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  1. Have you ever subscribed to Acorn TV (it’s British also and I subscribe through Amazon)? It’s my bad but I recently figured out that I pay separately for them and I thought it was a bundle (BritBox + Acorn for one price). Maybe I need to reconsider what I’m subscribing to????

  2. The Masterpiece channel on Amazon has a large inventory of police procedural from many European countries that are well worth watching.

  3. Already commented but meant to say that Ivy cracks me up – I love the way she goes into the bathroom w her toys when you go to sleep:-)

  4. Last Tango In Halifax is a good story too! I also donate a small amount monthly to PBS & that gives me access to Passport PBS shows, including Masterpiece. PBS has a free stand alone app with a lot on it but does not include Masterpiece. If you decide to go the PBS donation route (after your free trial) you would download the PBS app separately just like Netflix etc – & then when you donate you will be given access to the Passport series that includes Masterpiece. Or keep the app through Amazon – I think the savings are minimal but these streaming apps add up!!! I have certain apps (like Apple) that I renew to binge watch a few shows and then cancel until next seasons are out LOL. On Masterpiece I have enjoyed Downton Abbey, Ernest Hemingway, Miss Scarlet and The Duke, Sanditon… & of course Magpie Murders!

  5. We donate $60/year to our local PBS station and stream Passport that way. Not sure if that is a savings over Amazon.

  6. I like to watch movies in the evenings too. Then when I’m ready to go to bed, I’ll read on my phone, or watch YouTube until I get tired. We all have our own little nighttime rituals, don’t we? I don’t think I’d have been able to stand it, if I’d heard Ivy playing with my things, lol. I would have gotten up to investigate, lol. She is such a funny girl! I love hearing about the funny things she does. I looked at the list of things you bought for Ivy. I liked the hair brush. It says it’s good for dogs or cats. I like that it’s so easy to clean the hair out of it. They need to make that for people too! I’m glad Spring is in the air. I’m sure you’ll get some enjoyment out of watching all the wildlife. I can’t wait to see all the pictures you’ll be able to take. I loved the red cardinal by the birdhouse you took the other day.

  7. Hi Brenda,
    I liked Nicola Walker in a old PBS series; “Last Tango in Halifax”. I also loved “Longmire” and was sad when it was cancelled on regular cable. I cancelled my subscription to Netflix years ago; because of their radical political ideologies. I enjoyed “Bosch” and was shocked to read that Lance Riddick, who played “Chief Irving” died in March of this year. I am going to start watching the sequel, ” Bosch: Legacy”.
    Ivy is such a character! Her stories always make me laugh and I am happy she has you!

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