1. Lots of great information here, thank you. The first picture with the crisp white and blue sunroom just screams spring to me. Quite lovely. Thanks for rounding all these links up.

  2. I love the 4 season’s sunroom the best! I wish I had that… and those views! Lots of good articles to read here. Thank you!

  3. Lots of things to look at today. I adore the rabbit prints which I see can be bought from Etsy. The birdhouse candlesticks are just lovely and the spring basket for the front door is wonderful. I would like to make the spring basket but I doubt I will and besides that we have a glass front door!

  4. The birdhouse candlesticks are so cute. And The Miniscule Mansion will be my next read. It sounds great.

  5. Thanks for lots of interesting articles again today. Our daughter and family are military moving next month from the East coast 4 hours away from us to the Dallas, Texas area. Thankful for the service and protection the military provides us but we are sad our grandchildren will be moving farther away. She is anticipating making a small rock garden in her backyard so I had my Dad get a rock from his yard, sign and date it and we did the same. I also made her a few wreaths for her front door. I had made her a simple tear shaped wreath for inside her house and to my surprise she loved it so I made her another for her new house. I remember my Mom making beautiful wreaths with silk flowers and lots of baby’s breath and a big, flowered print bow. Both our daughter and I love the simple look of lavender or just the lighter colored greens on our wreaths. I have made a large rectangular wreath from 2 foot bare branches from our yard with just a few lighter colored greens in the opposing corners with a little bird tucked in that makes my heart sing. I love getting pip candle rings for a steal at tag sales, taking them apart and adding them to wreaths or arrangements. It is so fun to shop your house and change small things around. Have a great day everyone.

    1. Sorry you won’t be seeing them as much. I live right here in town with my kids and see them maybe once a month, sometimes less. Busy, busy, busy. I hope they realize that they won’t want to have “I was busy my whole life” on their grave.

  6. So much to see, read about, etc. Wonderful post, Brenda!
    Happy Saturday!

  7. Lots of fun things to look at in today’s post. I did a quick run through for now but will come back when I have more time and look more later. Thanks for posting!

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