1. I love the change Brenda. Everything looks earthy, subtle and beautiful.
    I am curious about the new Keurig, I noticed it recently and wondered if my husband needed it. I personally do not drink coffee, I am a hot chocolate girl.
    Hope that you are doing well and that you are seeing signs of Fall and an improvement in your pain.

  2. Can you tell me the difference(s) between your old and new Keurig? Why do you like this one better?

  3. Very pretty change! I love the woman in the kitchen print and the coffee sign.

  4. Lovely shades of green working together as they do in nature as well. Enjoy your new green kitchen!

  5. Everything looks nice. Love the lamp. I chuckled when you wrote about putting lampshades together. Loving the weather, hope you are too.

  6. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker. One cup of instant coffee in the morning and that’s it for me. Occasionally if I’m dining out at a fancy place I’ll have a cup of coffee with or after the meal, but it is rare I do fine dining these days! That said, I love your refreshed coffee bar, it is so cute! The Keurig coffee maker color is gorgeous, and I really like the combination of the different shades of green of the various items you put all together. The second thing I noticed after the gorgeous coffee maker was the Postal Box with the greenery – so lovely, just the perfect place to hang it and the perfect accent. I don’t know why, but that piece along really “speaks” to me. I also noticed the wall art – the lady working in the kitchen, so clever and perfect colors in it. That banana bread – Brenda you made me want to bake some. The plate you have it on is just beautiful. That’s the way to live, surround yourself with beautiful things and things you love! Side note: You actually got me thinking about buying one of those Keurig coffee makers, not for myself, but for my sister and B-I-L who will be visiting from out of town again in December. They are both coffee drinkers and love their Keurig coffee maker at home. I feel guilty that B-I-L makes “runs” to a McDonalds about half a mile away and brings coffee back for them – sometimes a couple times a day, as they are not fans of my instant coffee and they are used to having easy access to coffee throughout the day.

  7. Very cute, and green is so soothing thanks for sharing…. From all your pictures, your apartment seems so spacious, especially your kitchen and bedroom…love your outside patio…have a great week…
    ps. any updates on Moma dog & puppies. I live on the West Coast but still care, we have a wonderful rescue organization near where I live and there are too many pets that need good homes….take care

  8. Looks very nice as usual. You did a great job with all the decorating…love the tin coffee sign and the postal box…that is a beautiful lamp..the new pic…it all just flows.. love it💕

  9. Everything looks wonderful! Love the art surrounding your coffee bar as well. You know how to decorate a space so it looks just right.

  10. Your green kitchen is cozy and welcoming. I prefer it to the red one.
    Your decorating post are always interesting.

  11. I absolutely love it!!! I despise where my coffee makers are. I need one for my dh and one for me as I can’t drink fully caffeinated coffee and we’re up at the same time. It’s on the dirty dishes end of the counter so it’s a constant battle to never have a dirty dish. My counter-micro had to go in the old coffee maker spot and I can’t shelf the micro anywhere. I’ve pondered and pondered. I’ve even put the coffee area on the desk area of the kitchen, but that was horrible. LOL. Anyway, green is the gateway to my heart. And I love that lamp!!!!!

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