1. The pathway looks great! You are so fortunate to have neighbors who so generously help each other out. Maybe you can call the surgeon’s office to ask if there is anything else they might suggest you’ll need?

  2. 😊 Oh so nice!!
    New pathway should be easier, safer for you now Brenda!
    A great job indeed!!
    Do you have any frozen meals prepared?
    Even a half-dozen would help you out.
    Then, hopefully your daughters can bring some things for you.
    Seems like it’s a go now!
    Glad for you to be well, stronger in the coming days ahead!!
    Only thing I don’t recall you mentioning, is ,,,,, Ivy. 😺 🐈
    Who will help with her?

  3. Hello Brenda,
    I just love your new pathway! Wow the guys did a great job. You’ve created a lovely space. So happy for you. I’ll be thinking and praying for you as you have surgery. Trusting for a great outcome. If you feel up to it please let us know how you are doing.
    Sending hugs

  4. How about picking up meals from a few of the restaurants that you have written about? You could portion them up and freeze.

  5. Wow, Brenda, your pathway looks great! He did a really good job on it for you. That was so very nice of him. Honestly, living in the type of community you moved into, where everyone really looks after each other, and tries to help each other, has been such a blessing. That’s how it should be everywhere. Food prep sounds like the way to go. Either cook meals ahead of time and freeze individual portions that can be easily heated in the microwave, or pre chop veggies and make quick salads for dinner. Maybe some canned soups that just take a moment to heat up. Or order a food delivery, like pizza or Chinese food. Then, like others have suggested, put all your comfort necessities near your chair, and just relax and get better. Nesting, so to speak. Sending prayers your way for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

  6. Wipes for the bathroom, extra battery for your phone and the cleaning ladies scheduled. Thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.

  7. The path looks very cute…so odd someone likes to steal plants however…though glad you had no use for it anyway…good thing. I think the main thing to have on hand is plenty of your medications, and food that is quick and easy to prepare. Seems those issues were main ones we had to deal with when Hubby was so ill earlier this year. Be sure laundry is all done too. Leave enough pillows and blankets in living room near your recliner etc. We drink spring water so I would be sure to have plenty of that on hand!!

  8. Brenda, I love your new path! How wonderful to have this off your list and completed before you have surgery.
    I wonder, could you get Meals on Wheels to deliver food to you?
    I have you in my prayers as you prepare for surgery and for it to be a success. Take care. Elizabeth

  9. Your new pathway looks great! Perfect timing with your upcoming surgery.

    You’re lucky to have found that foam pillow for elevating your leg. Five years ago when I had knee surgery (meniscus), I didn’t know there was such a thing. I relied on stacked up bed pillows and they weren’t very comfortable and kept mushing down and/or falling over.

    How about a big wrap-around velcro ice pack for your ankle? The hospital gave me one for my knee after my surgery. Don’t know if they’ll give you one for your ankle or if you’ll have to buy one – but a great invention! I’ve lent my ice pack over the years to two friends who’ve had knee surgery and injuries.

  10. Ron and Pat’s grandson did a great job building your pathway. It sounds like you have everything you need for after your surgery. Someone mentioned frozen meals, I like Stouffers meals. I will be praying for a successful surgery and recovery!

  11. A toilet seat riser I had purchased when I fell and broke by coccyx was a must have for me when I injured both ankles at the same time. It takes the strain off your painful ankles when getting up. Now that my RA in hips has worsened, I am glad I have it (from Amazon). Grab bars are great too. My senior community installs them upon request, for free. Wishing you a speedy recovery and minimum pain.

    1. I have one that just sits in the toilet. I had one that you screw into the toilet, but it kept coming loose.

    2. I was going to suggest the toilet riser with handles. After I had my hip replaced this was really helpful.

  12. Prepare some simple casseroles and then divide them into individual portions to freeze. Put things near your chair you will need daily like tissues, pen, notepad, hard candy for dry mouth, reading material, a couple of light bulbs for your lamp so you won’t have to go searching for one when yours goes out, trash can with new bags under the bag already in the trashcan, water bottle. I’m sorry you had to buy the foam elevation pillow. The hospital gave me one when I had ankle surgery. Best of luck with your surgery. I hope it is successful and frees you from pain.

    1. I didn’t think of the fact that they might give one to me. It was not listed in the instructions/info they sent me anyway.

  13. Ron and Pat’s grandson did a really nice job with the pathway for you. Bravo!
    Sounds like you’re well on the way to being fully prepped for your upcoming ankle surgery. Wishing you the best possible outcome and a speedy, uneventful recovery!
    Happy summer solstice week. 🙂
    Stay safe & well.

  14. So glad you have this nice pathway so you can safely travel back and forth. Sending best wishes for a successful outcome and a speedy recovery.

  15. The brick walkway is a great improvement. He did a nice job.

    I think preparing meals in advance is a great idea. It will mean limited time for you in the kitchen.

    1. Except it’s hard now to prepare food because of my problem standing long enough to fix it. Which is why I rarely prepare more than something I can do in a few minutes time.

  16. Nice pathway Brenda! It looks like alot of hard luck went into it!
    Good luck on your upcoming surgery and I’ll be sending prayers your way for a successful recovery.
    U could make some freezer meals all ready to go to have on hand. Then u don’t have to worry about cooking for yourself after your surgery.

    1. Or just buy some frozen ones. I like Stouffer’s lasagna, and spaghetti. We have H‑E‑B in Texas. I buy PFChang’s dinners. Trader Joe’s has several of my favorites also.

      1. Sorry my organization skills are showing. There are some waterproof casts. I do not know if they are appropriate for your use, though. There are also different colors.

    2. I forgot about freezer meals. I’ve never fixed them, but I’ve seen it a lot on Pinterest.

  17. Brenda you can probably rent these items from a medical supply store,this way you don’t have to store afterwards.
    Not to be crude but get a stool softener,between pain meds and limited mobility,being unable to go can detract from your healing.

    1. Yes and start taking the softener as soon as possible. A friend prepared meals for me years ago after surgery. The surgery was about this time of the year. I learned not to eat corn on the cob. It is better to start with soups and soft vegetables. My licensed nurse practitioner told me to take the prescribed meds. Some relax your body and help with sleep. That promotes healing. ⭐️

    2. I’m well aware of what pain meds can do to you! I always have something around to help with that problem.

  18. After hearing about all the hard work required to get your path looking so nice, I just wanted to join Ivy on the couch!

  19. It looks lovely, Brenda! What a relief to have that done prior to your surgery. Is this the path from your patio to the sidewalk? Or from your front door to the sidewalk?

      1. That’s awesome! He did an amazing job considering all the rocks and elevation he had to deal with. I hadn’t noticed before that you have a drain in the sidewalk. That will certainly ensure any water runoff from your new path will drain away from your apartment. Looks great!!

  20. Some medical facilities help with things you need afterward like a scooter…you may want to call and ask…your health insurance and Medicare may cover something…

    1. I believe they will help with renting one, but Steve and I just went out to the medical supply store and bought a knee scooter. Like someone commented, I can then loan it to people who can’t pay for one when they have surgery.

  21. Brenda, I wish you the best possible results from the upcoming surgery. May it bring you relief of pain and increase your mobility, as well as give you some peace of mind. Be sure to have your medications filled, order groceries and have a nice thermal cup to keep handy so you do not get dehydrated. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your recovery. Sherry B

    1. Thanks. I’m already getting geared up. I’m pretty organized, so will have things ready before I head for surgery.

  22. Amazon has knee scooters for a great price, and after you’re through, you’ll want to break it down and tuck it away if possible, just in case.

    1. I was going to do that, but I would have to figure out how to put it together. Don’t know if I’m up to that. It might be easy, might not. I’m going to look around at medical supply stores here where they’re already put together. Course it will cost more.

  23. For my recent surgery I rented a knee scooter from a medical supply store. It was a good one and cheaper than buying one. I also found a borrowed pronged cane to be most helpful in balancing myself when transferring to bed, chair and toilet. The plastic cover would not fit over my large splint/bandage so I used taped garbage bags. Wishing you the very best in your recovery.

  24. The path looks very nice…good luck with the surgery…hoping for good results for you…I am sure one of your neighbors would water your outside plants for you… 💕

    1. It’s all my neighbors can do to get their own plants watered. Many around me are on walkers.

      1. Maybe your friend Steve could water them for you? It’s nice to have friendly neighbors nearby.

  25. The new pathway looks great and will add a very convenient way to access the sidewalk from your patio door and vice-versa.

    1. Yes, that was the point. When I’d buy potting soil, I’d have to get my big red cart out and go to the car to get it. Then I’d have to come through the front door with it to take it to the patio because there was no path to go down. It was frustrating and tedious. Plus my sidewalk in front is higher than it’s supposed to be due to big tree roots. Harder to navigate.

  26. Wow Brenda!
    I am catching up on your story. My husband and I traveled to Murrieta, California to attend our grandson’s 8th grade graduation. We visited with lots of family and friends. We also took the grandkids swimming, miniature golfing and to the botanical gardens and Museum of Man and the San Diego Zoo. Our grandkids missed so much these last two years being locked down. I fear the kids have suffered damage that won’t be evident till years later!
    I can sympathize with your upcoming surgery; my husband is getting a knee replacement as soon as possible.

  27. I had ankle surgery a few years back. I put it off too long and I am so glad now that I had it done. My life improved so much. I was mad at myself that I did not get it done sooner. Live & learn.
    Make sure you have a shower chair/bench to sit on. I ended up getting two of them, so I could sit on one and then slide myself over to the main one under the water.
    I had the same shower cover that you show and it was wonderful.
    Make sure you have PT lined up to break up scar tissue. The ankle builds a lot of it after surgery.
    Have a soft, thick padded cover, that can be tossed into the washer, for your knee scooter bench where your knee rests. Get a scooter that has a basket that attaches on and off to help you carry things as you move around. That basket can be a life saver. Wish I lived closer, I would bring you the great one I have. I have kept it to help others. Believe it or not, 33 people in my community have borrowed my knee scooter so far. It’s my community project. LOL. Best wishes for a great health improvement.

    1. I couldn’t find a knee scooter in town that had a basket. It has a back pack looking apparatus in front. I already have a seat for the tub. I couldn’t get by without it.

  28. The new pathway is fabulous. It’s obvious he worked hard to get accomplish that task. I know you’ll feel better when you walk out now.
    It sounds like you’ve thought of everything you’ll need for post surgery. I was thinking about quick type meals. Things that are easy for you. I’m sure your wonderful neighbors will be available to help if and when you need.
    Have a wonderful day, Brenda!

    1. I looked into a food delivery service. But I had one before at the old apartment. And the problem with already prepared meals is that they have to stay frozen. Thus they have big cooling bags inside while being shipped. They were really hard for me to get to the dumpster after taking the food out because they were so heavy.

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