Lunch With My Daughter & Streaming TV

Today I’m having lunch with my youngest daughter, Kasi. She is working at her office just down the road today.

She will bring food from Chicken Salad Chick here to dine at my apartment around noon.

I was curious about who originated Chicken Salad Chick, so I did a bit of research.

This is a story of how a woman started a fledgling business and now is a successful entrepreneur. Don’t you love those kinds of heartwarming stories?

The Perfect Chicken Salad:

A woman named Stacy Brown who lived in Auburn, Alabama had always wanted to find the perfect chicken salad. Then she had an epiphany.

Everyone’s idea of the perfect chicken salad is completely different!

The stay-at-home mom set to work perfecting her own recipe. She recruited her family and neighbors to taste-test, before arriving at the one.

Stacy began dropping off samples of her chicken salad to teachers’ lounges and hair salons. Then she began selling door-to-door.

The orders poured in and “Chicken Salad Chick” was born.

Then the county health department told her that her home business was illegal. So she and her husband, Kevin, opened up a carry-out-only restaurant.

Stacy’s late husband and co-founder, Kevin Brown, came up with the idea for the name.

He thought they should name the chicken salad flavors after real women in Kevin & Stacy’s lives. Hence the “chicks”.

Sadly, Kevin died of colon cancer in 2015.

And here are those “chicks.”

The Chicks

As of August 2021, there are 200 franchise restaurants and stores in 17 states.

What’s Streaming?

I’m having trouble finding a new TV series to watch. I’ve been home so much these last few months that I’ve watched a lot of TV and movies.

Lately, I’ve been attempting to watch shows that are dubbed over with English.

Hollywood Is No Longer Dominating The Box Office:

English language movies, I read, are no longer dominating the international box office top 20.

So I suppose we in the US have been spoiled by so many English-speaking Hollywood shows and movies. But Hollywood is not at the top any longer.

Actually, India is the world’s movie-making capital. India has the most prolific film industry in terms of sheer output and number of viewers.

“Bollywood” references the Indian movie industry and is based in Mumbai (Bombay). Bollywood refers to the Hindi-language motion picture industry of India.

It releases far more films than Hollywood. In fact, it has been the largest producer of films for over a decade.

In 2018 alone there were 1,800 digital feature films released there. The US, by contrast, only released 500 that year.

So Which Streaming TV Series Do You Suggest?

I have Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. Last night I scrolled through the listings for them all. But couldn’t find anything I really wanted to watch, though I tried several.

Since I’m not moving around very much these days, I’m reading and watching TV more than ever before.

What shows have you watched lately that you’d suggest I watch?



  1. I am currently watching Offspring on Netflix, and love this quirky Australian comedy drama. Ted Lasso on Apple + is my one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever seen in awhile. I also enjoyed Virgin River, Becoming Anna, Last Tango in Paris, Call The Midwife. We are now watching Umbrella Academy on Netflix which is bizarre (to put it mildly), but we are enjoying it. And, HBO Max has a deep library all of the iconic HBO classics – definitely will keep you entertained if you’ve never seen them!
    Love how those chicken salads were named! We don’t have one near us, that I’m aware of.

  2. To echo others, Virgin River and Ted Lasso are definite musts:) Some recs I did not see in comments: Only Murders In The Building (Hulu) is one of the most entertaining new series I have seen in a long time IMHO. Last Tango In Halifax from 2012 BBC (Netflix)-Nicola Walker from The Split is in the cast. Documentaries: Hemingway by Ken Burns (PBS), Diana Vreeland The Eye Has to Travel (Amazon Prime), Wonder Boy – about the creative director House of Balmain (Netflix), 7 Days Out-Chanel episode (Netflix), American Masters Inventing David Geffen (PBS & Netflix), Echo In The Canyon (Netflix), The Andy Warhol Diaries (Netflix) – not for the “fainthearted” as one reader said – it is complex and very interesting.

  3. Good morning Brenda, I have a recommendation for your streaming pleasure…if you have Britbox from BBC, there is a great mystery on there called Silent Witness. It is about a group of forensic pathologists who help figure out who did the dirty deed. I have been really enjoying it and there are about 24 seasons. Be safe, be well, and be kind to yourself.

  4. I really enjoyed Marcella a series on Netflix. She’s a British detective and there are 3 seasons. It’s very suspenseful. My husband liked it as well. The series Safe was very good too. It’s British also, on Netflix.
    And Sweet Magnolias series was good and the movie Hillbilly Elegy, all on Netflix. Like you, I love Longmire and wish it could have been on for several more seasons! My husband and I are currently watching it again…
    Hope that you are healing well, Brenda. I love your blog and read it every day❤️

  5. The salad for lunch sounds yummy!! Glad you have some time to spend with your daughter like this!! Hubby and I went for some more laser treatments to our knees today…LOVE how this is helping fix the pain there!! We can actually sleep most nights without pain and needing ibuprofen, etc!! One of the best parts of moving to NC this year!!

  6. I’m going to check out Netflix, “Inside the Mind of a Cat” that my daughter just recommended! Let me know what you think!

  7. Virgin River is a must! Love it! I loved Bosch.. watched all seasons on Amazon, and then it ended, but a spin-off called Bosch:Legacy is on Freevee TV. You can get it free as is a streaming channel, and that spinoff is great too. Loved Luther with Idris Elba, I think was 3 seasons. The Fall is great.. is 5 episodes. Not sure if was on Netflix or Amazon. Bloodline is VERY good too… 3 or 4 seasons and very suspenseful. If you can get the CW on your streaming, it has some good series. I get CW through my Roku stick, and also comes in on my TV via antenna. I have no cable or satellite. Arrow was really good.. on CW. Supernatural is many seasons and very good.. on the CW but I think it’s also streaming on other channel. The series “Doc” with Billy Ray Cyrus (surprisingly, he was REALLY GOOD!)… I just loved.. can be seen now on PureFlix (free) and the Roku channel. I really really liked it! There are many obsure series I’ve found by chance and ended up loving and/or binge watching! Marilyn

    1. Virgin River is filmed in British Columbia, Canada (aka Hollywood North). The forest and cabin scenes are filmed about 20 miles from my house in the small community of Agassiz / Harrison. Many, many of the Hallmark movies are filmed in our town of Chilliwack and surrounding communities as area as well.

  8. I rarely watch TV, so I’m not much help. The last series we watched was Severence, which is on Apple TV. (Which is only $5/mo.) I highly recommend this series! The first episode is more “informational”…you might think you don’t like it. But once you watch the 2nd episode, you’ll be hooked.

  9. I subscribe to Miss Mustard Seed, a friend and unbelievably talented woman, Marian Parsons. If you like English drama series, go to her recent post about her favorites and make an enormous list, plus all the suggestions that are in the comments. That will keep you immersed for quite a while. Some wonderful suggestions.

  10. The house of Gucci was a good movie. And I, too, liked Virgin River. I think next year will be the last season for it. I’ve watch everything up to the end of the current season and loved it. I hate having to wait a whole year to catch the next season. Another good show is Outlander, but is currently on the Starz network on DirectTV. I don’t know if it cam be streamed anywhere else. And I’ve heard When Calls The Heart ifs good, but again, I don’t know where you can stream it.

  11. Virgin River for sure.
    Ted Lasso on Apple is a heart warming show. Like any show you have to get past the first episode before you get it. I thought it was going to be about sports. It goes much deeper then that. I watched both seasons during a trial with Apple and then cancelled.

  12. Chicken Salad Chick is one of my favorites! We’re going there with our daughter for lunch tomorrow, as a matter of fact. Hope you are continuing to heal well.

    1. I thought the story behind it was a wonderful story. I forgot to tell my daughter about it when she was here for lunch though.

  13. Brenda, I remember you liked Breaking Bad. Did you watch Better Call Saul? They just wrapped up the series finale. My husband keeps telling me to watch it.

  14. Everybody should have Ted Lasso in their lives! Apple
    I really enjoyed The Morning Show, but was surprised that it took a bit to get into it. Apple
    The Split. Hulu via BBC
    The Summer I Turned Pretty. Prime. Surprisingly good. The only Netflix show to get a second season before it aired

      1. The same actress was the lead in a show called “Unforgotten”. It was one either Acorn or Brit Box TV.

  15. Countrylifevlog on YouTube puts out beautiful scenery and cooking, gardening – without electricity or running water. There is a new video out every week. Their skills are absolutely amazing. It’s free to watch and addicting.

  16. Sorry, I can’t be of any help. I have a streaming subscription to Discovery+ and watch my favorite old home improvement and gardening shows, over and over again because I never get tired of them, like reading my favorite novels over and over again. I do have a collection of DVD movies that I watch over and over again too, LOL, but I think my taste is rather weirdo compared to what is popular. Who watches and re-reads Harry Potter books and movies? I do. And Jane Austen books and movies – I have different versions of Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, etc. One movie I would recommend is “Queen to Play.” It’s a “discovering a renewed passion for life” type of movie, a French film subtitled in English. It revolves around a married French woman who works as a maid in a hotel on what I think is Corsica and she falls in love with the game of chess – I won’t give any more away of how that happens. It is so well done, and one doesn’t need to know a thing about chess in order to “get” what the movie is really about, and the subtitles are excellent, you don’t need to understand French to understand the film. And then, there is “Spies Like Us.” Makes me laugh every time, guaranteed – and I dare anybody not to get up and dance around the room to “Soul Finger.”

    1. I’ve watched all the Harry Potter movies MANY times each, as well was read all the books! I love them!

        1. You will love Harry Potter. The books are amazing! I’ve read them multiple times.
          If you enjoy podcasts you can listen to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and read along with them chapter by chapter. It feels like you have your own personal bookgroup!

  17. Brenda, I just started to watch on Netflix “Riverdale”…a series based on the Archie comics…if you remember those in the old daysLOL. It starts out a little simple..I stuck with it, since my knee issue, and it became lots more interesting…some twists and turns that made it more rewarding to watch…some mystery here in this series. Give it a try…just different than I expected…enjoy!

  18. How many daughters do you have? I ask because being foreign born and since English is not my first language I try to be correct in my English language use. I am not a writer such as you; however my understanding is that if you have 2 daughters, the correct term to use is “younger” not “youngest”.

  19. Sadly, I can’t help you. I’m stuck in a rut. Ugh!!!
    Chicken Salad Chick sounds so yummy! I love chicken salad so I’d enjoy having something like that nearby. Enjoy lunch with your daughter!

  20. If you have a Target account, they are offering three months free of Apple TV via their app. I’ve watched Ted Lasso and I’m now onto The Morning Show. I find both entertaining. You can cancel soon after signing up and you won’t be charged when the trial ends.

    1. It’s actually four months and you can also order Apple Music and Apple Arcade for free trials also.

  21. I have been watching Virgin River on Netflix and really like it. I can only watch it once a week when I watch my great grandson at my granddaughter’s house, because I don’t have any streaming channels at home!

  22. Love your opening photo of green Buddah and plant. Best series Uncoupled with Neil Patrick Harris. Not for the faint hearted hetero woman. Gay man’s partner leaves after 17 years and he’s left dating in the. single scene. Also. So glad you’re back. I have missed you. Hope you are healing well.

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