1. If the therapy set you back so far, and especially any extreme swelling, I would call your surgeon just to make sure you are ready for whatever the therapist was doing.

    With the surgery I had on my second knee my pt went a bit too far with the stretching and then I could barely even use the walker the rest of that day and the next. It took two days for the extreme swelling to go down. I told my pt about the extree swelling I had, but by then it had gone down mostly, so the pt couldn’t see what I was talking about. She did the same stretches and exercises to the same extent, on her second visit and by the time three hours had passed my knee area was swollen so much that it split two of the places where my stitches had been. They got infected by the day I had my visit with the surgeon. He saw the infected open areas where the stitches were as I explained to the doctor how bad my leg had swollen after my therapy. The stitch areas split after the second pt session where the leg swelled even more. He said don’t allow the pt to do that much stretching anymore until these open sores are healed copletely. He said where the stitches had been the skin was still weaker than surrounding skin.The infection cleared up with two rounds of antibiotic.

    Please call your surgeon and tell him how much you have regressed after therapy. Let him decide if the therapist should take it a little slower with you. You paid the surgeon plenty for the surgery, and will pay for future visits. I strongly encourage you to call, just to double check. It can’t hurt anything to just call him.

  2. After 9 surgeries on various body parts, I know the value of simple stretches. You’ll get back to your old self soon enough if you continue those. Glad your PT is coming to you.
    In the meantime, have you read The Candid Life of Meena Dave by Namrata Patel? It is so good! An introduction to the Indian heritage and customs, a mystery, a budding romance…try it! Here’s the review:

  3. I am glad that you’re to get the Physical Therapy at home – and do agree that after your initial home assessment and if that loss of function plus pain continue, that it is time to call your doctor. I sure am thinking about you and sending all best wishes for the pain to stop and the progress to begin. Team Brenda!

  4. Brenda, I’m sorry you are still in so such pain. No one expects it to be gone instantly, but a month out, you’d think it would be improving. When is your next follow up appointment with your doctor? You should make sure he knows you’re still in pain, and the difficulty you’re having in getting timely PT. I imagine he’s busy, and probably doesn’t realize his PT orders haven’t been followed. You need to let him know. Maybe here can light a fire under someone to get you the help you need, when you need it! No news is good news, as they say, so he might be thinking everything is going great for you, unless you tell him otherwise. Call him. In the mean time, once you learn what the therapist shows you, you can probably do the exercises by yourself, even long after you are through with the therapy. At least you have good books and shows to keep you busy and take your mind off your ankle pain. And you have all of us. I’d say friendship is a good medicine. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  5. I would ask the physical therapist what exercises I can do by myself at home to help strengthen my ankle. And ask your doctor what you can safely take in over the counter meds to help counteract the pain, because it’s going to hurt.

    1. Yeah, I know it’s going to hurt. I just don’t want to damage anything that’s been done.

  6. Hopefully the home care therapist will have some answers for you and get you on a more regular schedule. I’m sorry you’re still in pain, you must be so frustrated. I read Defending Jacob, too. Now I can’t remember it at all! Uh- oh…middle age is not kind! Feel good!

  7. Perhaps you should contact the doctor who performed your surgery & ordered the PT, and let him know about the pain you’re experiencing and how you cannot place any weight on the foot after the initial PT appt. If you could initially walk 8-10 steps Tuesday after PT, and now you cannot put any weight on that foot at all, something’s amiss. Some discomfort following PT is par for the course, but not to the degree you’ve described. The surgeon & physical therapist should be functioning as a team so you’ll have the best outcome possible, and everyone needs to be informed if something goes amiss.
    I suspect tomorrow’s in-home appointment will be an initial evaluation/examination much like your appointment Tuesday (with Brady).
    I’m sorry you’re having pain/discomfort and feel you’re experiencing a setback. Try elevating your foot to help in relieving the pain & discomfort (along with the ice & Tylenol).
    Wishing you peace, patience, less pain/discomfort, rest, and an excellent experience with in-home PT.
    Stay safe & well.

  8. I’m glad someone will be coming to u for your PT!
    It’s way too hot too go outside anyway and the humidity is unreal!
    It’s hot enough where I live too and the humidity last time I cked was 66%! Yikes!

    My modem stopped working the night b4 so I did without internet for the night. Thank God there was one appt free for the next day or I would of had too wait…
    My phone wasn’t even working right either! Lol That’s my luck! Good thing I have plenty of things to keep me busy! Lol

    1. My home phone doesn’t work when my internet is out. Thank goodness for the backup cell phone.

  9. I so hope your home health people will be as helpful as ours were for my Hubby this year…the only medicals who truly helped us, were them!! Don’t hesitate to tell them exactly how things were and are…and say no, if something hurts too much. Your situation is quite unique. The doctor sat on the paperwork till almost the end of his time with the home health, so that he only saw occupational health twice. Tho he should have seen one the whole 2 months or so they came. Wishing you the best in all this…hang in there and don’t give up!!

    1. I won’t give up. I’m probably extra careful because I’ve had this injury so long.

  10. A therapist coming to your home is ideal. All the health care facilities are suffering from staff shortages so that may be why you’re experiencing some challenges with appointments, etc.
    Interesting reading, Brenda.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. It seems that after Covid it’s hard to get appointments, hard to buy things, etc.

      1. Yes. Everywhere.
        The prices of all goods, food. S
        supplies, continues to increase.
        Has anyone noticed we are all paying more $$$ for less product?
        Very upsetting.
        We are fortunate to be working. Otherwise living life would be more challenging.
        Hoping tomorrow goes well for you Brenda.
        That the pain will subside, eventually work it’s way out.
        Dealing with arthritis for years, and I’ve had many surgeries in life, cannot imagine how discomforting it would be on a foot or ankle.
        We will be waiting to hear about the PT results.
        Books you described sound interesting. I’d like to give them both a read.

  11. I do understand your concern with the physical therapy but usually when you start to move it bothers you a bit. Share your concerns with your therapist at your next session. Glad therapy will come to you. Sending positive vibes for a quick and complete recovery! Stay cool!

    1. It’s just that I can’t get the pain to go away with ice or Tylenol. So will ask whoever comes tomorrow.

  12. Brenda, my husband and I started watching Dark Winds last night…from a book by Tony Hillerman…about the Navajo Tribal Police. It is being shown on AMC on cable, but we are watching it on Prime. We like it so far…beautiful scenery from the Navajo lands in western New Mexico and eastern Arizona.

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