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  1. Oh, gosh, where to begin to take in all these goodies, Brenda. I think I have to come back tomorrow as it is now my bedtime! Thanks for sharing all these yummy bits and pieces!

  2. As usual, many wonderful finds this week, Brenda. Thank you. The heart wreath looks really cute. You should try to make it. I think it’d go great with your heart bowl fillers you bought. The food, oh my goodness, yummy!! I think key lime pie is one of my favorite desserts!!

  3. Thank you Brenda for all your research to bring us such beautiful context. I usually read you late at night in bed on my tablet, so the reason I don’t comment much.
    It would be great if we could send pics of our interiors for your ideas and everyone’s comments. Hope you’re feeling well today. Hugs

  4. As usual, you’ve made a great, interesting selection of topics for us. I love spending a quiet hour on my Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea (lavender chamomile) and a little snack (pimento cheese on crackers) perusing your finds. Last week I made the Charro Beans & OMG, they were the best beans ever. ( I left out the Serrano peppers and it still was seasoned well and tasty). From todays post, I will venture to make cookies this week. Love the decorating ideas with greenery, and the small library is to die for. However, instead of old books just for decor purposes, I would want interesting books to read. Which brings me to the two selections in todays post… both look like winners and I have added them to my list of “To Read”.

  5. Thank you again Brenda for New and Notables. I absolutely love looking at everything! Even if the recipes aren’t vegan I can usually make them so. I also liked how someone had made a library in their living area, I hadn’t thought of that.
    The two books sound very interesting, I will definitely look them up on Amazon.

  6. I am really enjoying your Saturday posts. Did you receive your bowl fillers patterns and samples???

  7. We have a wall of bookshelves in our living room for over 40 yrs as I love to see books and Knick knacks displayed on them. Makes me feel so cozy in my home to go select a book on interior decorating, gardening or fiction and just immerse myself in happiness.

  8. A wonderful post full of fun ideas, yummy looking food and a good read. Can’t ask for anything more!
    Enjoy your Saturday, Brenda!

  9. You are finding the best things for your Saturday posts! I love the pics with the greens and those sconces over the bookshelves are gorgeous. The Valentine hearts you posted the other day inspired me to buy a little fabric and make some for my daughter. Have a nice weekend!

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