Seeing A Rental Condo

Yesterday I went to see one of the condos I so love that someone else had just bought. Someone I couldn’t have competed with on the bidding. They bought it to rent out to someone and I saw the ad.

This condo was in the middle of the area they are all located in, and you had to walk quite a ways. (Well, quite a ways for me) to the actual condo.

I really liked it and would have loved to rent it, despite the high cost. But then we found out where the trash dumpster was and it’s farther than I have to walk here.

When Physical Problems Take Over:

I came home, ankle and back throbbing from having to stand up so long and walk so far, and let them know that I couldn’t manage it.

Here the trash dumpster is down at the other end, but not as far as that one at the condo was.

I have a parking space right in front of my apartment that I’ve never had to worry about someone taking. It is next to the maintenance shed and no one has much of a need to come down this far.

The maintenance man parks his car between the shed and this building they have for pool chemicals.

As I’ve mentioned before, this four-plex has a separate parking lot. It was apparently something else once that was torn down. And now it is a parking lot that the four apartments where I am located use.

We don’t have any apartments across from us either, which is a plus.

Putting Things In Perspective:

I put ice on my back and ankle when I got home yesterday. When I have to hobble around like that then my right hip acts up too.

This put things in perspective. I just can’t handle this right now. I wasn’t in great shape when I moved in here well over 7 years ago. I had to wear the ankle boot up to my knee to manage the move at all.

But then I had to have the second ankle surgery just months after I moved in.

Seven years is 7 years for the toll on my body from various injuries and such. And arthritis that builds up there. Now there are the problems with my hands to figure into the equation as well.

My ankle throbbed all night. The only way I’ve been able to sleep for months is to use Biofreeze on the right side of my back down to my hip.

It’s let up a little bit since I lost Charlie, as there was lots of lifting going on. But not by much.

Back Exercises I Do Every Day:

I do the exercises the physical therapists had me do. But I had to stop going because it was getting so expensive. Insurance did not pay much. I sure hope Medicare does better than that when I am eligible next February.

So I’ve come to the realization that I just can’t manage this right now. If I move I will have to save up money to have someone both pack and move me. Physically I’m just not up to it, though it hurts me to admit it.

My hands as they are would not be able to manage the packing and taping part of moving.

Makes me sound like I’m a hot mess. I guess in some ways that’s unfortunately accurate. My doctor tells me I am one big orthopedic nightmare.

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The Nextdoor Neighbor:

On a more positive note, it looks like just a woman, as far as I can tell, is living next door. Her car is out front and I haven’t heard a peep from over there. It’s early to say for sure because she just moved in yesterday. But so far so good.

Apparently, the hateful manager’s last day on the job here was Friday. Hopefully, even if they look long and hard surely they can’t find someone worse than she was.

The maintenance man keeps me and the neighbor on the other side of the newly inhabited apartment informed. He couldn’t wait for the hateful manager to leave either. At least I can say that he’s really nice.

So things are leveling out around here I hope.

These Photos:

These are photos I took last week. I still can’t get my camera to download to my computer. I have ordered some things I’m hoping will make it work again. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for all the positive comments.

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  1. Hang in there girlie! I will be 72 in Jan. and have arthritis too 2 bad knees and back, osteoporosis. So I do feel some of your pain. Hope you can find a great place to live. ~♥️~

  2. Moving is a huge undertaking under the best of circumstances. I honestly don’t know how people do it over and over. Hopefully when the right place pops up, you’ll be ready for it. In the meantime, I hope the new neighbor and manager are pleasant!

  3. Nice to hear that you are thinking there is a new and quiet neighbor for you…so sorry the rental you looked at did not work out for you. Maybe since you are not well at this time…that somewhere in the future when the housing market is better(and yall can still keep your eye out in the meantime)..there will be a place for you. That would give you more time to be better repaired for the moving expenses which are alway there..for sure. I hope you and your neighbor meet and become compatible neighbor friends..quiet and nice. Take care..

  4. Brenda…. I so totally understand where you’re at right now. My mother moved to assisted living last Oct. and she (93) and my sister (73) did all the packing and it was a nightmare. The move was less than a mile but the movers messed up royally. We’re now moving her again in early Aug. closer to my sister who lives a 100 miles away. We hired a senior move manager who takes over and does EVERYTHING. It’s pricey for sure but there’s no way either of them could do it again. Moving is very physical and I understand where you’re coming from. I pray for you to feel better each day.

  5. I know all about rotten neighbors bc I dealt with neighbors from hell for 4 years!
    There’s a apt house across from my yard in the back of my house. They partied all the time at night til early morning! I dealt with it bc I didn’t want the boy taken away from the mother. She was fine til she had someone move in with her.

    Then the grandmother (father’s Mom) started taking him a lot. That’s when I started calling on them and within 6 months they moved! Yay, peace and quiet and no more cigs or beer cans and bottles on my lawn! I should of done it sooner instead of complaining to their landlord!
    When new neighbors came in I let them know I wasn’t going to put up with anymore crap like I had for 4 yrs. I have a lot of patience but I was done with no sleep esp in the summer. Knock on wood the neighborhood is back to normal!
    I hope things are better for you too Brenda!

  6. When something is meant to be, it will be. I truly believe that. I hope your new neighbor is pleasant. We got new neighbors recently – I was so relieved when they said they moved here for the quiet!

  7. Brenda, I am sorry you are having so many painful physical issues right now. I think you are wise to postpone moving. Stress does exacerbate pain, you know, and what is more stressful (in my experience) than moving? I wonder if a consultation with a rheumatologist might be helpful to address the joint pain. You may have rheumatoid arthritis or another immune system dysfunction like I do. Or not. It might be worth finding out, though. But, I think you need to seriously minimize your stress and take extra good care of yourself right now. You know, grieving is a stress on your body as well as your spirit so you need to take that into consideration right now. Treat yourself gently and kindly and feel better soon. I’ll be sending you healing energy and loving tho’ts.

  8. Brenda, I have no idea what medications you might be on, but you have so many physical ailments to be so young that I think you need to look into medication side effects. One of the most notorious medications that is commonly prescribed that causes orthopedic side effects is statins for high cholesterol. You are too young to be having so many things wrong like this, and I am a chiropractor and natural doctor and am familiar with what I’m talking about. I work with people with medication side effects everyday.

  9. Brenda are you familiar with the New King James version of Ecclesiastes #3 1-8? Sadly you are dealing with multiple things (both mental and physical) from which to heal. Maybe the best thing for you right now is to stay out of the heat, try to relax in your cozy apartment and although time can’t totally heal all wounds if you will let it it can make them more bearable.

    Hopefully both your new neighbor and apartment manager will be to your liking.

  10. Sorry to hear of your ailments. I never knew getting older could be so painful. It is for me, too.
    It makes my back hurt to sit up a long time so I lie in my back. I hope you get a nice, quiet, happy neighbor. Are they still renovating apartments there!

  11. Brenda, it sounds like you’re making a rational and wise decision at this point. Time to heal both emotionally and physically will be good for both you and Ivy. It seems like things are getting better where you are now with a new neighbor and a new manager coming — and your place is so cute. When we are stressed emotionally it’s not really the best time to make life altering decisions — and I agree about the heat! Not fun to move when it’s so hot. When the time is right something will show up and you will be sure in your decision at that time. Take care … and heal.

    1. I go for a while and the grief I feel fades a bit. Then it comes roaring back. Today I’ve been pinning photos of Abi to the Pinterest board I had for Charlie and Ivy and renamed it for all three of them. I miss the pupsters so much!

  12. I am hopeful that the new manager will be much better~! Sending good thoughts your way! (sounds like the new neighbor might be a good one!!!)

  13. Ah yes… Our minds still tell us to go go go! But our bodies tell us no no no! Happens to everyone sooner or later, it’s part of the aging process and why getting older isn’t for wimps. Part of aging gracefully is admitting to our self that sometimes you just can’t (or shouldn’t) do something you never used to think twice about doing. So, we learn to work smarter, not harder – or suffer the consequences. I’d rather work smarter 🙂

    1. I miss the times I could work on a project until is is finished. Things have to be broken into stages to get them done.

  14. Sorry to hear your physical limitations are deciding you cannot manage that other complex…but I guess for us all, in this part of life…our limits decide a lot for us now. I surely do hope the neighbor will be a quiet one…indeed I know how miserable a bad noisy one can make one’s life!! I am not enjoying what appears to be yet more construction going on in this apt complex either…but so far have not found anywhere else we can go, for now…but I will keep looking!! Wishing you all the best!!

  15. I agree with everything you said as it might just be time to let things settle. Hopefully your new manager will be a welcome fix. Your apt is just so cute now. Good things come to all those who wait.

    1. Yes, I agree. I was just on the “moving” binge. I think much of it is because everywhere I look, I see Charlie and cry.

  16. My grandmother always said that happiness is in your own back yard. Something to ponder.

  17. Everything tammyj wrote, I agree 100%. Hang in there Brenda, with the manager gone, and a new neighbor, things could be picking up right where you are, in your sweet apartment. Hugs from Hot, hot WI.

  18. I got excited when I saw the title of your post! Darn, I’m so sorry it didn’t work out. But it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen. Let your body heal today – the compounded stress is wreaking havoc, as well. Hopefully your neighbor will prove to be a huge asset for you.
    Relax and enjoy your day!

      1. Grieving definitely takes a lot out of you. Your emotions are all over the place. Just wait and something will come to you – don’t rush it.

  19. oh Brenda! maybe things will finally start looking up for you right there where you are.
    you have made that little apartment HOME. and in the real estate climate right now…
    it might not be the best time to relocate anyway. even if you were up to it.
    we reach a stage in our lives where simple things we took for granted become big obstacles.
    I had to face giving up my car this year. the shakiness and frailty I have are just not safe for others much less Me! but I’m happy in this tiny apartment. it’s enough for me.
    like you… I moved a year ago right after a bout of pneumonia. we KNOW our limits. and now to know you may just have a really great neighbor! that is worth a lot right there.
    and just think… NO MORE mean manager! we’ll hold good thoughts for a great New one!
    our HOT summers here are always hard. things may look much better when the heat lets up. and there is finally heavenly COOLING RAIN! be kind to yourself dear heart.
    you’re very courageous. xo

    1. The person who bought the condo last week and is renting it, the one I saw, paid way over what that condo is worth. I looked at the stats online. She’d better rent it unless she’s rich.

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