It’s no secret that I love to create vignettes.

I will put a few things on a surface, sit down and stare at it for a bit, then get back up and rearrange it again until it is to my liking.

Sometimes I like to choose a theme. Above my theme is galvanized decor. I’ve added old vintage bottles, candles, and an old door knob.

Vignettes often include the elements that are behind them. In this case it is an old vintage thermometer. The background can be an integral part of vignettes.

house plants

House plants are fun to add to vignettes, plus they add a bit of nature to your space.

Decorating with house plants has always been popular, but has seen renewed popularity in the past few years.

red microwave

In this kitchen vignette, my red microwave serves as a base. I’ve put a galvanized tray on top of it with a small lamp, kitchen utensils, and old cheese graters.

mirror and table

My old sewing machine tables are great surfaces for lamps, vignettes and house plants. I use them as end tables.

terrarium vignette

The chippy table lamp and wood and glass terrarium are paired with house plants and an antique mall “relative” in the gold frame.

I have had her in my family a long time. I find that antique mall relatives are often the best kind.

terrarium vignette

The sewing machine table on the right side of my couch has the larger wood and glass terrarium. I’ve been adding books inside of it lately, with plants and a small bird statue.

The smaller terrarium on the sewing machine table is on the other side of my couch. The terrariums are a vignette in and of themselves.

Vignettes are an important element of decorating. They add interest to surfaces and are a great way to display favorite and nostalgic objects that are of importance for you.

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  1. Brenda, happy to see you are doing a little better each day. I think of you so often during the day, and wonder how you are. I love your vignettes, and never tire of seeing what new ideas you come up with. Your blog is one of my very favorites, and your photos are the best!! Hugs, Bonnie

  2. I am not as imaginative as you with vignettes. What I really love about yours is the textures and how you mix wood with metal and such.


  3. Love your vignettes. And I will be looking for a few “relatives” to bring home with me. I am glad to read that others feel sad that pictures of relatives are left at the antique/thrift stores; I have not yet brought any home with me but plan to now.

    We are in the process of having new flooring installed throughout the house. The house is a mess but the new flooring should be really pretty once the guys are finished. Of course, this will lead to new paint on the walls and painting the kitchen cabinets! I am excited to paint the kitchen cabinets a white color and plan to use a lot of red in my kitchen. Your use of red has inspired me!

  4. I have been thinking of you and Charlie, Brenda – it’s good you are feeling a bit brighter each day, and I hope Charlie is as well. Love your vignettes, you are so talented at putting them together.

  5. Vignettes are such an easy way to change up your decor a bit without major work. You do a great job Brenda! My “color” is blue, and I like to use baskets for texture. One of your followers mentioned using a wooden bowl…I have filled one with rocks from my favorite lake shore, and then have swapped that out for a bunch of old postcards, and so on. Hope Charlie does well tomorrow!

  6. This post is awesome!!! I love vignettes… I do the same thing… I sit back and “scrutinize”… adjust it a bit … and then enjoy !! These are just gorgeous from your home !!! What great ideas….

  7. For years I’ve wanted to have you come decorate my home! Your eye for decorating with detail is wonderful.

    It’s been a couple of days – here’s a Hug!

  8. Brenda, Your post did not show up in my email today, and I was concerned about you and Charlie. I came to your home page and found your post. I do love vignettes also, but I need more practice to get them just right. Hope Charlie does well with the acupuncture tomorrow. Keeping you both in my houghts….Crystal

  9. I love your decorating style and vignettes. Mine never seem to please me as much as the ones I see on blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You are so talented at designing vignettes. I was given a beautiful, handmade wooden bowl that I would like to use in a vignette on the coffee table but I cannot decide what to put in it. I don’t want to use fruit but I can’t decide what would work best in it. I’ve seen those decorative balls in displays but those can be expensive. What would you do? I respect your opinions and style Brenda!

        1. Depending on its shape, you could also sit a real plant in it and surround it with fake moss. Or a small collection of something. Also vintage bottles, depending on its shape. I know I’ll think of more!

  11. Brenda, I love your “relative” although it always makes me sad to think those people were just tossed away by their own relatives. It is just horrible but unfortunately, so many times, that is just the way some of our kin treat us. Next time I go to our favorite antique mall, I am going to look for a new “relative” and bring he/she home with me. What a wonderful way to show love to someone we don’t even know. As usual, I love your decorating. Praying you and Charlie are doing better.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pam Rader

  12. I always enjoy looking at your decor Brenda. Red is my favorite color, but amazingly, I have mine in my house.

  13. I love “playing” and creating with different vignettes, too. One of my favorite pastimes. I got a good chuckle out of you saying “antique mall relatives are often the best kind”. Good one!

  14. I love seeing your vignettes! So many great ideas to showcase favorite pieces. I love to create them in my house as well and I change them up with the season. I hope that you are staying cool and doing well. How is Charlie feeling?

    1. Charlie seems to have an upset stomach today. So he’s not very active. Lying next to me right now.

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