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  1. The lamps are so pretty, Brenda, and added even more coziness to your living room. Unfortunately, there are many things that are my “thing” when shopping! That would be so wonderful if your neighbor could build that pathway for you. I learned one thing when we were new to our place to Florida, and that is that things that seemed like big problems/issues eventually got solved with help knowledgeable neighbors. Glad you have a bunch of friendly ones who seem eager to help!

  2. Beautiful lamps. I’m like you – I don’t like overhead lighting. I’d rather have lamps. The only overhead lighting we have is in the kitchen – canned LED lights which we just had installed last year – and a ceiling fan with a light in the middle. I do turn the canned lights on when making food but I keep them dim using the dimmer switch.

  3. Like your ideas on lamps…I need a few more…
    Also, I think moving and rearranging things to help with grief is a good thing too…costs little but some time and effort too. So glad you have such nice neighbors…I am sure that also helps you…at least you have some folks nearby to chat with etc…

  4. Julie, I’m so sorry about the loss of your dear doggie. I know what it is to lose a loved pet. My Labradoodle, Tavi, got cancer several years ago and I had to euthanize him. It is still like a stab to my hear to think about it and I miss him so, so much. I am so thankful for having had him to love, though. Take care of yourself.

    Brenda, I think the lamps are gorgeous! I, too, have a thing for lamps. I love them and have always admired your white turned wood ones. I wish I could find some like those. I have a special lamp from the forties that was my mother’s. It’s an Aladdin made of a glass called Alacite. It is off-white and had a flocked and fluted shade which I am constantly looking to replace, but they are very scarce and the only ones I’ve found have been too expensive for me to afford. Anyway, just an example of my lamp fetish.

    I hope your neighbor can put in your the path for you so you can get about more easily. So glad you have good neighbors now.

  5. Love the lamps. They have a swivel stand on Amazon that has a base in the middle that you hook to the back of tv, you remove the feet on the tv and the base is in the middle.

  6. Just recently cruising for table lamps at Pottery Barn online and nothing I saw was under $300ish…EACH! You’d inspired me to add a few more here for ambiance. Those were similar in style to what you found for that incredible price. Now, see what I meant when, weeks back, I commented that you decorate for pennies on the dollar? Your perfect setting looks like a million bucks!

  7. Brenda, It seems as if there are so many positives about the new apartment and neighbors. I’m very happy for you and also pray your grief is eased by time. Funny how everyone has their “thing” to shop for. I too like lamps and chairs… much so my husband refers to our living room as Parlor A and family room as Parlor B. I have plenty of seating and lighting for any kind of visitation! Sherry B

  8. I have a thing for lamps too, Brenda – I hate overhead lighting, I just use it as task lighting but I switch it off when I’m done and rely on my many lamps. Those are lovely, they really add to the dining area – super cozy! Your apartment is lovely and I’m sure glad you have all those wonderful neighbors to help you out. Keep yourself as busy as possible to help fill the days and your mind.

    1. I so rarely use overhead lighting that I can’t even remember the last time I had to change the bulbs.

  9. I lost my beloved dog a week ago today. I did not even think of changing my furnishings to help with the grief. I am in shock that a whole week has passed, grief changes time.

    I love your decorating, it really inspires me. The new lamps are lovely, so inviting!

    1. Oh Julie, I am so, so sorry. You’re probably still in shock. I was for a time and now I’m grieving. Be good to yourself.

      1. Oh, Julie—That is SOOOOOOO SAD!!! And you’re right: Grief *does* distort time!!

        I’ll pray for your grieving heart.

      2. Thank you Brenda, I’m resting a lot. I am in shock, it just hurts so badly!

    2. Julie, I’m sorry. Just that. Because no words can erase the pain.

  10. Love the lamps, they’re perfect for that spot,couch looks good too.
    Blankets are my thing,throws,afghans the whole nine yards but at least I’m never cold,lol

  11. Brenda you really got me going with the lamps, I had a look at them on Amazon, they are so very beautiful . We don’t have any table lamps in the house at all because we have dimmer switches on the main lights. They look so lovely in your home.

    1. I have to have a table lamplight. Can’t stand overhead lighting. Table lamps lend such a cozy feeling to a room. You might consider getting lamps. Neither of my daughters seem to use lamps. I’ve always wondered why they prefer overhead lights.

  12. The sofa is more relaxing there. It holds the movement in the room. I have the same sofa. Now I will place one quilt on it.

    1. You do! I love that sofa. It’s not oversized and just perfect I think. I agree about the sofa’s position. The reason I angled it was because the fireplace wasn’t centered.

  13. Hi Brenda,
    Little changes do make a huge difference. I moved things around when my Mom died and did the same thing when I had to say goodbye to my Lily. It still hurts, but the small changes do help. I’m a lamp and table person. Love the new lamps and they look so nice with the white teapots in the center and the paintings in the background. Your neighbors are a blessing. They’ll come up with a solution for the TV and the walkway.

    1. He found a piece of plywood in his stash. He’s going to cut it to size and I’ll paint it the color of the top of the cupboard.

  14. The lamps go beautifully in the dining area and are complemented by the art you have on display on the walls and your white pitchers. I don’t remember – are the rocks that are in your garden bed something that were put there by the apartment management, or were the rocks “added” by a prior occupant of your apartment? If the latter, I would ask management if you could have them or somebody else clear out the rocks and level the area so you don’t have a tripping hazard because of your limitations getting around on less than smooth surfaces due to your injured ankle. Worth a try – you might still get a gardening area that you could work in on a little sitting stool. I use one now because if I go down on hands and knees or on one knee it’s often rather difficult to push myself back up if I don’t have something to grab on to give me a boost in leverage.

    1. I’m sure they laid the rock after they built up the dirt and then held it in place with the concrete blocks to help with the drainage issue. They probably won’t want me moving them. Before I even moved in I asked if I could get a tiller or something to level it and they said no.

  15. Love the lamps! Wish I could get away telling my husband we need new lamps, but alas …

    Sometimes changing a small thing can make a world of difference in how we feel or see things. Hope moving the sofa will do that for you. Grief lingers and there is not much we can do but keep plowing through it and wait for time to lessen its grip on us.

    1. Grief stays the same; we grow through it.
      I am a facilitator for a program called GriefShare. Unfortunately it is for people and not pets.

  16. Your home looks so inviting and cozy. Your neighbors are a blessing to you. This is how everyone should live helping each other! I am so glad you are in this neighborhood. Like others have said the neighbors lift your spirits and you feel safer in this caring community! Enjoy your day!

    1. Cindy: Agreed! It seems like everyone is there for each other, yet not prying into places their noses don’t belong! Just an easy going community rich in common sense, helpful friendliness, and respect. Brenda fits in perfectly.

  17. Glad that you have wonderful neighbors to be there for you and help in anyway. Your living space is colorful and has a very live in feeling . You have a great day

  18. Love, love, love the lamps. They are perfect in that spot.
    Hopefully changing the angle of the couch will help you, Brenda.
    Your little corner of the world aka home is working out nicely for you. Be happy 😊

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