Still Raining & What I’m Reading

I don’t ever remember it raining so much at one time. It’s been at least four days now of straight rain.

I just dropped Charlie off at acupuncture. It’s the one thing I decided I would do whether I felt like it or not. I’m kind of walking like a stooped over old lady. I will pick him up soon.

Then I’m ordering groceries and staying in.

Last night I couldn’t sleep in bed so I slept in my chair. Charlie was not happy and barked at times. But I just piled up soft blankets for him on the couch to keep him happy.

What I’m Currently Reading:

I’m now reading “Moonlight Child” by Karen McQuestion.

Book Summary:

A woman walks out her back door to see the lunar eclipse. But she sees something odd at the house behind hers. It’s a little girl washing dishes at the sink.

But it’s so late, Sharon thinks. Why would a child that young be washing dishes? And she didn’t think the Flemings had a young child. Just a teenage boy.

Her daughter Amy, an attorney and child advocate, calls and asks Sharon if she’ll take a former foster child in. Sharon thinks: Well, I’ve got the room and I’m retired. Why not?

Sharon and Niki get on quite nicely. Niki has never had a grandmother. Or much of a mother for that matter. It’s nice to have someone worry about her and be so kind.

Together they watch the goings-on at night at the Flemings house. Both think something unusual is going on. When it’s dark they watch through binoculars to see what’s happening there. It’s certainly suspicious.

As things progress, they decide to call social services. But that does not result in swift action. So the two decide to investigate on their own.

This book moves along and keeps you reading.



  1. It’s been raining here for days, too. I went out for a drive last night just to get out. Even in the rain, it felt good, but I do miss the sun!

  2. Hope that your back starts to feel better soon. Are you doing those press ups? I started having some back pain a couple of days ago and immediately did the press ups (I was told by the physical therapist after the program for the sciatica, that I could rely on these anytime back pain came on) and I already feel so much better. I was also told that the worst thing you could do for back pain is to bend over. If you have to pick up something from the floor, to either squat partway down without bending your back or to do the “golfers pose” where you stick one leg out behind you as you bend with keeping your back flat and straight. Even when brushing your teeth, do not bend/hunch over the sink.

    It’s finally sunny here today in IL. It was getting depressing with so much rain. Have a good day, Brenda – hope Charlie does well with the acupuncture.

  3. There I very little in my life that I don’t regret.
    I regret marrying the psycho I marries at the young age of 19
    I regret that I wasn’t a less disappointing mother to my only child
    I regret quitting a few vey good jobs that I had. I thought the good times would last forever
    I regret that I did not plan for my retirement. I thought old age would not happen to me.
    I regret changing careers when I was 40 and landing in a nightmare.
    I regret falling off that ladder and not listening to the little voice that warned me
    And the list goes on and on.
    When I hear people say they regret nothing I am incredulous.
    But hey, I have an equal number of blessings, if not more, and I suspect you do, too.

  4. Sounds like another very interesting book. It has been raining in WV for a couple of days. My mum has a few flowers on it and several buds but it needs sun!

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