1. I use Sluggo in my vegetable garden for slugs. It works great. Sluggo contains naturally occurring iron and phosphate and is safe to use around pets and wildlife.

  2. Brenda, your yard looks BEAUTIFUL! I knew it would!

  3. Your garden area looks so pretty! Love it. What a pretty view you have.

    Gross that slugs are getting into your house. I know they seek moisture, food, and sometimes shade. I wonder if there’s anything natural you can sprinkle as a deterrent around your doors, windows and vents that wouldn’t harm Ivy? I’m sure you could Google about it and try to find some help, or maybe someone on here will have some ideas.

  4. Do the sprinklers come on where you covered them up?

    1. There’s only one sprinkler in my yard. It stands 2-4 feet tall up out of the ground. Obviously it’s not covered at that height. It isn’t on yet.

  5. Everything looks so pretty. You have designed a beautiful garden. I do believe slugs like humidity check the carpet Brenda.

  6. Wow, it looks so nice, Brenda! Love the fern and lobelia in the centerpiece pot! And it looks as if the liriope (lilyturf) is starting to grow nicely in the block openings. Will look amazing when it’s filled out and hopefully sends up flower shoots. They look so much like lavender and the bees love them. I had them at my old house.
    So happy to see how the garden is taking shape under your loving care. Enjoy!

    1. I’ve got it pretty much how I want it. Of course there will be additions here and there!

  7. Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. The pavers will make it easier for you to walk around the garden. I’m sure you are relieved to have the garden come along as you envisioned it.

    1. Already had the red pavers under the fern/lobelia pot, and I already had the stepping stones. Now they’re being used.

  8. Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. Good idea putting the pavers down to help you walk around the garden. I’m sure you feel so relieved to have it looking the way you envisioned it.

    1. Oh, I am very relieved. And those stepping stones do make it easier to walk on the gravel.

  9. Your garden looks wonderful, Brenda,…so pretty, neat and interesting! Enjoy your hard work!

  10. The garden is beautiful. And the brown container looks perfect in that spot!

  11. Brenda your garden turned out beautifully! I know you will feel satisfied since it is completed and you and your neighbors can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

    1. This morning I was thinking: Well, it took me one year to get this yard where I’ve wanted it.

  12. Such a pretty yard. You have a wonderful gardner. Slugs — yuck. Hope
    that gets cleared up soon.

  13. Chicken wire for the pole would be the least expensive or perhaps a metal trellis that isn’t too expensive…one of those tomato cages could also be used. Just some thoughts. Love your garden area.

  14. Just beautiful! Now you can sit there and peacefully watch everything grow and fill in the empty spaces. I love your tasteful rooster yard ornaments! And the metal sun…that’s my fave!

    1. I need to figure out how to clean the face of that sun. I’ve had it for a long time and never attempted to clean it before. But it’s looking kind of like it needs something.

  15. You have a real talent for making ugly spaces beautiful! Your yard is now a lovely picturesque space to enjoy. What a change! I’m amazed. I hope you get to spend many hours delighting in what you have created.

    1. Yes, I hope so too! Get this other problem out of the way and I can maybe relax.

  16. OMG Brenda!
    Slugs in your house? That’s a first…. My dog Lucy, occasionally has had a small one attach itself to her side/tummy after being in tall, wet grass. I always groom her after exercising and walks. I’m hoping your new fridge isn’t the culprit.
    Your yard has turned out so pretty! I love your ideas, and you will be at peace outside. The apartment owners should thank you and the others tenants for the money and labor you have gifted them.

  17. The garden is beautiful. I don’t know why I didn’t notice the plants you put inside the concrete blocks before – they are so cute and will be a great camouflage when they grow out. The Chinese maple is a true star. I like the addition of the edging. Slugs – oh boy! Haven’t heard of them getting into a house but they come in just like other pests can get in, through the tiniest openings – found this info online:
    Slugs can get into your home through the following entry points:
    Under your doors; Under your trim boards; Through vents; Through gaps around low windows; Through gaps in old doors or windows.
    Not sure what Maintenance will do, but assuming they put down some kind of bug killer, you probably don’t want it inside the house, to keep Ivy safe. Perhaps you need new seals on your patio doors. Since you’ve been adding plants and flowers outdoors and are now watering more in addition to whatever watering the complex does for the grassy areas, there could be more moisture available that is attractive to slugs. Ground coffee is a natural repellent for slugs (regular ground coffee, not decaffinated). There might be other things (other than some kind of insect poison) that would repel slugs, too.

  18. Everything looks wonderful! You have created a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy! I esp like the edging, the raised container that used to be a water feature and your new plants!
    The management should give tenants like yourself a rent discount for making their property so much more attractive!! I hope it brings you much joy!!

    1. No, maintenance is blaming me for watering my outdoor plants; thinking that is where the moisture comes inside.

      1. Omg, you’ve got to be kidding! Doesn’t everybody water their outside plants? You’re not the only one with a beautiful outdoor space. Do all your neighbors have slugs too? Absurd! I agree, they should be thanking you. You made their property more beautiful. That could be what attracts other tenants. They’ll tour the property and think how beautifulit is and want to live there too. Yup, they should be thanking you, not blaming you.

  19. That looks like an oasis of peace. I know you’ll enjoy sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful flowers and plants!

    1. I’m so glad to have it done. I’ll have to tighten my money belt for awhile. But it was worth it.

  20. Brenda, your yard is beautiful, can’t wait to see it as it all grows in.

  21. Brenda, your garden is lovely and calming. Great job!

  22. Well isn’t that just beautiful….a job well done…enjoy…you deserve it💕

  23. You’ve really made your space so pretty! Love the idea of putting plants in the holes of the concrete blocks!
    I’ve never heard of slugs getting in your house! Hope the pest control can eliminate this problem soon!

  24. Success!!! Everything looks wonderful and I want to pick a favorite but it’s impossible.
    A full glass of sweet tea, your comfy chair and your camera – everything to enjoy your oasis.

  25. Your garden is lovely, Brenda! The landscapers’ edging is really a great touch. Takes it all up to another level!

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