settle down–in a couple years, lol.

    1. Ivy had a brother. I worried about separating them because I’m only allowed two pets, but Kelly told me that they weren’t particularly close.

  18. I have to chuckle at Ivy’s antics. My Buddy is eleven years old now so he’s pretty calm and mellow. But I can remember when he was younger, oh my! They are definitely entertaining. Even now he will do something silly and make me smile.

    1. Somehow she now has that toy with the stick and the feathers at the other end tangled around the coffee table and one of my shoes. I have no idea how that happened.

  19. I’m sorry………….. but I cannot stop laughing!!!! What a riot that new baby is !!! lololol….. the pics that you are sharing are priceless!!!!!

  20. Ivy is adorable and will be a good companion for Charlie. Don’t think she needs any catnip at this point in her life. She is hilarious.

  21. I too was laughing away reading this!! That angelic face and Charlie’s expressions….oh if we could only tell what they were processing in their minds. Love the pix of them laying next to each other.
    Obviously they feel content and safe near one another so it must relieve your mind when you go out the door now. That itself is comforting.

  22. Sometimes it is nice to have a distraction to help us through the grieving process. I think you just got a huge one! Ivy seems to have felt right at home with you and Charlie from the moment she crossed the threshold into your cozy space. Daunting as she may be at times, I know you wouldn’t give her back for anything. Your photos of her are priceless and she appears to be quite the little diva!

  23. I am in love with Ivy and love reading about her antics and seeing the precious photos you post. I am one of the few without a pet and would enjoy an Ivy like housemate. However I resist as I am nervous about the damage likely to be caused particularly to my furniture with those claws.

  24. Oh my gosh! I’m dying! Totally hilarious! And I enjoyed the “shell shocked” look on Charlie’s cute lil face too – “MOM! What did you bring home?”
    One thing to know is that Ivy will settle down as she gets older. Sure, she’ll have her “crazy time” moments, but she’ll eventually curl up and sleep most of the day. At least I hope so! PLEASE keep the cute pics and stories coming. I sit here and laugh out loud – “for reals!”*
    *that’s cat talk!

    1. After awhile I realized my laptop wasn’t charging and so when I dropped the camera and it landed on my surge protector, I finally saw that it was broken too. So I went around the corner to get a new one at Ace and brought her home one of those sticks with a toy on the end of it. If Andrew comes over this weekend to see her that will give him something to do with her. I don’t think he’s been around cats.

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