1. Clara, I love your gallery wall, and the thought and purpose of it! I love the history…the meaning of each piece. Your new painting is beautiful!

  2. You really should be an interior decorator. You can take any room and make it so much better than it was. I just saw your kitchen redo and it looks great. I see that you moved and hope all is well. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Making a house a "home" runs richly through your veins. Brenda, you have accomplished the perfect wall for you. It is so pretty and I love the story of to go with it. Nicely done my friend!

  4. Brenda, the wall is genius. The pupsters are a kill and I have fallen in love with that green-ish/celery paint color on your chest of drawers. I'm taking note, kid! It's a happy fresh color.

  5. Brenda I'm so glad you are enjoying your new geranium painting, it is an honor to be a part of your beautiful home, and the Cozy Cottage I have read about and loved for so very long. Wishing you beauty and joy in your journey, always!

  6. I just love the wall!! Girl, you are so talented! Every time I visit the blog, I am blown away with you talented and your style. I love what you have done to your home and I love the vintage touches such as the old canning jars, enamel lids for towel holders, the cupcake/muffin tins for candle holders, the wooden boxes(I am addicted to old wooden boxes) I have them in every one of my house. I love to hang them on the wall and use them as storage or display shelves. I am so happy that you are happy and comfortable in your new home. I bet the landlords would not believe how much you have made that bland/white apartment so colorful and beautiful!
    Big hugs to you and the pupsters!
    Lynn in Conover NC

  7. Perfect way to tell our story. I love it. This home looks so different than the other two. So peaceful. And cozy of course.

    1. I can hardly remember the first you you're referring to. What I miss is that pond and gardens I created over the five years I lived there. But here I have my patio garden, and that has made all the difference.

  8. Very, very perfect. Can't wait to see the finished wall over the sofa; I imagine it's going to be perfect, too. Job well done, Brenda.

  9. This is a wonderful idea Brenda..I believe that too many times in life women are not appreciated for all that they do for others..also they do not appreciate themselves enough..This is a nice way to remind yourself that good or bad you have made it through..You have talent..you have worth..you are a survivor..

    1. Oh, I think you're so right! We don't give ourselves enough credit. We all need a wall to prove to ourselves that we have worth and are survivors.

  10. Arranging things on a wall is an art, and you have it down! Your symbolic gallery wall is very pleasing to the eye, balanced without being too matchy-matchy! And what a lovely thought – having all your secrets there in plain sight, but not readable by just anyone.

  11. Even if no one else but you knew all the symbolism contained in your gallery wall, it would be so admired simply because you have created a beautiful arrangement. The placement and spacing and the way every part harmonizes with each other piece show how much artful and thoughtful effort went in to the making of it. Plus, to me, a gallery wall really cozies up a space. Well done–I Iove it!

    1. And there are a zillion nail holes I'm hiding too! Patched most of them, just need to get paint to cover them. I've figured I'll probably have to repaint the whole wall!

    1. I have taste for "my type" places. If someone wanted an interior designer to come in and make over rooms with an open check, I would be at a total loss!

    1. And someone could walk in, and it would mean nothing to them. I kind of like that. I like my secrets on the wall.

  12. Brenda your gallery wall is wonderful and the best part is the treasures have meaning for you. Really love the geranium painting. The room really came together and so inviting and cozy! The pups are too sweet!

    1. Both were still enough to take a photo. Abi would pose for hours, that little diva! Nancy Medina's flower paintings make me swoon.

  13. Hi Brenda. The gallery wall is lovely and seems graceful and elegant. I like how it has some texture to it, with the pail of flowers and the keys and keyholes. I also like the grouping of chairs and small table and accessories below the gallery wall. I particularly like how the light comes through the burlap-looking shade on the red lamp. That entire side of the room certainly must be delightful to rest your eyes upon as you sit on the other side of the room.

    I like what you've done above the couch as well. But, if I may be so bold, might I suggest that you slightly alter the rows of plates, so they aren't so straight? Or dot a couple of little plates or objects below the word Apothecary? That grouping just seems a bit regimented, and like it needs to be loosened up a bit. I have the urge to move the two yellow plates in closer to the window frame, or something!

    The grouping in and around the window and the newly-painted buffet also is very pleasing. That window shade really is a success, in looks and in providing filtered light rather than glaring sun.

    You've created a very pleasing and comfortable looking room. I'm happy for you, because your contentment is showing!

    1. Actually I'm not finished with the wall above the couch. That's just as far as I've gotten. I had planned to have the plates in a different format, but due to nail holes that were glaring at me, I just put them there to cover them for now, until I can get some paint from management. I found that mine did not match in the least!. I'm thinking I may make that more of a plate wall. Just in the thinking stages. I have the red and white buffalo check curtains I need to put up on the window. But I'm not very good at standing on step stools by myself trying to eye things. So waiting for someone to come over who can be here a little while. It will add some color to the dark brown shade.

  14. I really love the idea of your gallery wall. You have used such beautiful items. You forgot to include quilts and photos though.
    I have a wall similar to yours. But, it is photos I have taken of all of our cats. There have been many. Most of them were feral so getting pictures of them was almost luck. I love looking at the wall and remembering all of them.

    1. There is a flea market relative picture down at the bottom on the right side. This space was too small to add quilts. I have quilts on the walls in other rooms. I only have out a photo of the dogs, and it isn't on the wall. I just can't do more right now. It is just too painful.

  15. Brenda, just beautiful. I want to know if any of your new neighbors have seen your place, to know what CAN be done, to make their place beautiful, too?

    1. Just Charlie next door. And that is only because I occasionally ask him to say, hold the door to the buffet while I'm getting the screws in place because I don't have three hands! Don't know anyone else. The manager happened to be in here last week though. She has sent photos of my place to their corporate office.

  16. Brenda – Your gallery wall turned out just beautiful!! I love every piece on that wall – especially those gorgeous red geraniums! Really pretty!

  17. This is fantastic…you are so creative, woman!! The whole living room is cute and cozy and calm. You really did a good job. I think you have really found a good sense of peace.

    Jane xx

    1. Life is short. I'm not going to surround myself with "just stuff." I want those items I choose to have special meaning. Like a card someone sends you that you keep in a drawer because the words are special to you. My wall is that card for me.

  18. Brenda, your gallery wall is gorgeous! I love that it tells YOUR story. I use to read dozens of blogs but have drastically cut back to just a hand-full, your is one I look forward to every day. Thank you for keeping it real, I admire you for that! That and your killer decorating skills!

    1. Some people just aren't cut out for "keeping it real." It is too hard and possibly painful to them, and so they shouldn't. It is actually cathartic for me.

  19. Your wall is a "story" wall for sure. It is much more meaningful than to just slapping random things up there. I like how each item is a bit of your journey and the things you love. Years ago I wanted to be a commercial artist, then an interior decorator, but became a nurse instead. You should be a writer and an interior decorator. You excel at both.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne πŸ™‚

    1. I feel like I am both. I am living my dream of writing every day. It is my blog. I am decorating my home and would decorate anyone's space if they wanted me to. I use to think: But I wanted to be a writer. Then I realized: I am!

  20. Your gallery wall is beautiful and I love that it has meaning to you. I'm thinking this would be a great idea for our hallway upstairs.

    1. Memories don't have to be just in our heads or scrapbooks. They can be displayed for everyone to see. And if those memories have special meaning, all the better.

  21. Your memory wall is beautiful and touching. Is the picture of the dresses you and your girls? You have created a lovely home so warm and cozy. I love it too.

    1. No, I just liked it. And found the print on sale for about $6. It is one of my favorite artists, so I don't know how it ended up in a store. I snapped it up and got a cheap frame. I guess one could think of me and two daughters. But we would never have dressed like that!

  22. I love it Brenda, I just love it! Oh my what a beautiful wall of memories, achievements and symbolisms! I've got to tell you you better not invite me over, cause if I come, I won't be leaving without that gorgeous rose picture at the top. I spotted it the minute I eyed the wall photo. I can't believe you got it for that price. It is so you, in every way. I so wish I had walls, no walls in the Charmer. Big windows, but no walls! Did I tell you I love it!

    1. You're the first person who has referred to that painting and its price. I was dumbfounded. $18? Heck, the frame alone is worth far more than that!

    1. The things we surround ourselves with don't have to merely be decorative. It can have meaning.

  23. Your gallery wall is wonderful. To have all of your favorite things, quotes, and thoughts right in front of you is so special.

    1. When I read your comment, I thought: Kind of like the kitchen cabinets at the other rental! Had images and phrases I loved decoupaged.

  24. Very nice, Brenda! What a great way and a pretty way to remind yourself of your 'road of life'. You really think things out and it's touching to see and hear about your pieces. Love seeing the little fuzzy faces.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚

    1. When you only have a few rooms, I think you have to make those walls work harder for you!

  25. Brenda, what a wonderful job you have done on your gallery wall. I love the story it tells and how meaningful it is to you. I just ordered a canvas print of one of my Eiffel Tower photos and can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm going to use it as a jumping off point for a wall in my home. Love the Geranium print also.


    1. Well, I don't know about that. There are lots of gallery walls out there. I just wanted mine to have meaning to me.

  26. I've still got a bathroom that is basically untouched. Except for the cotton shower curtain I ordered that is like my bedroom curtains. Much of one wall is a mirror, so I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to decorate and utilize that space. But otherwise, pretty much done in my little space. Although one never truly stops decorating, do they?

  27. You've done a wonderful job putting together your very personal gallery wall, Brenda! How very satisfying it must be to finally sit back and enjoy your new home decorated with all your treasures, new and old!

    1. There is beauty in how something looks. There is beauty in how something makes you feel. There is beauty in seeing your map on the wall. The many steps of your life.

  28. What a beautiful wall – inside and out! A home filled with treasures that mean something = a beautiful home. Just lovely! Jane

    1. The outside of this place is just any generic 1960s patio apartment, with lots of things that need upkeep and maintenance. But on the inside and on my patio, that is truly me.

  29. It's beautiful, and I love all the symbolism! I just hung a gallery wall, too. It's so much fun to include those meaningful pieces:)

    1. Well, in small space living, it's all about having things with a dual purpose. The wall has a dual purpose. It is made up of things I love, and it tells a story.

  30. My gallery wall in my bedroom is more personal to me than the gallery wall I have in the family room. But all the paintings and things I put up on the walls are very special to me. I even have my grandparents wedding photo in black and white and my parents wedding photo. I want to send you pics because you had said you would like to see my gallery walls. Not sure where to send them and I am like not super tech savvy, but can at least take pics and put in jpg. Let me know.

    1. Just send them as an attachment in an email. I would love to see them! I only have flea market relatives.

  31. Love your gallery wall, Brenda. It all works together so well, telling your story. I really like the big flower picture and the words added in….I just don't know how you manage to make your gallery walls work in such a balanced way (without lots of extra unwanted nail-holes appearing!)
    Helen xox

    1. It was. But it was fun finding things that were symbolic to my life and my journey.

  32. Besides being a beautiful wall arrangement, it is a beautiful statement of YOU.

    1. I don't have a lot of wall space here, so I want to do things that are really important to me in more ways than one.

  33. Love, love, love your gallery wall … the Story of Me (so to speak). And, to see the pupsters is a wonderful treat.

    I would so enjoy sitting in your home chatting with you while enjoying a cup of coffee or cold drink (diet coke). You are so authentic … a rare bird, Brenda. πŸ™‚

    1. Well, I like most birds, so I'll take that as a compliment! Yes, it is the story of me. Well said.

    2. It was definitely a compliment. Just yesterday a friend and I were discussing that it's wonderful when we encounter an authentic person (the real deal). That, Brenda is you. πŸ™‚

  34. I've said it before and I'll say it again: You are an amazing woman and decorator. I'm sure you could make some money doing that for other people. Love the gallery wall and I don't love just any gallery wall. This one hits all the right notes.

    1. I wouldn't mind helping people with thrifty finds and what they already have. I'm not the type to walk into a place and start picking out new stuff. If there's a job in that, I'd be interested!

    1. I had a B for Brenda that was made out of wood. But I dropped it and it broke all to pieces. Must not have been very good wood!

  35. Beautiful as always Brenda! I too love to sit in my livingroom and look at the things I've placed about.

    1. It's front and center, reminding me why I need to live and do and think like I'm supposed to. To stay positive.

  36. Everything on your gallery wall looks positive to me.. It looks like something that will hug you every time you walk into the room..
    You put so much thought and emotion into YOUR work of art..
    Your babies looks like they've enjoyed watching you work too. Bless their little hearts..
    It's beautiful, Brenda, as is your entire room. Enjoy !

    1. I am truly enjoying my wall, Charlotte. And I don't mean on Facebook. I don't even have a wall on there!

  37. Brenda, I love your gallery wall! It looks fabulous. In fact, I could just move right into your apartment, and be as happy as can be! It's beautiful!

  38. When your site opened up and I saw this wall, it just took my breath away. It is so beautiful, and so full of meaning for your place in life now and what you have been through in these past few years. You never fail to surprise me with your talents. Nancy's geraniums are perfect there. I've followed her blog for years and she is amazing. The picture at the top w/the flowers and the frame, what a marvelous find. I feel so calm when I look through your pictures! I'm sure it's the puppies calming me down!

    1. They don't calm me down. Abi seems to spend a good amount of time aggravating me. She will go to her hard food bowl, and there is food in it. But she will sit and cry. I will get up and add a little more. Or if it's sat there awhile, dump it and put in more. Shoot, it's prescription and not cheap. Then I'll sit down and she'll start again. When I go back to the bedroom in the evening, I'll just get settled with my ice pack and she will start crying and I have to get up and figure out what she wants now. Usually she wants the big bin of toys. So I get that out. It's right there in front of her, but she wants me to be there with her. I show her this toy, that toy. Not good enough. So I dump the whole thing on the floor. Now she wants it on the bed. Never stops…

  39. Just had to say, as one who has looked at the "you" in your rooms for a long time, that while the whole lovely room speaks of you, your gallery wall eloquently shows me that your heart has truly at last found peace. I am so glad for you, Brenda.

    1. Thanks Dewena, nice to hear from you. Yes, I guess I finally have. Now I want to enjoy it.

    1. When it occurred to me to do this, I thought: Why not? Why not have a wall full of meaning?

  40. I had to fight back the tears, Brenda. Your gallery wall is simply beautiful, both the aesthetic and sentiment!

    1. Sometimes, as I sit here staring at it, I have to fight back the tears. It kind of says to me: "I got here. Finally. And here is where I am." I don't live in a big house with all the things I once had. But I also don't wake up with dread. And that is worth a lot.

  41. What a wonderful idea to create such a personal gallery wall. It makes such a pretty focal point, too. Your living room has really come together. So cozy!

    1. You know, we fill our surroundings with things we love. But after a difficult and also special past five or so years, I wanted a map, if you will. A map of my path.

  42. Such an impressive and heartfelt gallery wall display! Each item is perfectly placed. As always, I am in awe of your amazing decorating talent. I'm completely in love with it! So cute that Charlie and Abi 'posed' for this adorable photo. Simply darling pupsters!

  43. I LOVE it, Brenda!!! AND…I love your pups, too. I cannot get to my news feed fast enough to search for your most recent post every day! Thank you for brightening our world (and for all the useful info you share). Have a great day!!

  44. Very nice!!! I like the whole idea of the wall. I am also glad to see the Pups!!!

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